Eclectic Therapy

Eclectic therapy is a highly personalized therapeutic approach tailored to meet the individual client’s needs. It combines a variety of treatment orientations, techniques, and philosophies to create a custom program. Rather than adhering to a specific therapeutic approach, an eclectic therapist is flexible, using whichever techniques work best for a client. An eclectic therapist will usually balance listening and advice giving, as well as use all techniques that are available to them to treat their clients as successfully as possible. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s eclectic therapy specialists today.

Meet the specialists

I use an eclectic therapeutic approach in order to provide personalized therapy tailored to each person’s individual needs. I rely on evidence-based and solution-focused modalities and incorporate them based on individual needs. Eclectic therapy is a flexible approach that allows me to collaborate with clients and treat each person based on their specific needs and goals.

— Lauren Butcher, Social Worker in Garland, TX

Eclectic therapy is an open, integrative form of psychotherapy that adapts to the unique needs of each specific client, depending on the problem, the treatment goals, and the person’s expectations and motivation.. In effect, an eclectic therapist customizes the therapeutic process for each individual by using whatever form of treatment, or combination of treatments, has been shown to be most effective for treating the particular problem.

— Mary Ellen Kundrat, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

According to the American Psychological Association, Eclectic Psychotherapy

— Keith Elias -Shetland Counseling, LLC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Parsippany, NJ

I am trained in multiple modalities to help you as there is no one right modality. I pull from multiple techniques to meet you where you are. Here-and-now approaches that focus on the present manifestations of symptoms are extremely helpful. Solution-focused therapies can be the best choice depending on what you're experiencing. Similarly, therapies that connect the past to the present in a here-and-now way can provide healing for many people and help you with future dilemmas.

— Patrick Tully, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

I love to learn and grow. I will take what works for people wherever I find it or am taught it. I try and use the client's perspective and worldview to help them understand the what, why, and how of their experiences and use this to make change for the future.

— Michelle Wexelblat MSW Counseling, Clinical Social Worker

I use several approaches to therapy and find that individual approaches to each person’s needs often produces the best results. Eclectic therapy a focuses on a collaborative approach between the client and therapist in order to customize and provide individually tailored treatment.

— Lauren Butcher, Social Worker in Garland, TX

My therapeutic style integrates multiple modalities. I believe that our styles must align with the needs of our clients.

— Elyssa Helfer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I have an eclectic theoretical perspective and create planned change through a problem solving process. I am creative, flexible and solution focused.

— Rachelle Miller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Spokane Valley, WA

My training had a large focus on many different therapeutic approaches, which has allowed me to partner with my clients in a way that better fits their life and their struggles. I do not believe in a one size fits all therapeutic approach as we are all different people who interact with the world in a unique way. By being able to pull from various approaches, I am able to tailor treatment approaches to each person.

— Jacob Butler, Counselor in Lawton, OK

I believe in individualized care. Eclectic Therapy uses a variety of techniques and gives us the flexibility to tailor your sessions to best treat your current challenges, as well as any changes along the way.

— Keith Elias -Shetland Counseling, LLC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Parsippany, NJ

After nearly 40 years in practice, and given my extensive continuing education curriculum combined with my extensive actual clinical experience, I have developed a high level of confidence in my ability to integrate different modalities of psychotherapy under the heading of an eclectic approach

— Sidney Cohen, Clinical Psychologist in Cherry Hill, NJ

If you want one singular modality. I may not be the right fit. I provide a unique blend of theoretical and magically transformative approaches paired with intuitive guidance. My aim is to find the shortest route for you to access your wellbeing. It is an art as much as a science, for no two individuals are the same.

— Lisa Love, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Serving all of Maine online, ME