Coaching is the act of guiding a person to achieve a specific goal, either professional or personal. Although therapists and coaches have similar approaches, coaches are typically more direct and have more frequent contact with clients than therapists, and focus on the specific goal at hand, rather than seeking the root of an issue. If you have a specific goal you'd like a professional perspective on, coaching might be a good step. Contact one of TherapyDen’s coaching experts today!

Meet the specialists

I integrated coaching into my practice in 2015 to provide clients with adjunct support to supplement their therapy. Subsequently, I developed a comprehensive outpatient program consisting of counseling, coaching and case management to provide individuals with the necessary support to promote sustainable change and improve treatment outcomes. I supervise a team of coaches and clinicians in my outpatient practice.

— Sarah Espenshade, Clinical Social Worker in Rosemont, PA

I work with families of individuals struggling with substance use to identify resources and develop a plan of action. This plan could include trying to get a loved one into treatment, learning new communication skills to decrease confusion and miscommunication, and ways to minimize enabling behaviors.

— Dave Grammer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I provide strategies to strengthen executive function skills for those struggling with ADHD

— Mikayla Phan, Marriage & Family Therapist in Madison, WI

I am an expert with anxiety and trauma, and I want to be able to help everybody who struggles with this! It's an awful situation to be in and if it's left untreated, it will only get worse. So, pick up the phone and let's have a strategy session :-D

— Barbara Maulding, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Algonquin, IL

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— Dr Dan Amzallag, Marriage & Family Therapist in Gaithersburg, MD

As a coach, I help you identify best practices you want to integrate into your life and then help troubleshoot practical barriers to doing it. I integrate previous business experience with psychotherapy principles to help you make progress. Coaching can be goal related and include things like career counseling, help with networking strategies and execution, and other practical topics. Or coaching can be focused on mental health issues like better managing ADHD, OCD, or anxiety. Available online

— Katie Playfair, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client. The coach helps the client to achieve their personal best and to produce the results they want in their personal and professional lives. Coaching ensures the client can give their best, learn and develop in the way they wish.

— Michael Longobardi, Counselor in Roslyn Heights, NY

Life Coaching and Life & Career Consulting, Mentoring Christian Track Available

— Michelle Hughes-Leger, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I provide parent coaching and executive functioning coaching. Coaching is focused on developing specific, targeted, and time-limited goals and strategies to meet those particular goals. Many times individuals are functioning fairly well in many aspects of their lives but need to develop a particular skillset or new approach to engaging in an area of challenge (e.g. setting boundaries, organizing and planning, etc.).

— Munn Saechao, Counselor in Mountain View, CA

I am certified as an Executive and Personal Coach, which is a fancy way of saying I help clients with both work and life challenges. Freud said, "Love and work, work and love. That's all there is." If we define both of those in broad terms (I think you can love a lot of different people, things, and causes), I agree with him. As a feminist therapist, I am able to take some helpful concepts from Freud (like the power of the unconscious) and leave the rest.

— Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Psychologist

I completely benefited from having coaches in my life. Coaches made me a better athlete and helped me manage my life and career. I was a business and personal coach for many years before becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and now I combine that experience with a broad understanding of human emotional well-being to provide leading-edge coaching and counseling work that facilitates life growth and improvement while enabling life transformation.

— Rice Pierce, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Phoenix, AZ

I have multiple Health Coaching Certifications. I provide Health & Behavior Coaching.

— Lili Wagner, Psychologist in Newhall, CA

I am certified as a Life Purpose Coach.

— Marie Vernal, Social Worker in Jacksonville, FL

My professional experience has been working with people to overcome the challenges talented individuals have in reaching their potential. This has been with public figures and high-performing individuals in the corporate world as well as people just struggling with motivation. I have additional training in working with athletes, coaches and teams. I am also certified and experienced in psychological approaches to managing obesity with clients.

— Jessica Johns-Green, Licensed Professional Counselor in Katy, TX

Although I've been practicing therapy for over 26 years, I stay current with "cutting-edge" research and techniques, so that my clients get the benefit of years of clinical experience and applied research. Coaching is modern, cutting-edge, and appropriate for today's client who doesn't have the time or money to undergo 5-day-a-week psychoanalysis. Today's clients want results as soon as possible, and the Coaching model helps them to achieve improvement quickly.

— Ken Howard, Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA

Parent training and consultation are integral aspects of my treatment approach with children. Together parents and I will work on identifying the functions of their children's maladaptive behaviors and create intervention plans to help increase more desired behaviors.

— Amy Massie, Counselor in Keller, TX

A Therapeutic Coach can help you move past obstacles in your life and help you to discover the choices you have available within you for success. By clearing limiting beliefs, values or decisions you have made in your past you may open doorways to a richer and fuller life, now. Some of the blocks that we put in our path may not always be in our conscious awareness.

— Lisa Schaedler, Clinical Social Worker in ,

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. I can help you achieve your personal best and to produce the results you want in your personal and professional life. Coaching assists a client to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be far more effectively than if they worked alone. Let me help you move forward, get unstuck/ unmotivated and get where you are going.

— SABRINA BLACK, Licensed Professional Counselor in Detroit, MI

I believe that everyone has the potential to live a life that they find meaningful. We will work together to help you understand your values, identify your unique strengths, and realize your worth as an individual. This will serve as the foundation to help you unlock your potential. Together, we will work to help you build the confidence and skills you need to pursue the kind of life you want.

— Kathryn Ziemer, Clinical Psychologist in Alexandria, VA

The purpose of a life coach is to provide emotional support and encourage individuals to explore and make the correct choices that will help them gain a better understanding of the challenges that hinders their overall success and well-being. I recognize that the challenges that individuals are faced with may be difficult for them to handle alone. I work collaboratively with my clients to help them explore barriers that creates disruptions in their lives.

— Shante Kollock, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

International Certified Professional Coach

— Shontae Graham, Counselor

I use solutions-focused coaching which focuses on helping my clients find solutions rather than problems, building on strengths rather than weaknesses and finding positive ways forward rather than examining barriers. Goal is redirect energy So that one feels motivated and energised rather than de-motivated and demoralized.

— Dr Stem Sithembile Mahlatini, Counselor in Altamonte Springs, FL

While coaching, I provide an environment that encourages clients to trust their own opinions, while fostering confidence in order for them to realize their full potential.

— Dr. Valisha Terry, Psychologist in Cherry Hill, NJ

Together we will explore aspects of your professional life that you’d like to grow. We will explore your vision, utilize outside resources, create strategies, and flourish your inner entrepreneur. If you are curious about coaching, feel free to reach out for a 15 minute phone consultation.

— Janet Bayramyan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Valley Village, CA

I enjoy working with my clients to develop more effective executive functioning skills, such as organization, time management, focus, and goal-setting.

— Jennifer Larson, Clinical Psychologist in Raleigh, NC