Depression is a mental health disorder that affects mood, including how you feel, think, and behave. Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when it starts to affect your ability to perform daily tasks and your ability to enjoy things that typically bring you happiness, you may be suffering from depression. The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, but often include feeling miserable without a clear reason why, anxiety, agitation, insomnia or sleeping too much, hopelessness, changes in eating, and/or foggy thinking. Depression may also cause recurrent thoughts of death or suicide (or even a wish that it would all 'stop' in an abstract sense). If you think you might be suffering from depression, a qualified mental health therapist can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s depression experts today!

Meet the specialists

My clients appreciate my solution-focused approach & ability to tailor our sessions to their needs & personality.

— Ronda Wegman, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX

I work with clients in improving their overall life including meeting their goals for valued living.

— Julie Williams, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Gatos, CA

Depression can often come from unresolved feelings from difficult experiences we have been through. Sometimes, we feel that we are powerless and may be locked into patterns of people-pleasing and not meeting our own needs or advocating for ourselves. I can help you heal from painful experiences so you can take back control over your life so you can feel more empowered and satisfied. I can help you set healthy boundaries to have more satisfying relationships with yourself and others.

— Rachel Del Dosso, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Camarillo, CA

Life is a struggle sometimes. Learning to walk up the uphill battle with a backpack of weights can be difficult. I have walked many clients of all ages through getting rid of the weight of depression and climbing out of the black hole they feel they are in.

— Brandy Peoples, Counselor in Oologah, OK

Depression can bring a unique combination of feeling bad, and not being able to do the things that make you feel better. There's a "double-whammy" when you're down, and feel like you're "messing up" when you can't do the things that may make you feel better. Some people feel a combination of sadness and failure (at not being able to "think my way out of this.") Depression whispers in our ears "I'm never going away ... I'm with you forever ...." But depression is wrong - there are many ways to address depression, and I work with clients like you to discover the ways that work for you.

— Barton Shulman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in San Francisco, CA

It's hard to build a routine, schedule, or to feel as though we are feeling accomplished. I am very goal and action oriented in my work, and I like to work together with clients to process emotions and then discuss action. I like to focus on how we motivate ourselves, recognizing smaller accomplishments and how they lead to larger accomplishments, recognizing our values, and using those to begin activating ourselves.

— Francesca Parker, Therapist

Going through a depressive time period can feel never ending. The low mood, bouts of tearfulness, lack motivation or pleasure can seem like they never go away. As someone that has been in your shoes, I completely can remember going through those same thought processes. You’re not alone. Together, we can work on moving forward and processing through these tough emotional times. As cheesy as it can sound, therapy is a journey. I can help you feel ready and unstuck!

— Kimberly Newcombe, Therapist

My years of working at a crisis hospital for teenagers gave me valuable insight and experience to those struggling with depression, suicidality, and self harm. I believe I have a wide variety of skills and tools that are useful in treating people experiencing these struggles.

— Brenda McGrath, Clinical Social Worker in Burlington, VT

Depression is often called the common cold of mental health. While that probably is a good analogy for the frequency of depression, it is not a good analogy for its potential severity. Everyone goes through times when they are down and depressed, but major depression can suck the life right out of a person, leading to serious medical issues and thoughts of suicide. Please let Dr. Wesley talk with you about getting help and getting your life back.

— Martin Wesley, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I am certified in Perinatal Mood Disorders and have great experience in working with HSP mothers struggling with postpartum issues. I use a mind body approach to assist them in identifying their strengths through delegating and creating healthy boundaries.

— Naeisha Jones, Counselor in Marietta, GA

Getting out of depression is more than just making a decision to have a good day. We talk about latent issues that may contribute to low mood and sense of hopelessness.

— Shawn Beard, Licensed Professional Counselor in Pittsburgh, PA

Together we will figure out what happened, or what is going on now, that is triggering depression for you. As we work to understand what is driving your depression, we will also collaborate to discover strategies for helping you feel better and start to build a life that feels worth living.

— Allison Carter, Psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA

To be depressed is to be scared that you are too bad or inadequate. You fear that your badness is going to corrupt other things and people in life, or that your inadequacy is going to keep you lonely the rest of your life. Both are terribly painful and working with a skilled psychotherapist can help. Change can come in the first 5 minutes of the session, but more realistically, it happens in the midst of a connected, honest, and supportive therapy relationship. You do not need to be living in so much guilt and shame. Give me a call today to talk about how therapy can help or to schedule your first session.

— Reid Kessler, Psychologist in Encinitas, CA

I help clients from mild to severe clinical levels of depression with a multi-pronged approach that is specifically tailored to each client. Making space for each client to progress at their proper pace is key to success.


You can’t change your life until you start taking steps forward. Depression and sadness can overtake anyone at anytime. Situations happen that are out of our control and it leaves us feeling hopeless and helpless. You’ve probably tried many things to help yourself start to feel better, but none of them have worked…At least not for long. We can help. We will work with you to develop the tools necessary to improve your emotional state and begin to find the true happiness that you deserve.

— Heather Landeros, Licensed Professional Counselor in Keller, TX

I work with people struggling with self esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addiction as well as lack of motivation and fear of success. Working with me you will choose the direction you want to go, while accessing different behavior change strategies to create your own one-of-a-kind road to success.

— Justin Mink, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Culver City, CA

Feeling depressed is the worst feeling in the world. And often it feels like people around us don't truly get it. By making a few small changes to your life and how you do things, we can begin to make make inroads on your depression. Let's find out what is making you feel this bad, understand the patterns, and get your life back to a place you deserve.

— Stephen Grimes, Psychotherapist in New York, NY

Individuals suffering from depression may often fail to recognize the symptoms involved at times going through life without ever having the condition diagnosed or treated. But Depression can be a serious condition with various negative impacts on one's life and should not be treated lightly. I can help you work through your Depression, aiding you in getting back on your feet and developing solutions with which you can live a happier, healthier life.

— Randall Harvey, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

While you may feel isolated and depressed at this time, it is important to know that you are not alone—I will walk this journey with you. Depression counseling gives us the space to begin to peel back the layers of some of the issues that reinforce your depression at a pace that works for you. As our work together evolves, you will develop more self awareness, identify cognitive and behavioral changes you want to make, and then we will put those changes into action together.

— Brad Fittes, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Mason, OH

I have worked extensively with serious depression and understand what treatment options there are, how to help clients begin to move out of the depression, when to seek medical consultation, how to deal with suicidal thoughts.

— Rowena Dodson, Marriage & Family Therapist in Mountain View, CA

Our work with symptomatic and persistent depression will include a focus on not only physical wellness, but an acceptance of ourselves and emotional capacity.

— Heather Pierucki, Counselor in Honolulu, HI

I use cognitive-behavioral therapy to identify and challenge the negative thoughts that influence your feelings and behaviors. By addressing and changing the thoughts, the feelings and behaviors also change.

— Zulma Williams, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Las Vegas, NV

Do you often feel tired? Do you lack desire to do anything? Do you feel like a failure, especially compared to others? Do you wonder if anything you do has any meaning? Do you doubt that your life can change for the better? I know how hard it is to feel hopeless, and things CAN change! You deserve to be happy! I can help you heal the invisible wounds that make you feel so low. We can go through the pain together and leave it behind. Check my website and schedule a free video consult!

— Tatiana Morris, Licensed Professional Counselor in Minneapolis, MN

Depression can feel like a million-pound weight that you wear around your neck. You may have some or many symptoms of depression. Every day can feel much the same, with crying, hopelessness, despair, and emptiness. Depression can lighten sometimes and then it can feel crushing at other times. You may have goals for yourself and your life but continuously feel disappointed you can’t complete them. The first thing to understand is that you are not alone and I can help.

— Katrina Zaleski, Psychologist in TEMECULA, CA