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TherapyDen has a mandate to challenge racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination. We’ll work hard to promote the special skills our members have to offer support for disenfranchised communities and the general public, making it easier for all populations to find a good counseling match, including communities of color, the LGBQ and Trans community, and those who are Neuro-diverse.

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How TherapyDen is different than other therapist directories

TherapyDen is the therapist directory for our modern world. We keep up with the times and evolve to reflect the society we serve. Not only can a client find a therapist based on common issues, such as anxiety and relationship troubles, but they can search for a therapist that treats the unique struggles of today. For example, users can find a therapist that specifically treats cultural and systemic oppression, immigration issues, white privilege, or stress caused by the political climate. Clients can also search for a therapist that is body positive and believes in health at every size. Or a therapist that is kink friendly and sex positive. Or a therapist who has a racial justice framework and is trans-competent. The list goes on. Directories like Psychology Today don't have these important search filters, even though we've received feedback that these issues are incredibly important to many therapy-seekers.

TherapyDen believes in inclusivity and representation at every level. We want everyone to be able to find the care that they need with a therapist that is a good fit. Whether you're a young couple looking for pre-marital counseling or a sex worker that wants to find a sex worker friendly therapist, TherapyDen enables clients to easily find a counselor that could be a perfect match.

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How you and I will give back

As a professional association of mental health workers, TherapyDen understands the impact that social factors have on the well-being of our communities. TherapyDen stands in solidarity with the organizations and individuals who are peacefully fighting the social injustices of our time. That is why a portion of the cost of every single therapist profile on TherapyDen goes to support the good work of organizations we believe in.

If you decide to purchase the monthly "Supporter" plan, you'll be able to choose which organization 10% of your monthly membership fee goes to. We support Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, Life after Hate, Mercy Corps and the ACLU.

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Signing up and creating a profile is FREE for therapists

Did I mention that it's free to sign up and activate your profile? Eventually, when we are out of the beta period, we will start charging a monthly fee, but for now it's completely free to create a profile and start attracting clients. Even if you have a full case load, sign up to take advantage of our great partnership discounts. We know that we have a way to go when it comes to moving up the ranks in the Google search results. And the only way to do that is to get therapists like you to create profiles. Before we charge any therapist for having a profile, we want to make sure that you're receiving quality visits to your profile and referrals from your listing. So we promise to make it free for as long as we need to until we are regularly competing with other major therapist directories locally and nationally. And when we start charging a monthly fee, we promise to tell you a few months before your card on file is charged. There will be no surprises from us.

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Monthly cost after the free promo is over

You can choose between two types of subscriptions, Supporter and Lite.

If you sign up as a "Supporter", the eventual cost will be $30 a month, once we are out of the beta period. Supporters receive access to all the special deals with our partners. As a Supporter you'll get to choose between five organizations that 10% of your monthly fee will be donated to. You'll also have a chance to be featured on the homepage. We plan to include other perks for Supporters that we are not quite ready to announce just yet. 

A "Lite" subscription costs just $20 a month, after the beta period ends, and gets you a profile on the site and access to all our special partner deals. However, you won't be able to select an organization to donate 10% of your monthly fee to and you won't get access to certain special features down the road. 

You can change your subscription type at any time.

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How clients find you

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  • Headshots and practice details help clients picture what it's like to work with you
  • Have more that one office? List your secondary office as well so clients can go to the location most convenient to them

TherapyDen partners

We've partnered with industry leaders to help you grow your practice and offerings. Receive these exclusive benefits with your TherapyDen subscription.

  • SimplePractice makes online scheduling easy.

    SimplePractice is practice management platform for therapists. The cloud-based platform and app allow therapists to manage their practices securely. Features include online booking, therapy notes, credit card processing, electronic claims filing, telehealth, and more.

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  • Rank Higher in Google Searches and Attract More Clients

    You might think ranking on page one of Google is impossible. It's not. It's easier than you think. Practice Academy will show you how. All TherapyDen subscribers will get FREE access to the regularly priced $300 online course. Step by step instructions just for therapists.

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  • Brighter Vision builds beautiful websites for therapists

    Brighter Vision is celebrating the launch of TherapyDen by offering its subscribers a free one-month trial. Receive a full free month of a private practice website (+ free SEO on every page) that is custom designed to get you more clients.

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  • Easily Create Your Website Copy with Empathycopy

    Through interactive interview style forms, Empathycopy will input what you share about you and your best fit clients and turn it into a draft of website copy. If you know what you want to convey on your site, but you just don’t know where to begin, we make the process easy.

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  • Digital ethics, HIPAA, technology training and support

    Person Centered Tech bridges the tech gap for therapists and brings you private practice peace of mind. Manage all your practice technology needs, digital ethics, HIPAA Security compliance and get constant support with APA & NBCC-approved CE hours in the process.

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  • Podcasts, webinars, and online courses for therapists.

    It's difficult running a business and providing excellent client care. Receive a 1-hour presentation from the Private Practice Startup with CEUs + bonuses, and learn the 13 essentials that must be in your therapy consent, and be more confident while avoiding legal risk.

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  • A website creator with tools made specially for therapists.

    Create My Therapist Website helps therapists create effective websites to attract more clients, grow their private practice and say ‘goodbye’ to website shame, with DIY training as well as done-for-you services. Receive 40% off an online course.

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  • We are here to help therapists with digital marketing

    Professional Google AdWords services to help therapists fill the empty slots on their calendar. We love helping therapists just like you get your message in front of more people who need your help. $50 off for TherapyDen subscribers who sign up for Google AdWords

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  • Grow a thriving practice by leveraging your unique gifts.

    You need a clear strategy based on your Superpowers to create a profitable and fulfilling business. In this program, I walk a highly motivated group of therapists through a step-by-step process to transform their businesses. Receive $50 dollars off of the group program.

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