Parenting children can be a rewarding part of life. As most parents know, it can also be extremely challenging. And, with so much (often contradictory) information out there about how to parent “right”, it can be difficult to feel confident in your choices.  This can be compounded when you and your partner disagree on parenting decisions or when you are facing additional hurdles like financial difficulties, divorce, mental illness, death or a child with special medical or developmental needs. If you are experiencing excessive feelings of guilt or stress as it relates to parenting, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

Meet the specialists

The basis of my parenting philosophy is a combination of mindful parenting, brain based science, and Collaborative Problem Solving. \nI blend all three of these philosophies in my coaching practice. Taking into account the age, developmental level and needs of the child, along with the needs of the parent(s), I help you design a style of parenting that best suits your family.

— Lisa Wittorff, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Portland, OR

I know parenting is tough. Especially when your child's behavior is making you feel completely burnt out and inadequate when you've tried everything and nothing seems to be working. The anxiety you feel when the phone rings, praying it isn't your child's school or daycare again. It doesn't have to be this way. I can help you create a world where you won't dread a conversation with your child's teacher anymore.

— KORIN MENARD, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Palm Coast, FL

I have been teaching parenting skills since 1997 to the families I worked with and on 2009 I become a trainer/consultant for the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum. I currently provide the training for facilitators of this curriculum and use this knowledge when working with my clients.

— Ana Romero, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in MIRAMAR, FL, FL

I have been teaching parenting classes for over 20 years. I regularly speak to school PTAs/PTOs, church MOPs and mothers groups on a wide variety of parenting topics. I hosted a parenting podcast for 2 years (Passport to Parenting). I help parents and divorced co-parents support their children to live exceptional lives.

— Ann DeWitt, Counselor in Lake Oswego, OR

As a mother of four children, I understand the need to balance raising children, purusing a career, and establishing work-life balance. I enjoy helping Moms find self-care activities that they can incorporate into their busy lives. I work with parents of children experiencing mental health issues, normal growth and developmental issues, and those with children with special needs.

— Michele Davidson, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Virginia Beach, VA

Many of my workshops & groups are related to parenting & attachment. I've trained for several years with Hand in Hand Parenting, an attachment-focused and trauma-savvy approach to gentle parenting. Modern brain science has a lot to share about the power of emotions. I've studied with several leaders in the field of attachment + interpersonal neurobiology, especially related to gaps in early development as a result of chronic stress, adoption, grief & loss, or childhood trauma.

— MereAnn Reid, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

I intentionally studied to be a parent for decades before finally giving it a try -- and I learned that there's nothing like the real thing to truly prepare you. In addition to my own parenting experience, my undergraduate degree in Human Development & Family Studies enabled me to help other parents find ways to meet both their own needs and those of their children. My work has ranged from teaching Parent Education classes to helping children and parents in the realm of foster care and adoption, providing guidance and support for parents struggling on a financial edge or in the shadows of poverty, illness, and addiction. I've served the emotional wellness needs of people who struggled to become parents, parents grieving lost children, and parents letting go of young adult children. It is a crazy loving business, parenting -- and my respect for those engaged in it is profound.

— Tracy Morris, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Spring, TX

I am a parent of two boys, 11 & 15 years old, & have often been a solo parent for extended periods of time. Becoming a parent has been the window into much of my own personal therapy work & my work with clients. Becoming a parent returns us to our own childhoods in ways potentially not possible otherwise. We have the opportunity & the challenge to heal our own lifelong wounds as our memories rise to the surface in the lives of our own children. Parenting can be a chance for freedom.

— Lara Plutte, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA

I am a certified educator for Dr. Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training program. I provide parents with support and education who are experiencing parenting challenges. I teach parents effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills, increased self awareness and confidence to effectively address their parenting concerns.

— Susan Resnik, Mental Health Counselor in Miami Beach, FL

As a parent, I can relate. In my graduate work, I focused on treating anxiety in parents and caregivers, and recognized that I have a keen ability at empathizing with the difficulties of modern childcare. In my practice, I use my experience as a former stay-at-home parent of a special-needs child to help parents in all manner of situation.

— Ellen Ross Hodge, Counselor in Seattle, WA

I am a child clinical psychologist and I treat children from infancy on up. I have run many parenting groups, consulted to preschools, family court, pediatricians etc. I can help with sleep, toileting, eating, discipline, screen time etc. Often I can help a child by providing guidance to parents. Sessions are available online via a HIPAA compliant app, or by phone if that is more convenient.

— Dr. Nancie Spector, Clinical Psychologist in NEW CANAAN, CT

I have worked in a childhood and family outpatient clinic since 2014. At this point, I have worked with hundreds of families and feel confident in my ability to guide you, your child, and your family through challenging times towards the goals and outcomes that you wish for your loved ones.

— Frankie Grixti, Counselor in Hartsdale, NY

I offer parent coaching and counseling. Working with parents is a passion of mine. When we become more aware and effective parents we become more content with ourselves. I have worked with parents in a variety of settings such as in homes, schools, private practice and treatment facilities.

— lynne cole, Counselor in aurora, CO

As a Clinical Psychologist immersed in training in the issues impacting the development of children, the centrality of parents as a source of safety and security and the many stresses impacting that dynamic are front and center in her approach to the work with children and families. Getting “on track” when life-stress has derailed that system is a worthy effort.

— Cathleen Rea, Clinical Psychologist in Charlottesville, VA

I specialize in providing trauma-informed therapeutic consultation to parents and caregivers of children and adolescents, with an emphasis on the needs and dynamics of transracial fost-adopt families. I help parents and caregivers to address the various ways in which race, power, and privilege impact the lives of their children and influence the parenting / caregiving relationship. I use my therapeutic assessment skills to provide targeted, solution -focused brief treatment.

— Elena Baikova, Clinical Psychologist in Alameda, CA

Parenting is a noble journey but it is not an easy one. Parenting when you have experienced trauma can make it feel nearly impossible. Helping parents connect with their children and teens in positive ways is something I find deeply gratifying.

— Clarissa Harwell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Campbell, CA

Breast feed or bottle feed, co-sleep or use a crib, how to talk to your teen? SO many choices to consider when your little one is, well, little, and beyond those years. And it’s not exactly like you can figure it all out on your own. But EVERYONE seems to have an opinion they are sure you NEED to hear. And how does everyone get to those opinions? And why do they think they know more about what’s best for your baby than you? Being a mom is one of the best and the hardest things you will ever do.

— Jeanene Wolfe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

Parent Coaching is helpful for parents who need some non-judgmental support to feel more confident as a parent. You might want help navigating a specific parenting challenge or a tricky conversation. Or you might be so overwhelmed that you need weekly support. We will focus on your values and goals to solve any parenting problem you encounter. Even one session can reduce stress and help you make some changes to ease the job of parenting.

— Jeanine Rousso, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The stresses of parenting can be isolating, can trigger our own insecurities and tender places, and can feel overwhelming to navigate. I offer support based in attachment theory but responsive to your needs and background.

— Eleanor Wohlfeiler, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

Parenting is the hardest job in the world! Being a good parent is much more than feeding and loving you children. Its about paying attention when your tired and bored, using your calm voice when you really want to scream, choosing your child's needs before your own, and still trying to figure out how to be yourself, a partner, a professional, a friend. Getting support, learning parenting skills and joining an authentic village should be a non-negotiable in parenting. Call now for support!

— Cara Fairfax, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Diego, CA