Anger Management Therapy

In its simplest terms, anger management therapy helps a person decrease their anger. A therapist trained in anger management techniques can help you explore the roots of your anger, identify and overcome anger triggers and give you more control over your life. If anger or conflict with others are becoming unmanageable on your own, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s anger management therapy specialists to get help today. 

Meet the specialists

I have extensive experience offering anger management therapy to a variety of different individuals through individual therapy. I've worked with both adults and teenagers in the juvenile justice system on their anger.

— Kelly Freeman, Counselor in Houston, TX

Anger Management Therapy is based oon some of the principles of CBT and it is focused on anger redirection and reduction

— Ann Marie Donnelly, Clinical Psychologist in Pismo Beach, CA

I've done therapy individually and in groups for men who batter their wives/girlfriends. Most of the approach I use is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches.

— Karl Snyder, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Nevada City, CA

Anger is an emotion that is important to our self-respect. It tells us when our rights have been violated or when something important to us is denied. Anger tells us to “do something" in the face of a problem. However, what you do… is a learned behavior. People may feel their emotions are destroying their lives and there is no control over them. Anger Management provides strategies to honor emotions while asserting your voice for fair treatment from others.

— Dr. Carolyn Becker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fort Worth, TX

I use a cognitive-behavioral approach to anger issues

— Karl Snyder, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Nevada City, CA

Over 5 years experience with children, adolescents and adults with anger management.

— Sarah Levy, Clinical Social Worker in Hartford, CT

Anger management groups for teens. Learn to emotionally regulate and gain coping skill for healthy release

— Tenisa Montgomery, Counselor in Maitland, FL

Help people to understand that anger is a very necessary and real feeling, and how anger can be managed and used for good.

— Paul C. Briggs, Clinical Social Worker in Hollywood, FL

For many years I ran a female and male anger management group and continue to do groups that involve processing and psycho education around anger.

— Heather Bell, Clinical Social Worker in Clackamas, OR

Anger is a normal human emotion that warns us that something is being done to us that is threatening, unjust, or gets in the way of getting our needs met. Of course, we can become angry at ourselves for a variety of reasons. Anger by nature is not a “problem” nor does it always require “anger management.” Unfortunately, for many people, anger can become a problem that affects our mental and physical health, strains or damages relationships, hurts our ability to perform, and diminishes the way we see ourselves. I help people for whom anger has become a problem through developing behavioral and emotional self-awareness, understanding about triggers and underlying causes (including historical trauma), and effective coping skills (aka “tools”) that can help them manage their anger reactions in more constructive ways.

— Robert Nemerovski. Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist in Kentfield, CA

My work with anger management began at Womack Medical Center in their Family Advocacy Program where I taught weekly, anger management groups for Soldiers of mixed nationalities and gender. The 6 week course addressed issues such as identifying your body cues, childhood experiences shaping our anger styles, and the skills/techniques for changing your psychological/physiological response to external and internal stimuli. I have since gone on to apply these methods in my private practice.

— Brenda Knox, Counselor in Fayetteville, NC

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— Dr Dan Amzallag, Marriage & Family Therapist in Gaithersburg, MD

This approach uses insight and skills to address anger issues.

— Frank Thewes, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Princeton, NJ

I am a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART) and am experienced with individuals, couples and groups to not only manage your anger but resolve it.

— Melanie Skipper-Relyea, Licensed Professional Counselor in Grand Prairie, TX

Anger is a form of fear that has thoughts leading to behavior and consequences. Techniques used to de-escalate is key to dealing with angry thoughts. Learning new skills to cope with anger by focusing on irrational thought as being jealous without facts. Training on how our thoughts and assumptions can be destructive.

— Dale Komoda, Counselor in Honolulu, HI

I assist clients with identifying the root of their anger, their triggers, and working through how to express that anger in healthy and positive ways.

— Brittni Williams, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Hampton, VA