Anger Management Therapy

In its simplest terms, anger management therapy helps a person decrease their anger. A therapist trained in anger management techniques can help you explore the roots of your anger, identify and overcome anger triggers and give you more control over your life. If anger or conflict with others are becoming unmanageable on your own, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s anger management therapy specialists to get help today. 

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The 1 emotion we’ve all experienced is “Anger”. Anger is a secondary emotion that is usually triggered by feelings of fear and anxiety. I can help you learn how to change your maladaptive thoughts, unpleasant emotions & unwanted behaviors that are linked to problems in life causing you distress and misery. Remember-Anger is only 1 letter away from Danger!

— Cassie Konnoly, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Lacey, WA

Anger Management Therapy can be very useful with those that struggle with anger on a regular basis. With this therapy I will help you learn to control your anger to keep it from controlling you. To start with we work on not immediately responding to the anger. Then we work on understanding what the anger is trying to tell us, and then using it in a beneficial way. You are not seen as a "bad" person because you lose your temper, I provide a safe environment to help you move forward.

— Katherine Boelts, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Mission Viejo, CA 92691, CA

3 years of teaching Anger Management to men, women and teens

— Maria DeAlba, Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Barbara, CA

I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist II (CAMS-II) as recognized by the National Anger Management Association. I teach anger management using a 12 lesson evidence-based curriculum which is accepted by every court system in the U.S.

— Dwight Norwood, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Burlington, VT

During my work in a Court mandated Domestic Violence program, I dealt with Anger Management issues. As a Hypnotherapist, uncovering deeper emotional issues can often reduce anger problems.

— Brian Green, Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, CA

This approach uses insight and skills to address anger issues.

— Frank Thewes, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Princeton, NJ

I enjoy helping people to let go. I wasn't always good at this. It took me many years to acquire this skill, which can help in so many areas of life, including anger management. I enjoy helping people gain freedom from anger, not just by anger management, but by perspective taking, healing childhood wounds that have caused them to see the world in a certain way, and understanding why they are upset and that they are going to be okay. I treat couples where anger is involved.

— Kim Romen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Phoenix, AZ

I have facilitated anger management groups for both court mandated clients as well as clients who had a desire to work on their anger in individual sessions. My approach to anger management is to provide you with the skills and techniques you will need to learn in order to effectively be able to identify your triggers while becoming successful at anger management therapy to develop healthy ways for you to express anger and frustration.

— Jamie Milton, Counselor in Flint, MI

Anger is a normal, yet powerful emotion that can lead to serious problems in your relationships, workplace, and social interactions. Research has determined that anger is caused and influenced by three factors: Biological – brain chemistry that causes anger; Psychological – triggers that cause anger; Social – relationships and environment. Anger Management counseling will equip you with the necessary tools to effectively manage emotions and respond to situations constructively rather than destructively.

— LaMora Pace, Clinical Social Worker in Hollywood, FL

I am a Certified Anger Management Facilitator (est. 2012) and have experience facilitating court ordered anger management groups for adults and adolescents.

— Summer Vilkins, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA