Anger Management Therapy

In its simplest terms, anger management therapy helps a person decrease their anger. A therapist trained in anger management techniques can help you explore the roots of your anger, identify and overcome anger triggers and give you more control over your life. If anger or conflict with others are becoming unmanageable on your own, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s anger management therapy specialists to get help today. 

Meet the specialists

Help people to understand that anger is a very necessary and real feeling, and how anger can be managed and used for good.

— Paul C. Briggs, Clinical Social Worker in Hollywood, FL

Taking a dispassionate approach to anger. Helping clients learn and practice socially acceptable ways to express their anger. Keeping anger bottled up is not healthy!

— Patrizia Lalonde, Counselor in Texarkana, TX

The 1 emotion we’ve all experienced is “Anger”. Anger is a secondary emotion that is usually triggered by feelings of fear and anxiety. I can help you learn how to change your maladaptive thoughts, unpleasant emotions & unwanted behaviors that are linked to problems in life causing you distress and misery. Remember-Anger is only 1 letter away from Danger!

— Cassie Icenogle Konnoly, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Lacey, WA

I assist clients with identifying the root of their anger, their triggers, and working through how to express that anger in healthy and positive ways.

— Brittni Williams, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Hampton, VA

I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist II and work with clients to identify their triggers, understand their thoughts and emotions, and work on being self-aware while learning to identify their physical signs of anger and choosing more appropriate responses.

— Kenneice Tolliver, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Anger is an emotion that is important to our self-respect. It tells us when our rights have been violated or when something important to us is denied. Anger tells us to “do something" in the face of a problem. However, what you do… is a learned behavior. People may feel their emotions are destroying their lives and there is no control over them. Anger Management provides strategies to honor emotions while asserting your voice for fair treatment from others.

— Dr. Carolyn Becker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fort Worth, TX

Anger Management Therapy is based oon some of the principles of CBT and it is focused on anger redirection and reduction

— Ann Marie Donnelly, Clinical Psychologist in Pismo Beach, CA