Parenting children can be a rewarding part of life. As most parents know, it can also be extremely challenging. And, with so much (often contradictory) information out there about how to parent “right”, it can be difficult to feel confident in your choices.  This can be compounded when you and your partner disagree on parenting decisions or when you are facing additional hurdles like financial difficulties, divorce, mental illness, death or a child with special medical or developmental needs. If you are experiencing excessive feelings of guilt or stress as it relates to parenting, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

Meet the specialists

As a parent, I can relate. In my graduate work, I focused on treating anxiety in parents and caregivers, and recognized that I have a keen ability at empathizing with the difficulties of modern childcare. In my practice, I use my experience as a former stay-at-home parent of a special-needs child to help parents in all manner of situation.

— Ellen Ross Hodge, Counselor in Seattle, WA

Are you tired of arguing with your child over taking out the trash, going to school, or when you tell them to do anything? Does your child not want to hear the word “no”? Does the word “no” lead to a tantrum or a fight with your child? Are there times you feel like giving up and feel you have tried everything and nothing seems to work? Being a parent is not always easy and sometimes we need help figuring it out. There’s are reason the saying exists “it takes a village to raise a child”.

— Alison Hartman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

The range of excitement for parenthood is complex. From, "I'd do anything for my kids" to "I would've been perfectly happy being an Uncle...she wanted kids more". Either way, we'll begin where ever you're at.

— Dustin Hodgkin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Olympia, WA

I work with many parents on building attachment, creating positive routines at home, and identifying patterns that they may have picked up from the way they were parented. I help parents identify triggers or areas where they are stuck or highly emotionally reactive, and we practice ways to take care of yourself as a parent as well as implement positive behavior strategies to address children's behavior at home.

— Kaleigh Boysen, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

My focus has been on children and parents for over 20 years. I teach parenting classes, do parent consultations and see parents for on-going counseling. I believe in giving parents the support they do not often receive and is necessary for things to go well in their family. My training includes being a certified instructor of Parenting by Connection, an attachment-based, emotion-focused approach.

— Suzy Heltzel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Altos, CA

I have supported parents, caregivers, and future parents and their children in addressing emotional, relational and behavioral needs. I am rostered in Child-Parent Psychotherapy through the UCSF Child Trauma Research Program. I completed my Post Master's Clinical Fellowship at UCSF Children's Hospital in Oakland in the Early Intervention Services Department where I received specialized training on child-parent therapy.

— Shohreh Schmuecker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Danville, CA

As a parent and as a treater of parents for many years, I focus on helping parents understand their parenting styles, manage their own stress, and provide ways for parents to connect differently with their children. Because I am a psychodynamic-oriented therapist, I often use the experiences that parents had growing up to help them identify patterns of their own behavior in the present day. I have a background in MDFT and IICAPS (CT model) which has guided my intervention practice with parents.

— Kate Gebbie, Licensed Professional Counselor in , CT

As a Clinical Psychologist immersed in training in the issues impacting the development of children, the centrality of parents as a source of safety and security and the many stresses impacting that dynamic are front and center in her approach to the work with children and families. Getting “on track” when life-stress has derailed that system is a worthy effort.

— Cathleen Rea, Clinical Psychologist in Charlottesville, VA

So often we find ourselves lost as parents and it is hard to know how to best help our children grow into healthy functioning adults. We hope that they do not have the same dysfunctions that we grew up within our families... However, unless we are intentional to change it, they inherit the same baggage. Learn how to give your kids the gift of growing into mature-adulthood and not be dependent on you the rest of their lives, setting them up for success in relationships, careers, and identity.

— Scott Waters, Counselor in Eugene, OR

Times are especially tough for many families right now. My goal is to help parents understand their child's behavior so they are better able to manage it. Through tracking behavior, we are able to work together in creating intervention plans for specific behaviors.

— Amy Massie, Counselor in Keller, TX

I have been teaching parenting since 1994 when I was trained to teach the powerful Redirecting Children's Behavior parenting class. I am a sought after speaker and educator and have lead workshops and seminars at many schools, corporations, religious institutions and conferences. My area of expertise is working with individuals, couples and families who are separated or divorced. I provide co-parenting counseling, reunification counseling, family counseling and parenting sessions.

— Jill Barnett Kaufman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Princeton, NJ

Do you feel at a loss with your family? If you knew what to do, you aren't sure you would have the time or energy to do it. I can help you confidently create a caring and resilient family. Your family can be happier and healthier, including you!

— Megan Carney, Psychologist in Meridian, ID

Many of my workshops & groups are related to parenting & attachment. I've trained for several years with Hand in Hand Parenting, an attachment-focused and trauma-savvy approach to gentle parenting. Modern brain science has a lot to share about the power of emotions. I've studied with several leaders in the field of attachment + interpersonal neurobiology, especially related to gaps in early development as a result of chronic stress, adoption, grief & loss, or childhood trauma.

