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Helping you heal your traumatic experiences through EMDR, Flash and Super Resourcing to unleash peace and joy and freedom in your life.

Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA
Supervised by Hilary Bolles, MED

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About My Clients

I am currently focusing on work with clients who have had traumatic experience in their life – an accident, an assault, witnessing a death, a close brush with COVID. These left their marks on you, maybe showing up as anxiety, depression, rage, freezing, or a sense of life seeming out of control.

My Background and Approach

In working with traumas I use a process that's tailored to each client, often using a combination of EMDR, Flash, and Super Resourcing. EMDR is a powerful tool for healing these trauma wounds, quickly and fairly painlessly. Flash is designed to minimize the pain associated with addressing trauma. And Super Resourcing is a way to spend time in healing positivity. We’ll pay close attention to what pace of work is right for you. We’ll work together to develop your ability to be mindfully present and peaceful in your daily life. We can look at the coping tools you have been using, and look for ways to make them more adaptive and allow you to live more fully in the present. Recovering from trauma doesn't have to be traumatic, in fact it works better if it isn't. Overall, the aim is to make the process of healing as gentle as possible, while making sure we're seeing progress and improvement each step of the way.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that each of us has the capacity, deep within, to heal. Trauma can block that innate healing process, and my role is to help free up your capacity where it has become blocked. I work as a loving witness and advocate for your healing process. By making sure that you have the resources you need before we start processing, and by pacing the work using your internal gauge, I'll help you find your way through this healing process with relative peace and ease.

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  • Experience: 4 years of practice
  • Rate: $100/session


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