Frequently Asked Questions

Is TherapyDen really free for all therapists?

Yes. It’s free to create a profile. No credit card is required. Just create an account, fill out your info and activate your profile.

Why is TherapyDen free?

Because we want as many people as possible to sign up and making it free will help us achieve that goal. We like therapy directories that are 100% inclusive. If we don’t charge therapists for creating a profile, then we’ll be more inline with our inclusive values. And clients will get more choices. Now you don’t have an excuse for not signing up ;) 

Also, TherapyDen wants to disrupt the therapist directory industry and we think making it free is a great way to do that. Let’s really turn things upside down. Are you with us??!!

I created an account but I can’t activate my profile. What gives?

It’s probably because you haven’t filled out enough information. We only want mental health practitioners that are going to fill out all the info. It’s not good for clients to see a bunch of empty profiles. Also, Google will get really mad at us if there are a lot of therapist profiles with no content. And we all know it’s a bad idea to get on Google’s bad side. 

At minumum, make sure you have filled out your Basic Contact Info, About You page and selected the issues that you treat.

Seriously, I don’t have to enter a credit card? You’re not going to all of a sudden charge me for a listing later?

Seriously, you don’t need to enter billing info. We don’t plan to charge you for a listing. Unless you'd like to pay for a Premium listing and get twice as many referrals.

What’s the difference between a free profile and a premium profile?

Great question! TherapyDen will continue to provide free profiles for all therapists who want to sign up no matter your financial situation. We don’t want to create a barrier for therapists who are just starting out or who are pinching their pennies. However, there will be a couple limitations on free profiles moving forward.

New limitations

The first limitation for free profiles is that therapists will only be able to list one state where they provide online counseling. Previously therapists were able to list multiple states. Listing multiple states now requires a premium profile. So if you’re licensed in multiple states to provide online counseling and you want to appear in search results for those states, you’ll want to upgrade to a premium profile.

The other new change is that therapists with free profiles will no longer be able to list group therapy sessions. If you’d like to list a support group you’ll need to upgrade to a premium profile.

New premium features

Along with being able to list multiple states you’re licensed in to provide online counseling, you’ll also move to the top of search results for online counseling results, which will result in more profile views. This is perfect for a therapist who’s looking to jumpstart their practice as quickly as possible.

Do you want to keep your profile active but alert users that you’re only accepting new clients to be placed on a waiting list? With a premium listing you’ll be able to click a button that clearly lets visitors know you have a waitlist active.

A premium profile will now allow you to add custom sub-headings to your profile. This is perfect for therapists who want to customize their profile to speak more directly to their clients. It’s also a great option for group practices that want to create a profile that more clearly reflects the fact that you have multiple therapists on staff. 

As a premium subscriber you’ll also be displayed as a featured therapist throughout the website. Your profile will be featured on high-trafficked spots across the site, providing a nice boost to your profile views.

More premium features will be added to the site as we continue to build and grow TherapyDen. I’d love to hear from you about features you’d like to see!

How much does a premium profile cost?

Well, that’s up to you. In keeping with our values– we are committed to being affordable for all therapists across the country– therapists can choose to pay a monthly fee of $10, $20 or $30 for a premium profile. It’s up to you to select the right plan for your budget; premium features apply with all plans. We hope many of you decide to pay the standard fee, which we’ve come to expect as $30/month. Your contribution will make it easier to continue growing the site so that even more therapists and clients learn about our progressive search filters and other crucial features. Of course, if $30 feels like a stretch, we’d appreciate a $10 or $20 per month contribution as well. (Please note: you can cancel your premium subscription at any time.)

If I don't want to sign up for a premium profile can I still send you some cash?

Oh, you’re just the sweetest! Thank you so much for noticing our hard work. It means a lot. We love all your gratitude. Instead of sending us money, you can do something else that’s even more important. You can spread the word about TherapyDen. Please share our benefits page with your colleagues. Most therapists belong to private facebook groups and email list serves. We get the most sign ups when you share TherapyDen in those groups. But you can also share on social media. But for real, thanks for wanting to give back. We love you too! And if you want to send some cash our way you can make a donation here :)

Can I delist anytime?

You sure can. Just login to your account and click the Delist button. All your info will be saved the next time you want to turn your profile back on. 

Is TherapyDen a national directory?

Yep! We decided to make TherapyDen available to everyone in the country, based on what we heard from therapists while we were building it. 

So TherapyDen is just for the U.S.?

Yes, that's correct. For now at least. We plan to expand outside of the U.S. one day, but we can really only handle one country at a time. 

How is TherapyDen any different than Psychology Today or GoodTherapy?

OH I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED. But you really shouldn’t get me started because I can just go on and on about how much more inclusive and progressive and modern TherapyDen is compared to Psychology Today and GoodTherapy. So I’ll just leave you with a little checklist that compares features. 


Psychology Today


Cost per month




Filter by zip code

Filter based on language

Filter based on faith

Filter for therapist that are non-binary

Filter for online therapist

Filter for therapist offices that are ADA accessible

Filter for therapists that are in the LGBTQ community

Filter by therapist’s ethnicity

Filter based on out of pocket fee/sliding scale

Filter for therapists that believe in Health at Every Size

Filter for therapists that specialize in racial justice

Filter for therapist that are sex positive

Filter for therapists that are queer and trans competent

Filter for therapists that specialize in poly and open relationships

Filter for therapists that offer psychedelic integration therapy

Filter for therapists with gender neutral bathrooms

Are there other bonuses if you sign up with TherapyDen?

Good question! Yes there are. Once your profile is activated, you can login to your account and click on Member Benefits. You’ll be taken to the page that lists all of our exclusive deals with our partners. The list of deals is always being updated so be sure to check back in every once and a while. Or keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter where we announce new partnerships. 

So you're a white dude that made a therapist directory that challenges racial and systemic oppression? What's up with that?

Yup. I am a white, male identified person who is the face of TherapyDen. I know that I have certain privileges that other people don't get to experience because of how lucky I am to be born into these circumstances. But I don't want to be the white dude who just sits back and reaps all the privileges and lives in ignorance while doing it. Screw that. I want to be the white guy who fights for justice and exposes unfairness in the system. I want to work with diverse people and shine a light on different voices that move our society and mental health community forward. 

I regularly and often consult with people that are not white, heterosexual and male identified. I created an advisory board that has heavily influenced the content of the site and all of the search filters. I am continuing to reach out to people who would like to be included on the advisory board. 

But because I am white and live in a society that allows me to forget about my privilege and not be aware of it at all times, every now and then I will do or say something that is ignorant or not fully attentive to every aspect of racial and social injustice. And if that happens, I am 100% open to feedback. You don't have to worry about my fragility. If you feel inspired to let me know honestly and directly how I am coming across or that TherapyDen isn't living up to it's mission, then I will be more than willing to address the issue. 

Essentially, I don't just want to be a fan of equal rights. I want to do something about it. And TherapyDen is what I'm doing. 

All that being said, and what some of you may already know about me, if you tell me that I’m being too disruptive, or that you don’t like my tone, or you think I’m making too big of a deal about injustices then you should be prepared for me to bite back. Racism, homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of hate make me really mad and sometimes when I advocate for justice I get pissed. I’m sorry if I’m offending you, but this is really upsetting to me. 

Can we be friends?

I think you’re just the best for reading this far and I wish we could be friends in real life. If you live in Portland then maybe we can!! Shoot me an email at [email protected]. Let’s grab a coffee!