Coaching is the act of guiding a person to achieve a specific goal, either professional or personal. Although therapists and coaches have similar approaches, coaches are typically more direct and have more frequent contact with clients than therapists, and focus on the specific goal at hand, rather than seeking the root of an issue. If you have a specific goal you'd like a professional perspective on, coaching might be a good step. Contact one of TherapyDen’s coaching experts today!

Meet the specialists

Parent training and consultation are integral aspects of my treatment approach with children. Together parents and I will work on identifying the functions of their children's maladaptive behaviors and create intervention plans to help increase more desired behaviors.

— Amy Massie, Counselor in Keller, TX

Coaching provides non-clinical, future-oriented support to help you achieve personal or professional goals. I will work with you to develop an agenda that reflects your strengths, values, and goals, and help remove obstacles to greater achievement and satisfaction. Coaching sessions provide individualized assessment, problem-solving, accountability, and morale-boosting to support you through transitions, unique challenges, and the day-to-day of staying on course with your deepest aspirations.

— Loretta Staples, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Haven, CT

In a lot of situations, parent coaching can be an effective addition to the treatment your child is receiving. Changing the language you use or discipline techniques can often reduce problem behaviors more effectively.

— Jeanine Rousso, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I incorporate Positive Psychology and coaching techniques into my therapy sessions with clients as a way of focusing on what clients want in their lives as opposed to what they don't want. Coaching helps clients tap into their intrinsic motivation and set personal goals around what's important in their lives. I now offer a 6 session coaching series for individuals who prefer the action-oriented approach of a coaching model to traditional therapy.

— Megan Miller, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in North Bend, OR

I incorporate Positive Psychology and coaching techniques into my sessions with clients as a way of focusing on what clients want in their lives as opposed to what they don't want. Coaching helps clients tap into their motivation and joy and set personal goals around what's important in their lives.

— Megan Miller, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in North Bend, OR

Based on my background (see my website in finance, counseling, divorce mediation and parenting, I developed a powerful divorce coaching program that will provide you with specific strategies and tools to develop a path forward through your separation and divorce.

— Jill Barnett Kaufman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Princeton, NJ

Life Coaching is a great service for teens and young adults who are not in need of therapy but are interested in getting support in starting their lives as an adult. Life coaching is a solution focused, practical service that can include, but is not limited to, gaining clarity on career choices, learning skills such as personal organization, or addressing barriers to taking on adult responsibilities. Life coaching focuses on the here and now, and does not dive deeply in past stressors / traumas.

— Angela Shankman, Therapist in Agoura Hills, CA

I help you identify and focus on what's important, which accelerates your success. Additionally, I create a safe environment in which people see themselves more clearly, can identify gaps between where you are and where the you need or want to be.

— Michal T. Margolese, Hypnotherapist in Beverly Hills, CA

Coaching is ideally for those who already recognize and have come to terms to their limitations and/or barriers and would like to find ways to move past them in order to achieve their goals. It is for highly motivated individuals that are both mentally and physically in a space to take actionable steps towards a desired goal that they seek to accomplish. I offer accountability, parenting, and mindfulness coaching.

— Janny Condie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Ana, CA

Some people that come to sessions are looking for an outside, trained person to support them through general life circumstances. I see myself as a "supportive growth coach" in these relationships and I value this role as critical for self-care.

— Valerie Fahie, Counselor in Doylestown, PA

I've coached people in relaxation since I was 12 years old, before any of my professional trainings-you can say I'm a natural! In 2006, I went into a Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching program and fell in love with the rapid changes the techniques could bring. I have been using conversational coaching techniques for over 13 years with co-workers and clients to create personal and professional successes. Coaching and healing are definitely my calling...

— Anya Mayer, Hypnotherapist in Portland, OR

Trained in relationship coaching through Michele Wiener-Davis 10 years ago, and have been doing relationship coaching for ten years. Also, trained in energy coaching and have Thrive Energetics Certification from California.

— Valerie Marsh, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Wayzata, MN

Couples throughout U.S. have access to Relationship Coaching Group - an interactive, online coaching program.

— Michele Hahn, Counselor in Santa Monica, CA

As a mother of 4 I know that life throws you curves when you are managing a family. I have both the life experience and professional background to help guide you. I want to partner together to help you put aside the doubt and become confident that you already know what your child needs. Raising kids is hard. They push all your buttons and the strong willed children know just how far to push! You wonder if your doing it right and I'm here to say if your wondering, your already doing great.

— Jamie Coyne, Counselor in Ringwood, NJ

Sometimes you know where you want to go, but can't figure out how to get there. Or, you have all the options but freeze trying to make a decision. I help clarify where you want to go in life or in your career, create the steps and assist you in getting there.

— Dr. Marcia Norman, Psychologist in Winter Park, FL

Coaching for Career change or Life transitions can help people get past feelings of stuck, overwhelm, uncertainty or grief. Through coaching it is possible to identify strengths and interests to guide you into the next part of your life. People who are Neuro-Diverse or on the Autism spectrum can also benefit from targeted skill build to help navigate the social and physical challenges of everyday. Taking new steps, trying new skills and changing behaviors takes courage.

— Kathleen Thompson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Coaching focuses on helping clients stay motivated in pursuit of a specific future goal. Need to help my clients explore and navigate the tough waters of their sexuality, the relationships and their inner self. Encouragement and focus on one's strengths is paramount. A trained psychologist can make an even better coach, understanding the inner workings and fears that can hold us back.

— Monte Miller, Psychologist in San Antonio, TX