Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a present and future-focused, goal-directed therapeutic approach that focuses, as the name suggests, on solutions. Instead of leading with the problems that brought clients to therapy in the first place, SFBT focuses on what clients want to achieve without exploring the history of the issue. SFBT is founded on the belief that clients know what they need to do to improve their lives and the approach provides coaching and questioning to help clients find the best solutions. Solution Focused Brief Therapy is used in the treatment of a variety of issues, including addiction, relationship problems, behavioral problems, abuse and depression. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s Solution Focused Brief Therapy experts today.

Meet the specialists

Not all therapy needs to be long term. I can work with you to identify and accomplish short term achievable goals that will result in positive life change.

— Lorrie OBrien, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Enfield, CT

As the name suggests, we will focus on solutions to your problems instead of your problems. We will access your strengths and use them to bring transformation to your life.

— Sarah (Chen) Zhang Park, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I utilize solutions-focused strategies to help clients set goals and implement change.

— Geneva Drane, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Louisville, KY

You just want some direction for fix the problem in your life right now. I would like to be the person to help you find the problem in you life and brain storm solutions.

— Ronica Clark, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

After working at a crisis stabilization mental health hospital for 5+ years I quickly adapted to providing effective therapy efficiently.

— Danielle Eaton, Counselor

Several events may lead to individuals developing PTSD. However it should be emphasized that these events are not unique to the clients, but, the coping responses and attitudes are the uniqueness of every client. This is the foundation on which Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is based. It involves recognizing the uniqueness of clients’ strengths and focusing on these to navigate through reachable goals to the traumatic present.

— Dr. Howard Chusid, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Hallandale, FL

Therapy is not forever. It is important to help people now (for the appropriate course of treatment needed). Asking questions to help with insight, helping to think about the future and any blocks we may have can be useful. Sometimes having a few new tools is enough to get you started and you may see more immediate changes.

— Monica Cagayat, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Bothell, WA

SFBT helps the client identify an issue and together, with the therapist, work towards that goal.

— Ana Cristina Uribe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have found Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to be beneficial for many clients—especially those needing some relief right away.

— Jennifer Hyatt, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Temecula, CA

I am committed to helping clients improve their well being and gain self knowledge and awareness in order to create meaningful, joyful, lives. Each person's therapy is individualized collaborative and strength based.

— Gwen Lotery, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

I have extensively studied and used Solution Focused Brief Therapy since 2006. I wrote my graduate dissertation on it. I firmly believe we have the internal skills and resources to truly thrive, we just need some help figuring them out.

— Sarah Bonilla, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Redlands, CA

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) concentrates on finding solutions in the present time and exploring one’s hope for the future to find quicker resolution of one’s problems. This method takes the approach that you know what you need to do to improve your own life and, with the appropriate coaching and questioning, are capable of finding the best solutions.

— Mary Ellen Kundrat, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Mostly, we just want to feel better. Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) allows us to do this in a collaborative, goal-oriented way. I received formal, in-person training in SFBT in 2017 and continue to incorporate this orientation into my practice with individuals every day. By identifying and implementing your inherent strengths, we'll work toward shifting your mindset and making room to cultivate the best possible version of yourself.

— Aubrie Dodge, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Diego, CA

I have been practicing this technique since 2010 and continue to attend ongoing trainings regarding this approach to ensure my skills remain sharp and effective.

— Rachel Stapleton, Clinical Social Worker in Kirkland, WA

For solution focused therapy, I believe my clients create their own ideal version of themselves and will work together to take the incremental steps to realize where you want to be in life. I ask pointed questions and allow my client to be the experts in their own care. I have been using solution focused therapy for over ten years and have learned to work with my clients to really facilitate change in briefer amounts of time.

— Katie Leikam, Clinical Social Worker in Decatur, GA

I will lend my support and begin where you want to start. Together, we will Discover your strengths, resources and what is truly important to you. I will help you get Clarity on what you need and want for acceptance and change to happen. I take a collaborative approach in creating your goals and how you can overcome any obstacles. You might feel stuck. I can help you think outside the box and integrate your resilience and wisdom with new ways and directions to live out your best life.

— Tanya Witman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado Springs, CO

A common complaint about therapy is it's seemingly never ending emphasis on all that we are doing wrong. Enter Solution Focused Brief Therapy: an approach that focuses on all that you are doing right. SFBT helps patients identify and strengthen effective ways they are already coping, instead of trying to "fix" what is "wrong" about their lives. I have found this treatment orientation incredibly effective in my practice, and was lucky enough to train with a leading SFBT expert in the field.

— Saira Malhotra, Therapist in Greenwood Village, CO