Although common in the U.S. (50% of marriages end in divorce), a decision to end a marriage can be upsetting and filled with a number of opposing emotions. Each separation is unique and can be a heavy, emotional process for the family involved. Before, during and after a divorce, you might experience a myriad of feelings, including loss, anger, sadness, rejection, shock, regret, doubt, guilt, bitterness, or fear. In addition to helping to process these emotions, therapists that specialize in divorce are often well versed in the logistical issues that come up and can help guide individuals through questions such as living arrangements, finances, and more. Children involved in divorce also often have trouble coping. Seeing a qualified professional therapist during this time can help them, and you, to manage in healthy ways. Contact one of TherapyDen’s divorce specialists for help today!

Meet the specialists

most people who go through a divorce will tell you it was one of the hardest things they ever survived. Going through it alone just magnifies the intensity of it. You can only put on a tough front and act like everything is okay for so long!

— Deborah Farber, Counselor in Tulsa, OK

Your relationship has ended and now you don't know where you start and how to fix your broken heart. Divorce and break ups suck...there is no easy way to say it. Let me help you get through the sucky part to help you get back to where you want to be. First...we need to really help you clear out the emotional, physical and mental baggage that your previous relationship left behind before we can start to really build you up. Once we can unpack all that baggage we can truly begin to figure out who you want to be. Building you up and your self-confidence is ESSENTIAL in order to get you feeling like a 10. Whether your relationship ended 6 days or 6 months ago, give me a call so we can get you back to being you.

— Jessica Jefferson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Plantation, FL

I have forty-two years of academic and personal knowledge regarding marriage. What it takes to get Married and how to stay Married. ( written unpublished) I also have the personal experience of making a decision to divorce and to experiencing many variables of being divorced. I also have the experience of re-marring the same person, while experiencing many of the statistical warnings about re-marrying the same person. I also have a reservoir of personal aftermaths of making such a decision.

— Dr. Patricia Bell, Psychologist in orlando, FL

Divorce is never easy for any person touched by it. Whether the family unit impacted is solely husband and wife, includes children, or reaches to in-laws, I am widely versed and here to help you walk through this incredibly stressful time. Court cases, custody, split households, and blended families are complex and unique, and require effort to fully work through. Impacts of divorce last decades, and maybe you never fully processed how it impacts you - it's never too late.

— Olivia Farr, Counselor in Peoria, AZ

I work specifically with women who have divorce as part of their stories. Reclaiming your identity, working through issues of emotional abuse, and coparenting are all topics that we will explore in session.

— Kimberly Dudley, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Milwaukie, OR

If you are at the end of your rope, have known for some time that things were over, or you have begun the process of ending things, I am here to help. With over six years of extensive & specialized training in all aspects of divorce I can help you navigate this extremely challenging territory. Individual, group, a monthly workshop, family mediation, co-parenting, & collaborative divorce services available.

— Tammy Berman, Counselor in Plantation, FL

I have worked with multiple women in both individual counseling and group counseling who are in the midst of learning that their spouses no longer wish to remain married or who have determined that their marriage is over after years of trying to salvage it. The legal situation is only half of the battle that you will face in the sense of the recovery and healing that will be needed to move forward from this life changing event, and I am here to support you on this journey.

— Amanda Hannon, in Newnan, GA

My parents divorced when I was 16. I thought I would never ever get a divorce. However, the marriage was challenging, we could not resolve conflict, communication was difficult, we both used learned behaviors we had seen in families of origin. After 26 years, I did divorce, and have found the relationship I had hoped for in healthy communication with my wife. Life is too short to live in toxic unhealthy atmospheres. All involved in this divorce, me, him, all of our children are now much happier!

— Linda Cash, Counselor in Greensboro, NC

There are a myriad of emotions that often surface with the decision to divorce. Specific emotions and dynamics often come into play depending on whether you are the initiator to get the divorce or the one who doesn't want the divorce. The initiator may have emotions such as distance, doubt, guilt, or relief surface while the one who doesn't want the divorce may have emotions such as betrayal, loss, grief, lack of confidence, rejection or shock surface. Emotions such as anger, revenge, the desire to reconcile, and insecurity may also surface. I often facilitate families in the process of divorce. When emotions are charged, as they often are during the process of divorce, it can help to have an objective third party facilitate ending a relationship, especially when children are involved. I can facilitate couples and families by supporting you in creating smooth transitions while learning effective coping strategies.

— Kathy Hardie-Williams, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Tigard, OR

I’ve worked with dozens of families since 2004 who’ve struggled with divorce related stressors including coparenting, single parent households, court and legal stressors, trauma, and now focus on empowering women pre-post divorce by focusing on mindfulness, self-love, positive psychology, social support and holistic health. I additionally have a personal divorce experience since mine in 2012.

— Cassandra Quick, Licensed Professional Counselor in Madison, WI

Within holding a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have also received extended training into the impact of divorce for individuals, couples, and families. I completed a 40 hour certification in mediation.

— Melissa Smith, Marriage & Family Therapist in Longmont, CO

I have training in treating ADDICTIONS, COUPLES ENMESHMENT and HIGH-CONFLICT DIVORCE. I was specially trained by UKs leading expert, Karen Woodall, to work with families caught in parental alienation dynamics that unfold in times of divorce or separation.

