Depression is a mental health disorder that affects mood, including how you feel, think, and behave. Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when it starts to affect your ability to perform daily tasks and your ability to enjoy things that typically bring you happiness, you may be suffering from depression. The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, but often include feeling miserable without a clear reason why, anxiety, agitation, insomnia or sleeping too much, hopelessness, changes in eating, and/or foggy thinking. Depression may also cause recurrent thoughts of death or suicide (or even a wish that it would all 'stop' in an abstract sense). If you think you might be suffering from depression, a qualified mental health therapist can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s depression experts today!

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Depression is something that can make it difficult to manage your life, function on a daily basis, find motivation to get through each day. It includes feeling hopeless, helpless, not sleeping, not eating (or eating too much), extreme sadness, desire to isolate, feeling like a failure or a burnden and more. You don't have to suffer alone anymore. I can help!

— Amanda "Mandy" Barnes, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in ,

Depression is an insidious mental health concern, because the very nature of it discourages individuals to take action by seeking treatment. If you are searching for a therapist, that is a great first step!

— Meliora Counseling and Psychotherapy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in White Plains, NY

Depression brings with it an overwhelming sense of sadness that may feel insurmountable when you are in the midst of it. My heartfelt goal is to support you as you embark upon the path to a happier and more fulfilling life. By using a combination of solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, I hope to open a window to your brighter future.

— Riley Morgan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

I treat depression and work closely with psychiatrists to help reduce your symptoms and help you return to high functioning level. I shall use EMDR, CBT, Mindfulness, Exercise, relaxation and other modalities to help treat the underlaying cause of the depression.

— Dr. Thomas O'Malley Psy.D LMFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, CA

I have extensive experience working with depressive disorders, including Major Depression, Persistent Depressive Disorder, and depression as it presents in Bipolar and Schizoaffective disorders. Many of us in New England also find ourselves struggling with mild to moderate depression related to seasonal changes. I work with my clients to identify effective skills for managing symptoms of depression as well as lifestyle changes to encourage improved mood on a day to day basis.

— Laura Knudsen, Counselor in Newton, MA

When working with clients experiencing depression, I aim to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in order to hold space for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment. I hope to provide a "gentle mirror" through which clients are able to revisit and reorganize their sense of self.

— Peter Paul, Psychotherapist in New York, NY

Instead of trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings (that might be impossible), I will help you learn to react differently to them so that you can keep your focus on living a meaningful and fulfilling life based on what’s important to you. We will work together to set meaningful goals to address your concerns–whether they relate to life transitions, depression, anxiety, body image, grief/loss, job or academic stress, or gender and sexuality.

— Dr. Luke Allen, Psychologist in Las Vegas, NV

There is no single cause for depression and depression impacts people in different ways. Some people feel sad, but other people feel frustrated, irritable or angry. I help people to identify and manage the various factors that contribute to depression. I work in collaboration with clients to develop coping skills, including learning to challenge negative patterns of thought, healthier ways to deal with daily challenges, and the skills necessary to improve self esteem and a sense of well-being.

— Jim Mindnich, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Hoboken, NJ

I use a mix of approaches, to support you in taking a step back to identify what might be contributing to your depression. Through the use of psycho-education and skill building around handling life's challenges, setting healthy boundaries, exploring patterns of relationships in order to improve your mood and overcome depressive symptoms.

— Shaniqua Cartwright, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Campbell, CA

With my background as a medical doctor and psychiatrist I am able to treat depression and prevent the grief that can impair functioning to your capacity. I evaluate for medication whenever that is appropriate.

— Ruth Cohen, M.D., Psychiatrist in New York, NY

With over 5 years specifically treating various depressive disorders in different clinical settings, I have helped over 500 adolescent and adult clients from diverse backgrounds overcome depression. Using an eclectic, integrative, and strength-based approach, I help clients not just manage and reduce depressive symptoms, but we address and resolve the source of their depression leading to the rediscovery of meaning and pleasure in their lives.

— Jerry Ochoa, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Turlock, CA

Depression, imbalance, disconnection from the self—however it’s defined, you feel that something isn’t right. Maybe anxiety invades your body and mind, leaving you scattered and defeated. I’d like to help you understand these issues by recognizing their source. Getting used to pain isn’t the same as figuring out why it’s happening.

— Alen Schwab, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Petaluma, CA

I have Cognitive Behavioral Therapy experience/training in assisting those who have depression. I am able to support and treat individuals who need therapy. I have experience in Solution Focused Therapy, Person Centered and Strength based approaches as well to help individuals suffering from major, persistent, and chronic depression.

— Anna Niforos, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in Ferndale, MI

Depression isn't just sadness, it's a kind of stuckness. It isn't just losing sight of the sun but not believing that you will see the sun again. I can help you understand how and why you feel so down and unable to climb out. Sometimes we might use tools and practices, but often the connection and insight of therapy lays the foundation for your own growth out of depression and into your own life.

— Erica Mahoney, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

There are many different levels of depression. Some make it seemingly impossible to get out of bed, while others go to work and participate in daily life without as much joy as they once had. Finding a way forward to happiness or back to a happier place is hard work. Having a professionally trained person on your side at times can be the key to moving towards being happier.

— Dr. David Shoup, Psychologist in Pacifica, CA