Aging Concerns

It is not uncommon to have complex emotions related to getting older. While many older people are happy and content with their lives, others may feel sad, lonely, or worried about death or illness. Older adults (or adults of any age) with concerns related to aging, like most populations, can benefit from the care of an experienced mental health professional. If you have aging concerns, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

Meet the specialists

I have been working with older people for 15 years, and am trained to address dementia related behaviors, depression, anxiety, grief, and end of life issues. My dissertation was about using self-directed life reviews to deal with internalized ageism, and to achieve wholeness by completing an ethical life story will for future generations.

— Deena Hitzke, Counselor in Tucson, AZ

We can help you understand the process of your loved one aging and how to best support your family member as the memories fade.

— Sally Sharp, Psychologist in OAK HARBOR, WA

Middle aged moms face unique and sometimes challenging circumstances. The stress involved in balancing raising adult children and aging parents at the same time can be exhausting. After years of putting yourself second or last, you end up developing unhealthy habits. This leads women to struggle even more with body image and self-esteem. As we get older, women can struggle with empty nest syndrome, menopause, caring for elderly parents, medical issues, and even widowhood.

— Marti Weiler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

I have enjoyed working with people of all ages. I have worked with seniors and managing chronic health conditions at any age. I have lead support groups, taught classes, and worked with educating and assisting entire families in helpful cooperation without taking over someone's life. Losing independence is a difficult thing to accept and move past. Accepting limits and understanding different health complications can often be a common mental health concern for families and individuals.

— Lynette Imdieke-Struzyk, Mental Health Counselor in Watkins, MN, MN

For the past 18 years, my education, experience and focus of practice is working with concerns related to aging and planning for the last phase of your life. Particular to aging is loss of independence, physical abilities, cognitive impairment, coping with pain, chronic health conditions, feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by so many life changing, urgent decisions, dealing with the challenges of caregiving and facing the fears, uncertainty and stress from any life transition and the unknown.

— Tanya Witman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado Springs, CO

Mid & later life are times when patterns that are both life-affirming and others that are less productive or satisfying are evident. It is a time of assessing and evaluating what your life has been; you may also be questioning the meaning of life in general and of your life in particular, and wondering what is next. Psychotherapy is an excellent vehicle in this phase of life to initiate or deepen an inquiry into your life, its meaning, and any changes you would like to make.

— Peggy Handler, Psychotherapist in San Francisco, CA

“I don’t recognize the person in the mirror.” “I miss my husband. I feel alone.” I hear loss and grief from my aging clients. Aging brings up feelings of sadness, guilt, yearning, anger, and regret. I help you to voice your loss, frustration, and fear. I monitor and prevent you from developing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. I accompany you in the struggle, and remind you of the resiliency and the experience you already have.

— Kaori Oto, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Seattle, WA

Aging is part of life transitions. Not sure of what to do after the "empty nest. Maybe you are struggling with health concerns. You still deserve to live you best lift. Let me help guide through you life transitions.

— Tricia Davis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Dallas, TX

Elizabeth truly enjoys working with seniors, and is skilled in aging and caregiving issues. She has been a Medicare provider for many years, and has helped senior clients address issues such as health problems, chronic illness, family conflict, downsizing, retirement, relocation, grief and bereavement.

— Elizabeth Kovacs, Clinical Social Worker in Cornelius, NC

Whether it is our parents or ourselves, aging presents a variety of life changes that we desire or have to contend with. As an older therapist, I have experience with later life issues including parent illnesses and decline, relationship and career changes.

— Abby Zimberg, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Aging is hard! Whether you are a caregiver or dealing with issues stemming for getting older there is support for you. Topics of aging can bring a lot of grief and challenges. It is a time when people need support and understanding. I have worked many years in hospice and palliative care. I can help navigating you during this challenging time. Caregivers often neglect their own health. We can come up with a plan to help reduce your stress and to take better care of yourself.

— Shoshanna Root, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Hamilton, NJ

Getting older brings an entire set of concerns. My niche is Midlife Transitions, as I had upheaval in my own midlife. I will help you learn to look at your thoughts and beliefs, and go beyond what you thought was capable of living just an ordinary life.

— Naomi Lufkin, Licensed Professional Counselor