The term self-esteem refers to our overall subjective emotional evaluation of our own worth – in other words, it’s your attitude towards yourself. Self-esteem begins to take shape in childhood and can be influenced by many factors, including early experiences at home or school, familial relationships, the media, your age and role in society and how people react to you. It is totally normal for your self-esteem to fluctuate – for example feeling down about yourself once in awhile. However, most individuals develop a baseline self-esteem that remains fairly constant over the course of their lifetimes. If you are struggling with low self-esteem, you likely spend significant time criticizing yourself and you may experience frequent feelings of shame and self-doubt. The good news is that, with work, you can change your baseline self-esteem. Therapy for self-esteem issues can help you work toward feeling confident, valuable, and worthy of respect. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s self-esteem experts today.

Meet the specialists

Learning how to love ourselves can be a difficult task, even in an era that popularizes the concepts of self-care and self-love. Self-love is more than a bath bomb and a good tub soak, though that's not a bad place to start. Often self-esteem issues root back to a defensive coping mechanism adopted early in life for protection, but ultimately harms us and keep us from living a full life. We will work together to build your confidence and make it safe to be vulnerable and love yourself.

— Jennifer Alt, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I have worked with many women and men who initially seek out counseling for anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and work issues--and often underlying these problems is a lack of trust in themselves, lots of negative self-talk, and unfinished healing from past family and relationship events. My hope is to create a safe environment to better understand what is happening and to then collaborate in implementing skills that will foster self-confidence, and self acceptance.

— Amanda Rebel, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Jaci works with ages 12+ to develop a stable sense of self-esteem and identity. Jaci uses gentle guidance, humor, and finding joy with her clients in order to explore the tender parts of their core beliefs and self-perception. Jaci has been on her own self-acceptance journey for 10 years, participating in her own therapy experiences for half of that. Jaci wholly believes in offering compassion to oneself as the antidote to toxic shame and low self-esteem.

— Jacqueline Hynes, Counselor in Frisco, TX

I take a focus with almost all of my clients, to help them to develop a more positive self-image and self-acceptance. Low self-esteem often can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms. By addressing the way we view ourselves we can change the way we view the world. Self-compassion and positive talk has been a integral and transformative part of the work I have done over the past 5 years.

— Nicole Hall, Creative Art Therapist in Rochester, NY

Self-esteem can be a tricky issue to address. There are many things that can be affecting it. I am very proficient at working with clients to explore all possible reasons your self-esteem, self-worth or confidence feels low. If it's situational we will figure out how to move through it and if it's rooted in past experience we will bring it to the surface and learn how to leave it in the past.

— Jeff Guenther, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Confidence is everything when you are working in the arts. If you don't buy it, they won't! I help clients find self-esteem outside of their work, and help to let go of the anxieties holding them back.

— Elle Bernfeld, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Brooklyn, NY

To improve self-esteem, I will help you learn how to trust your gut and really pay attention to what is happening inside of you. Our intuition is often referred to as our “inner voice” most commonly known as a gut feeling. Body Psychotherapy & Embodied Spirituality utilize the body as a compass along with visualization and mindfulness, to create healthy boundaries in your relationships, so that you have space to manifest how you want to be in the world, and heal negative thinking patterns.

— Lina Návar, Psychotherapist in Austin, TX

Feeling paralyzed by low self-worth, fear, limiting beliefs or the comparison trap? I help individuals feeling energetically and emotionally drained restore their confidence in themselves while rediscovering their purpose to finally feel free & inspired. If you're feeling disconnected from yourself and your vision, let's work together and start releasing the expectations and beliefs that are holding you back!

— Christina Rogers, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in St. Petersburg, FL

I work with my clients to identify the clouded lense that makes it difficult to see your strengths and positive attributes.

— Natasha Lamb, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Jacksonville, FL

Many things factor into why we don't have a good sense of self-esteem. It could have been due to not being nurtured as we should have been as children. Or it could be due to a traumatic experience in the past. Self-esteem can be improved greatly with the use of tools, positive experiences, and talk therapy.

— Sue McRee, Therapist in St. Petersburg, FL

If you feel like you are not good enough or you struggle with not having enough confidence to get what you want in life, I am the therapist for you. I will help you fall in love with yourself and build up your confidence so that you can attain any goal that you have set for yourself and live out your dreams.

— Sarah (Chen) Zhang Park, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Loving and accepting yourself as you authentically are is not as easy as it sounds. For everyone, the journey toward self care is different. I will listen to you and be there for you as you learn how to value and respect yourself. You deserve care. I can help.

— Rebecca Lavine, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Cambridge, MA

Nobody is born with low self-esteem. As toddlers, we make noises, laugh, dance, and play like nobody is watching. Then, something changes. You suddenly don't believe in yourself. You get embarrassed or beat yourself up about how you performed. Your life experiences, interactions with others, and other social and environmental factors have likely played a role in how your perceive yourself and what you believe about your abilities. I believe in your ability to believe in yourself again.

— Kinga Kasprzyk, Licensed Professional Counselor in Round Rock, TX

I have been working with individuals change the way they talk to themselves throughout my career. We explore the negative narratives that persist for you, where they originate from, and release the pain associated with them. Using techniques from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Internal Family Systems, we rewrite these painful stories and unlock what is possible.

— Rebecca Rondeau, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Merrimack, NH

Self-esteem has a huge impact on everything we do, but it can be hard to recognize it. Sometimes it's to the point that it's hard to even imagine feeling confident, or worthy. You're worthy, but I can understand how you may not feel that way. Together, we can help you get to a place where you feel worthy, valuable, and confident, in a way that feels genuine to you.

— Danielle Wayne, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boise, ID

Esteem can be affected by many things from a single word said by a parent to bullying by schoolchildren to overbearing bosses, friends and romantic partners. It is also affected by the words we tell ourselves. As a team, we explore what you need to build confidence in different areas of your life. We set both short and long-term goals so that you can see and experience the process of taking action and achieving your goals. How do you want to see yourself? Are you ready to change?

— Diana Sturm, Counselor in Mobile, AL

I have undergone training in mindful self-compassion, a research-supported, evidence-based intervention that helps individuals grow to authentically accept all of themselves to make way for happier relationships, personal growth, and more satisfaction out of life. Maybe you are falling short of your goals or are afraid to take the next step in life because of limiting beliefs. If you're reading this, wondering if therapy can help; please know that you're worth it! I look forward to meeting you.

— Kayla Freeman, Social Worker in Austin, TX

I offer teen groups for girls struggling with self-esteem and image issues.

— Marquia Anderson, Counselor in Flourtown, PA