Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is a gentle, body-based therapeutic method which heals without re-traumatizing.

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I use Lifespan Integration to help clients make sense of the flow of their lives, to develop a more holistic experience of themselves, to grasp the relationship between their present-day self and their past experiences, and even to help shift the way they hold difficult past experiences.

— Bob Fischer, Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

This particular modality is close to my heart. I am currently in the process of becoming certified which also includes me doing my own work within this framework. This helps me understand what my clients could be experiencing during different protocols and be the secure anchor in sessions. works with experienced trauma/neglect in childhood that affects clients in present time. It's gentle, body-based method that uses repetitions of memories to assists neural integration and facilitate healing.

— Aislinn Noone, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Spokane, WA

I work with client on developmental stages.

— roxanne hotchkiss, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I studied under an internationally known developmental psychologist an intergrate all phases of emotional and physiological development across the life span into the various modalities of therapy

— Susan Boklaga, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in West Palm Beach, FL