— MereAnn Reid, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

Support from after birth planning through every stage of family development.

— Ashley Edwardson, Therapist in Aurora, CO

It is a different world to parent in with technology challenges, cultural challenges and time challenges that make it exponentially more difficult to raise children today. I am here to help parents use their power, manage their children well and see the outcomes that they want to see in their relationships with their kids.

— Sheri Truax, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chesapeake, VA

Do you feel at a loss with your family? If you knew what to do, you aren't sure you would have the time or energy to do it. I can help you confidently create a caring and resilient family. Your family can be happier and healthier, including you! I have knowledge in a variety of different parenting theories and strategies and am a parent myself. You are the expert on your family while I have expertise in parenting. I'll work with you to identify what works for you and your family.

— Megan Carney, Psychologist in Meridian, ID

Parenting is a noble journey but it is not an easy one. Parenting when you have experienced trauma can make it feel nearly impossible. Helping parents connect with their children and teens in positive ways is something I find deeply gratifying.

— Clarissa Harwell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Campbell, CA

I know for a fact that you are not the only one. I have listened to all types of caregivers (adoptive, foster, biological, guardians, grandparents, step-parents, life partners…), who are parts of all types of families, describe situations so similar to yours it’s almost uncanny. When I tell you "Nope, I don’t think your kid is crazy. And I don’t think you’re a bad parent either." it’s because I believe you when you tell me what it’s been like at home and I know - it isn’t just you.

— Laura Morlok, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Mt Airy, MD

Parenting is hard. Especially being the parent of a special needs child. There’s no rule book. I’m here to help guide you through one of the toughest jobs out there!

— Amie Markowitz, Clinical Social Worker in Port Jefferson Station, NY

Parenting by Connection training; 10 years working in elementary and middle schools, plus college advising; teaching credential K-5; college advising certificate; bio-parent to two children under 15yo.

— Amy Singer, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

Parenting a child with sensory, developmental, or emotional challenges requires a very different form of discipline, structure, and nurture that many outside of those challenges have trouble understanding. I will work to coach you to find more effective strategies to parent your child in light of their challenges.

— Sherry Fleydervish, Counselor in Chicago, IL

As a Clinical Psychologist immersed in appreciating the developmental challenges of growing up, I view parents as critical influencers, but also taking the brunt of life-stress. Helping parents do their teamwork more efficiently, helping parents with structure and consistency, and helping parents work collaboratively with their children to problem-solve and make the family “work” better together are the goals here.

— Cathleen Rea, Clinical Psychologist in Charlottesville, VA

Parenting can be difficult. I have experience assisting parents in understanding their values and beliefs in regards to raising children and how those have been influenced by their family of origin. I can provide psycho-education on appropriate expectations for their children's various developmental stages. With children between the ages of 3-6 I utilize PCIT (parent child interactive therapy). As PCIT (Parent Child Interactive Therapy) therapist, I will assist you in building skills that assists in strengthening your parent-child attachment, assist your child in learning self-regulation skills, assist you in managing your child’s disruptive behaviors, and assists your child in learning to focus, share, listen, and increase vocabulary.

— Allison Batty-Capps, Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

I offer parent coaching for when parents need a little extra help with behavior management, effective discipline strategies, sleep training, and emotional regulation. My goals is to form an encouraging and collaborative team with parents and children, while actively participating in achieving your goals.

— Kalie Moore, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Greensboro, NC

It is not easy to take care of yourself when you've got kids. As moms, we have a tendency to put their needs (and wants) above our own. We forget to take time out and reaffirm our identities as individuals. Instead, we become solely know as, "Aria's Mom." Going to therapy gives you 55 minutes of uninterrupted YOU time - to remember your name and figure out who you are. We can also process this whole "parenting" thing and figure out how you can be the best mom you can be!

— Tina Gutman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in West Bloomfield, MI

Do you feel at a loss with your family? If you knew what to do, you aren't sure you would have the time or energy to do it. I can help you confidently create a caring and resilient family. Your family can be happier and healthier, including you!

— Megan Carney, Psychologist in Meridian, ID

Would you like to experience more calm, ease, and flow in your family? Would you like to work as a team with your partner and children? I am here to support you during the many transitions that occur in your life as a parent whether you are expecting a child, have a toddler, or teens. I can help give you more tools for your parenting toolbox which will help you feel more calm, connected, and confident as a parent. We all want to feel successful in the most important job we have!

— Carlene Lehmann, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX

The basis of my parenting philosophy is a combination of mindful parenting, brain based science, and Collaborative Problem Solving. \nI blend all three of these philosophies in my coaching practice. Taking into account the age, developmental level and needs of the child, along with the needs of the parent(s), I help you design a style of parenting that best suits your family.

— Lisa Wittorff, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Portland, OR