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Eclectic therapy is a highly personalized therapeutic approach tailored to meet the individual client’s needs. It combines a variety of treatment orientations, techniques, and philosophies to create a custom program. Rather than adhering to a specific therapeutic approach, an eclectic therapist is flexible, using whichever techniques work best for a client. An eclectic therapist will usually balance listening and advice giving, as well as use all techniques that are available to them to treat their clients as successfully as possible. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s eclectic therapy specialists today.

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I have training in a number of therapeutic modalities including Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and SFBT. I use an eclectic approach when working with children and teens. I am able to tailor my interventions to their needs.

— Marquia Anderson, Counselor in Flourtown, PA

I use an eclectic approach to treatment. As a clinician with over two decades of experience, I am well versed in many of the treatment modalities, but I find meeting the client where they are is the best treatment approach. Together we will find the best treatment approach for you.

— Renita Davis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Gulf Breeze, FL

It is important that your needs be met. If for some reason we are not a good fit, then it is my job to make sure we find where you need to be. However, we will work together to find what theory or methods work best for you. For example, in Grief and Loss, we may find Worden's Four Tasks of Mourning is helpful, or Continuing Bonds. Not every theory is adaptable to every specific situation. We will explore together.

— Monica Cagayat, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Bothell, WA

The eclectic therapy approach involves the integration of theory and technique from various therapy models. The application of this training is determined by the needs of each person that walks into my office. I integrate eclectic approaches within the art therapy modality to expand the potential for healing . I am currently receiving training in Acceptance and Commitment therapy, and will be adapting my therapy approach to primarily focus on ACT theory and practice in combination with art.

— Christina Marrero, Licensed Professional Counselor in Flourtown, PA

Eclectic therapy is an approach that draws on multiple theoretical orientations and techniques. It is a flexible approach that allows the therapist to use the most effective method to address each individual client's needs.

— Erika Gray, Clinical Psychologist in ,

Using an eclectic approach means that, based on your specific experiences and needs, I will use a range of therapeutic theories and methods to assist you in reaching your goals. I use various evidence-based techniques that are customized to your unique situation. Eclectic therapy is flexible, and allows me to offer different modalities to fit an individual's changing needs or problems.

— Krystal Ying, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Rosa, CA

I believe that every person seeking therapy has unique needs, preferences, and abilities. I see each client as an individual and will work with them to discover what will best address their goals. I have been utilizing the Eclectic approach the entirety of my career and have found many ways to best tailor sessions and treatment to meet individual needs. I use methods that are scientifically proven to work, that go deeper than purely talk therapy, in which I have been specifically trained.

— Jennifer Wolfe-Hagstrom, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Amherst, NH

I have had many, many trainings on different approaches, and I try to utilize the best one for your unique issues and personality. Because of these experiences, I am able to tailor therapy to fit your needs!

— Jessica Foley, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Waltham, MA

Eclectic therapy is an integrative mix of different theories to customize treatment according to what you need. Every person requesting therapy is different, as is their story, and that is why incorporating a multi-model approach is effective. Our sessions offer the freedom to speak your mind and share your deepest secrets, to let go, and process them to finally experience true peace. Let's see if Morant Clinical Services is a good fit for you! Call us.

— MORANT CLINICAL SERVICES GROUP PRACTICE, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

I believe there is more than one way towards the path of healing. We are multifaceted beings with many layers. Together we will discover what works for you.

— Rosalind Herrington-Moxon, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Olympia, WA

I believe therapy is individualized and the most important aspect is a good fit between the therapist and the client. I draw upon multiple theoretical orientations and tailor them towards your individual needs and where you're currently at in life and in relationships.

— Lacey Jones, Counselor

As an eclectic therapist, my outlook is shaped from a variety of theoretical orientations, many of which can exist simultaneously. I primarily work with clients through humanistic/person-centered, psychodynamic, and systems theoretical orientations among others.

— Andrew Davis, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fresno, CA

I am trained in several modalities and draw on many of them depending on the individual client and what they are working on. I don't believe "one size fits all" and thats why I like to pull from different orientations to best serve my clients.

— David Strah, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Eclectic Therapy is an great and informal approach that leaves room for flexibility. With this approach, I focus less on specified interventions and more on the needs of the client at a given moment.

— Erica Varner-Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Scottsdale, AZ

We are complex and multifaceted beings. We have our individual experiences and are called to live out our unique journey. I am here to support you in that journey. I am here to support you in your journey towards healing and living your best authentic life.

— Rosalind Herrington-Moxon, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Olympia, WA

Eclectic Therapy is about pulling from all the different orientations and finding the one that best fits the client and that is what I truly strive for. Just like everyone learns differently, we all respond to different types of therapy differently. I'm quick to learn your personality and find the best approach for you and how to help learn more about yourself with the best treatment orientation.

— Chase Tucker, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lakewood, CO

According to the American Psychological Association, Eclectic Psychotherapy

— Keith Elias -Shetland Counseling, LLC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Parsippany, NJ

Eclectic therapy refers to sourcing the best aspects of each theoretical orientation to the benefit of the client. I use CBT, existential, interpersonal, psychodynamic and solutions-focused to help you make progress in your life.

— Stefan Dombrowski, Psychologist in Mt. Laurel, NJ

I often will adapt a. Therapy session to the clients need so using an eclectic approach is very helpful to the client.

— Maureen Del Giacco, Creative Art Therapist in Colonie, NY