Addiction Counseling

Addiction can take many forms and can be experienced with both substances (drugs and alcohol, for example) and behaviors (such as gambling). Typically, addiction involves repeating an activity despite the problems or negative consequences it is causing in your life. Addiction can cause changes in the brain’s wiring that make it difficult to stop the drug or behavior. But the good news is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, contact one of our addiction counseling specialists today to get help.

Meet the specialists

Want a new life? Engaging in recovery is one of the most life-changing endeavors you could ever initiate. I know it. I get it. I can help.

— Lorrie OBrien, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Enfield, CT

Addiction counseling/therapy isn't just for those afflicted with the disease, but also for those affected by the person's disease; mother, wife, son, daughter, husband, cousin, boss, etc. Addiction is plagues a person's entire family system. In this counseling an integrative approach will be used based on individual need. This means we could work CBT, relational therapy, & a host of other ways to increase clarity, boundaries and well-being.

— Brendon Mendoza, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Seattle, WA

Addiction is my primary specialization. I approach treatment from a biopsychosocial model - that there are likely biological factors (like physical dependence), psychological factors (like poor coping habits and other mental health concerns), and social factors (either isolation or being surrounded by others who are also using substances) that hold the addictive behavior in place. We'll work together to unravel all these factors and help move you forward.

— Dr. Aaron Weiner, Clinical Psychologist in Lake Forest, IL

I have worked in addiction services for a number of years, helping people develop and maintain long-term recovery, using group and individual counseling and supporting medication assisted recovery services.

— Love Singleton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Alliance, OH

I help men who struggle with pornography and sex addiction, repeated infidelity, and compulsive spending on their hyper sexuality. You aren’t alone and there is hope for a complete recovery. Our work together starts with a comprehensive assessment, and I set straight to work helping you. I am a C-SAT Candidate trained through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and trained in EMDR therapy.

— Rebecca Ray, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Marcos, TX

Addictions counseling is a process of building nets of support around you while you shift your harmful coping mechanisms into ways of living that are sustainable. This process includes education, inner work, support system building, and a willingness to keep moving forward honestly. It is not a solo adventure.

— SHANE HENNESEY, Licensed Professional Counselor in Richmond, TX

I have worked with clients in a inpatient treatment center for almost two years. I also did complete the courses in AODS from Palomar College.

— Angeline Baucom, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Carlsbad, CA

The biggest problem in your life is what you drink, smoke, snort or inject into yourself. To bad for you that it the least of your problems. Drugs and alcohol is like a turning off the light in a dirty storage room that needs to be clean. When you decide to turn on the light by stop using drugs you still have to do the hard work of clean out your storage. I would like to be right beside you doing the heaving lifting.

— Ronica Clark, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I have been working in the addiction field for over 10 years in inpatient and outpatient centers.

— Crystal Nesfield, Counselor in Phoenix, AZ

I have worked in the field of addiction for many years. I have experience working with people who are in the legal system, as well as those coming into rehab on their own accord. I am highly trained in addictions counseling.

— Jessica Butler, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in Denver, CO

I have 16 years of experience in helping people who are dealing with substance use disorder issues for all types of substances. I helped run a substance abuse treatment program at a community agency . I am also skilled at helping people with co-occuring mental health and substance use issues.

— Ellen Adams, Licensed Professional Counselor

When dealing with addiction, there is no instant solution or magic pill that will make the problem disappear. The fact is, a healthy relationship with drugs and alcohol looks different for everyone, and substance use counseling can help you decide what’s right for you. I work with clients to resolve your struggles in a private setting, where what you share is confidential. We will work together to take back your life, set health boundaries and learn coping skills to sustain lasting change.

— Iris Haugen, Licensed Professional Counselor in Salem, OR

I am a Board Certified Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) and a Doctoral Addictions Counselor (DAC) with 20+ years of experience, including Multicultural and Diverse Populations.

— Dr. Vicki D. Coleman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Las Vegas, NV

Addiction counseling is used to help you get through this difficult time in your life. It helps provide you with the tools needed to succeed.

— Cathie Bear, Addictions Counselor in Manhattan, KS

I am a Texas Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) with experience working with adolescents and adults seeking and in recovery from addictive behaviors. I practice Integrative Meaning Therapy to guide clients in their quest to discover a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in their lives throughout their recovery journeys. I use narrative therapy interventions through an existential lens to navigate these choppy waters.

— Dr. E. Rose Sierra, Psychotherapist in Houston, TX

Through expertise in both private practice and community mental health settings as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC), I've learned that loss of control, surrender of the will to a craving doesn’t have to lead to prolonged suffering. I have helped many renew a sense of “self”, repurposed life.

— Sergio Hernández, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Evanston, IL