Kink / Sexual Outsiders

In human sexuality, kinkiness is the use of unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. Kink plays a positive, healthy role in many people’s sex lives. However, integrating the nuances of kink, fetishes, and power-exchange into a loving, intimate relationship can be a challenge for some couples. Or maybe you want to work on something completely unrelated to your kink? A therapist who is sex-positive and kink-friendly can help you with both in a safe, welcoming and educated environment. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s kink experts today.

Meet the specialists

I am very kink affirming in my approach and offer education on what psychological factors may lead one to engage in fetishes/kink. I believe that engaging in BDSM or other types of kink can be a fun and healing experience when consent is involved.

— Julia Moore, Licensed Professional Counselor in Las Vegas, NV

I currently run two groups related to kink/sexual outsiders. The "Edging Sexual Norms" group is designed for people with fetishes and "non-normative" sexual preferences that have been a consistent source of distress, shame, or tension in their day-to-day lives. Through focused group work facilitated by a clinical sexologist, clients will learn to explore and express their sexuality without shame. They will overcome social stigmas. And they will learn to integrate their

— Jan Tate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Mebane, NC

Part of my initial training included working with people who self-identify as "sexual outsiders," and this is something that has applied to many of my clients. I am a member of Bay Area Open Minds, an organization for psychotherapists who affirm that sexual and gender diversity are natural expressions of the human experience. I attend panels and presentations as well as kink events.

— Cole Rennix, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in American Canyon, CA

We’re all born with innate sexual response and drives (or a lack thereof), and our sexual identity is based on these innate responses; they’re an integral part of every person. Our current cultural sexual construct leaves most of us fumbling around in the dark, searching for an acceptable way to fit our perfectly unique sexual selves into the rigid construct that is normative sexuality

— Jan Tate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Mebane, NC

I've had the pleasure of working with members of the kink community since 2015. I strive to create a warm and nonjudgemental therapeutic space to discuss all aspects of your lifestyle from emotional to relationships to health concerns and everything in between.

— Sarah Rogers (Ferro), Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Malden, MA

Proud to say I am kink-positive and knowledgeable, LGBTQIA2S+ inclusive, experienced in supporting HIV+ folx, sex worker positive, and genuinely enjoy challenging shame and stigma surrounding sexually expansive folx.

— Elizabeth Hawkins, Sex Therapist

I am a kink friendly therapist with personal and professional experience. I get kink from an insider's perspective, along with the highest training. Please know that you should feel comfortable sharing EVERYTHING but will not judge you. Areas of focus: Poly/Swinger/BDSM relationships, Sex therapy issues, Infidelity, Impotence, Jealousy. Privacy guaranteed. I have first hand, personal experience and knowledge of many sexual issues and kinks. Active in the Swinger and BDSM/kink community.

— Monte Miller, Psychologist in Austin, TX

I am a National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) Kink Aware Professional. I am currently in the process of obtaining certification from the Sexual Health Alliance in order to be a certified sex therapist. This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).

— Andi Grushka, Counselor in Baltimore, MD

I am a kink-aware therapist and have studied this lifestyle while also working on my certification in Alternative Lifestyles. I focus on making certain that the clients learn to deal with situations where kink-shaming can occur and also help them to see that they are deserving of a sex-positive community where their choices are respected. I also work on helping people be proud of who they are while exploring anything that can get in the way of fulfillment, such as self-esteem issues.

— Chandra Niklewski, Counselor in , MD

Fun, fulfillment, and relationships come in many shades. For some, what really interests us feels shameful, sometimes it’s the shame that makes it interesting. Some counselors have trouble not seeing feeder kinks through the lens of an eating disorder, some fixate a little too heavily on the Freudian aspects of DD/lg play. Whether you are so new you don’t even know Fetlife is a thing oryou’re literally teaching classes, I offer supportive therapy with years of first hand experience.

— Cody Glover, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

As a society, a not-so-subtle message of "you're immoral or vulgar" has been sent to the kink/BDSM community and LGBTQIA people. This message of shaming leads people to feel they must suppress who they are and hide. I aim to help members of the kink community and anyone who would define themselves as not fitting into the societal norms of sexual activity/romantic desires to break free from the confines of that message of shame.

— Aaron Bachler, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

I am a BDSM friendly therapist. I am kink aware an open to supporting your alternative life style. When you work with a therapist it's hard to know, will they understand my kink? Will I be safe talking about my desire? Rest assured, all of you is welcome here! We can explore your history and preferences in an open and accepting environment. Whatever your kinks are, I'm here to support you!

— Jenna Noah, Counselor in Denver, CO

Cultivate eroticism, connection, and intimacy in your relationship; enhance sexual desire, arousal, and pleasure Explore kink and BSDM with care and intentionality. Heal from relationship trauma, miscommunication, loss of desire, infidelity, the impact of normative life cycle stress Navigation and exploration of Non-monogamous Relationships!

— PNW Sex Therapy Collective: Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Therapists, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Seattle, WA

As a writer, teacher, and advocate for the kink community, this is my biggest area of specialty. I understand the unique dynamics that exist while living in line with your kink identity. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with various power dynamics and kinks. You will not find me yucking your yum.

— Elyssa Helfer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I am extremely active with the kink community, often presenting at conferences and providing education. I have been a member of this community for a number of years and have an extensive understanding of dynamics and power exchange. I am able to work with individuals or couples and, when working with me, there is no need to defend or hide the dynamics of your relationship(s) as I already possess high levels of understanding of the BDSM, D/s, and kink community.

— Farrah Bonnot, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Denton, TX

Human sexuality is one of the most enjoyable topics to work with as each person has their own unique sexual expression. BDSM, consensual non-consensual, and DDLG are three of the kinks that I have worked with on a regular basis. When it comes to legal related sexual topics I also have experience working with sex offenders and pedophilia. I treat human sexuality as one piece of the puzzle that comprises your individual identity.

— Taryn Sinclaire, Clinical Social Worker in Greenville, MI

Providing competent, compassionate care to individuals and couples who identify as kinky is one of my specialties, and with my training in sex therapy I am confident that I am both kink-knowledgable and kink-affirming. I have years of experience working with couples and relationship groups looking to explore power imbalances, introduce an individual's kink in a safe and appropriate way and learning how to integrate their kinks into their experience of their sexuality.

— Alana Ogilvie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

I am kink-aware and have experience working with D/s relationships and various fetishes, kinks and alternative lifestyles. My approach is Sex-positive, and I do not judge or assume there is something "wrong" with you for your sexual expression. I also work with those that practice Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory or interested in exploring alternative lifestyles. I provide a safe and accepting place for Sex Workers, and those in the LGBTQIA+ community.

— Meghan Cleveland, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA