Although common in the U.S. (50% of marriages end in divorce), a decision to end a marriage can be upsetting and filled with a number of opposing emotions. Each separation is unique and can be a heavy, emotional process for the family involved. Before, during and after a divorce, you might experience a myriad of feelings, including loss, anger, sadness, rejection, shock, regret, doubt, guilt, bitterness, or fear. In addition to helping to process these emotions, therapists that specialize in divorce are often well versed in the logistical issues that come up and can help guide individuals through questions such as living arrangements, finances, and more. Children involved in divorce also often have trouble coping. Seeing a qualified professional therapist during this time can help them, and you, to manage in healthy ways. Contact one of TherapyDen’s divorce specialists for help today!

Meet the specialists

I have forty-two years of academic and personal knowledge regarding marriage. What it takes to get Married and how to stay Married. ( written unpublished) I also have the personal experience of making a decision to divorce and to experiencing many variables of being divorced. I also have the experience of re-marring the same person, while experiencing many of the statistical warnings about re-marrying the same person. I also have a reservoir of personal aftermaths of making such a decision.

— Dr. Patricia Bell, Psychologist in orlando, FL

Divorce or leaving a long term relationship can feel very scary and isolating. When I went through my own divorce several years ago , I felt like I had to learn how to live with one arm. I was experiencing anxiety, depression, and grief all at once. You don’t have to go through this alone . . . In working with an empathetic therapist, step by step , day by day you’ll get to know yourself again, and rebuild a new life . . .

— Lisa Fulfor, Clinical Social Worker in Frisco, TX

Having been through a divorce, I understand the hurts, ups and downs, loneliness and fear. So much changes when we separate and divorce that it's helpful to know that you're not in it alone. Finding strength in the midst of an uncertain time allows for growth and a new understanding of self.

— Megan Moeller, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Puyallup, WA

If you are going through a divorce or recently divorced, you may feel like you’re drowning. Divorce is a difficult process that affects you in ways you never imagined it would. You don’t have to tackle this alone. Working with an experienced counselor who has helped hundreds of people can make your transition from married to single less stressful and more tolerable. Don’t be afraid to get help. Contact me to set up a free consultation. It’s the first step in your moving forward.

— Barry Silverman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Westfield, NJ

While we have three kinds of divorces, Litigated, Mediated and Collaborative, I am trained and certified in Mediated and Collaborative. Both kinds of divorces work with the family in attempting to reach a compromised solution to a difficult relationship. We always must remember that when children are involved, the parents can never walk away, they will always have connections.

— Dr. Howard Chusid, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Hallandale, FL

I was trained as a coparent facilitator but decided to use that training in my role of an advocate for children of divorce. I have conducted reunification efforts between parents and estranged family members. I have done expert witness testimony in county courts in GEorgia and Texas.

— Julie Carbery, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, TX

Divorce means that your life has changed. You may have wanted that change, or you may have desperately tried to stop the change. It doesn't matter, you still feel the change. We will work together to help you establish your new normal and to help you process the grief and fear. We'll work together to help you sort out what happened and help you make better decisions for yourself in the future.

— Jan Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cedar Park, TX

Divorces are hard and emotionally messy for the adults. Processing through your own feelings in addition to supporting your children can feel overwhelming. My focus is on supporting children through the process of divorce, but I also work with parents interested in moving forward in the healthiest and most loving way possible.

— Cathy Chang Gilbert, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Issaquah, WA

I specialize in high-conflict divorce and healing from narcissistic abuse in relationships. I am a skilled divorce coach, mediator and guardian ad litem for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

— Leslie Miller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chestnut Hill, MA

I support clients through the divorce process, offering coaching on resulting challenges, identifying appropriate legal assistance, rebuilding self-esteem, managing change for one's best benefit, making decisions for the best benefit of children, so that divorce becomes a growth process with a positive outcome.

— Denita Benyshek, Counselor in , WA

Working with clients who are at any stage of the divorce process or post-divorce is an another passion of mine. This can be one of the most difficult times in one's life, and often we need support along the way. Grief and loss, anger, fear, frustration, legal concerns, court appearances, and financial concerns are just a few of the struggles this process brings with it. However, you can and will overcome your challenges and come through this healthier and stronger on the other side.

— Richelle Massengale, Counselor in Springfield, MO

I work with many clients going through the divorce process and understand how tricky it can be to navigate the logistics of separation and the grief that comes along with it.

— Michelle Henderson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Lynnwood, WA

Going through a divorce is an extremely painful time. This a is a huge life transition in which a person needs tremendous support and guidance figuring out how to create a new life vision for themselves. There is hope that life will be joyful and fun again.

— Nina Kelly, Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Cruz, CA

If you or your partner are considering divorce, but aren't sure it is the best choice for you, we will begin with Discernment Counseling, a short-term research-based process that allows you to slow things down and take a good look at all of your options. If you have already decided to divorce, I can help you end your relationship more amicably, and if you have children, we can work on creating a healthy coparenting relationship.

— Rebecca Azar, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Chicago, IL

I specialize in high-conflict divorce and healing from narcissistic abuse in relationships.

— Leslie Miller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chestnut Hill, MA