Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Radically-open dialectical behavior therapy (RO DBT) is a type of therapy that treats disorders of overcontrol, where people exhibit a level of self-control that interferes with their ability to function effectively, connect with others, and be flexible when needed.

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Radically Open is an evidence based model (aka, the kind you can really trust) that treats OVERCONTROL. What the hell is that? Glad you asked. Overcontrol takes your anxiety and depression symptoms and makes them chronic and treatment-resistant. And then adds a whopping side dish of perfectionism. Simply, over control is a term for people who have so much self control they can suppress their emotion, out work most everyone, and end up victim to their own perfectionism.

— Emilea Richardson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Charleston, SC

Radically Open DBT is my primary passion and area of expertise. Intensively trained and supervised in 2017 by treatment developer Dr. Thomas Lynch. I am a certified senior trainer in RO DBT, a member of the international senior clinician team, and a presenter and co-author in the areas of RO DBT with teens and families. You can find more information about my roles in the RO DBT community at https://www.radicallyopen.net/trainers-and-supervisors.html

— Heidi Ison, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Tampa, FL