— Leilani Sinclair, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Tarzana, CA

Consciously choosing your relational path can be incredibly healing. As both a Discernment Counselor and a certified Relational Life Therapist, I'm direct and I'll emphasize each of you seeing your own contributions. Our goal is for you both to gain clarity and confidence about a direction, based on a deeper understanding. If you determine that separating is the best route we’ll sit with all the feelings and process what it means and how to proceed from here, especially when kids are involved.

— Rebecca Wong, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Paltz, NY

Divorce means that your life has changed. You may have wanted that change, or you may have desperately tried to stop the change. It doesn't matter, you still feel the change. We will work together to help you establish your new normal and to help you process the grief and fear. We'll work together to help you sort out what happened and help you make better decisions for yourself in the future.

— Jan Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cedar Park, TX

Although the ending of a relationship can be extremely painful, counseling can be very effective in helping women rebuild their lives and regain their confidence after a painful breakup or divorce. Many people carry around anger, guilt, shame, bitterness and resentment for years after the relationship has ended. Don’t let the ending of your relationship be the end of you. Life is not over for you. You can still achieve your goals and dreams. You can still live a wonderfully fulfilling life!

— ALICIA CLAYBON, Counselor in Montgomery, AL

Divorce is a painful process, but I believe a positive path can be found during this emotionally charged time in your life. I will provide the support and guidance to individuals and couples that is necessary to address the challenges that come with separating two lives.

— Mary Torkelson, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Austin, TX

Separation is challenging, no doubt. Have you been struggling with grief, shame, self doubt, anger or emotional pain on your own? There is help! I will teach you how to communicate effectively to reduce the stress and you will have the opportunity to learn techniques to help you feel grounded. Self exploration is key to establish success. My Emotion Focused Approach is gentle and effective as it helps unveil who you are and helps you connect with your inner strength.

— Judit Colbert, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Rafael, CA

In addition to having extensive experience counseling clients going through divorce, I am a Certified Divorce Mediator and can work with clients who want to minimize the cost and stress of their divorce through mediation. Clients who need co-parenting counseling, reunification counseling and family counseling can benefit from working in a non-judgmental and supportive environment to improve communication and develop techniques to work together as a team for the benefit of the entire family.

— Jill Barnett Kaufman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Princeton, NJ

When going through a divorce or separation, it can feel overwhelming. Stress, fear, loneliness, grief and sadness, confusion - pretty much every painful emotion you can think of. Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through - it's actually near the top of most lists of stressful life events. The good news is that you don't have to go through it alone, and it can be a catalyst for amazing growth that can take you to places you never imagined you would be. I know this because not only do I help clients through this painful process, but I've gone through it myself. It took a lot of work and I wish I'd been able to get good help through the process. Help that wouldn't minimize my pain or give me meaningless cliches. I won't tell you that "everything happens for a reason" or that "every cloud has a silver lining." I will do my best to support you every step of the way to rebuilding your life and discovering new and exciting parts of yourself.

— Darin Bergen, Psychologist in Portland, OR

The shock of a breakup or divorce is real, whether you were together for a few months or a few decades. It is hard to put into words how it feels but it isn’t off the mark to say it can feel like you lost a part of yourself. As painful as this is, you don’t have to navigate this alone. Whether it just happened last week, or it was years ago and you haven’t been yourself since, there is hope.

— Ryan Ramsey, Counselor in Denver, CO

I specialize in high-conflict divorce and healing from narcissistic abuse in relationships.

— Leslie Miller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chestnut Hill, MA

If you or your partner are considering divorce, but aren't sure it is the best choice for you, we will begin with Discernment Counseling, a short-term research-based process that allows you to slow things down and take a good look at all of your options. If you have already decided to divorce, I can help you end your relationship more amicably, and if you have children, we can work on creating a healthy coparenting relationship.

— Rebecca Azar, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Chicago, IL

If you’re struggling in your relationship and worry that it's over take heart. It’s normal that relationships change over time. It’s also normal to want the relationship you once had were you looked forward to being together and had a loving and trusting relationship. Relationships don’t come with “how to” manuals especially when you have been together for years. Don't lose hope. There are things you can do.

— Sonya DeWitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Spokane, WA

Going through a divorce is an extremely painful time. This a is a huge life transition in which a person needs tremendous support and guidance figuring out how to create a new life vision for themselves. There is hope that life will be joyful and fun again.

— Nina Kelly, Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Cruz, CA

Your relationship has ended and now you don't know where you start and how to fix your broken heart. Divorce and break ups suck...there is no easy way to say it. Let me help you get through the sucky part to help you get back to where you want to be. First...we need to really help you clear out the emotional, physical and mental baggage that your previous relationship left behind before we can start to really build you up. Once we can unpack all that baggage we can truly begin to figure out who you want to be. Building you up and your self-confidence is ESSENTIAL in order to get you feeling like a 10. Whether your relationship ended 6 days or 6 months ago divorce and break up recovery is essential before you put yourself back out there. You may not be ready, but that is the perfect place to be in. I can help you get ready. Give me a call today!

— Jessica Jefferson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Plantation, FL