Pregnancy and Postpartum

Like almost everything else in your life, your body and mind will face significant changes in the weeks and months before and after your baby's birth. While many women experience some mild mood changes during or after the birth of a child, 15 to 20% of women experience more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. Symptoms, which may include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anger, trouble eating or sleeping, difficulty bonding with your baby, panic, upsetting thoughts, or a fear you may hurt yourself or your baby, can appear any time during pregnancy and during the first 12 months after childbirth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or even just a general sense of being “out of control” or “going crazy”, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s pregnancy and postpartum specialists today.

Meet the specialists


I support moms who are experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders as well as parents affected by pregnancy loss, stress, marital strain, parenting conflicts, divorce, trauma and grief. I work to help mothers move through their profound personal journeys, recognizing that this identity shift evokes questions around purpose, roles, values, relationships, and beliefs. I focus treatment on embracing, adapting, and redefining the self while learning how to move forward with confidence.

— Heather Douglas, Clinical Social Worker in Charlotte, NC

I enjoy working with women as they experience and navigate the changes that can occur during and after pregnancy including physical, mental, and emotional shifts.

— Bethany Schaefer, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Round Rock, TX

I have worked with pregnant women since 2001 and had participated in many trainings relate to Maternal Mental Health. I got the Postpartum Depression training with Postpartum Support International and the Advance Clinical training with Karen Kleiman at the Postpartum Stress Center in Pennsylvania. I belong to the board of directors of Postpartum Support International, Florida chapter.

— Ana Romero, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in MIRAMAR, FL, FL

Ever since I have become a mother myself, I strive to help parents in their lifelong journey of parenthood. In our society there are a lot of pressures that make this journey more taxing on women’s mental health. Postpartum depression is the most widespread complication of pregnancy. The timely intervention will help resolve the issue faster and will leave you more time to enjoy the motherhood.

— Azhar Sultanova, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Portland, OR

While I am trained to effectively treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, anxiety, trauma and OCD, I always hope to reach women before symptoms get to that point. I am skilled at identifying and supporting women through common (and uncommon) challenges associated with pregnancy, adoption and postpartum health. It is now recommended that women who are high risk for anxiety/depression seek out support as early as possible, even before becoming pregnant/adopting.

— Felicity Colangelo, Clinical Social Worker in Portland, ME

Motherhood is transformative, but not necessarily in that "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" sort of way. If you do feel like the big beautiful butterfly at the back of the book, you probably don't need to be reading this profile. Here's the thing: having help with this transition is essential. I have been working with expectant and new mothers for the last four years in my practice and I am a big fan of Karen Kleiman's work. I am also called to serve women who have experienced reproductive trauma and loss through miscarriage, infertility, birth trauma, and genetic diagnosis and conditions that affect whether and how she is able to have children.

— Ann Stoneson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

You thought being a mom would be a natural transition and pregnancy would be a breeze. You hear people talk about the miracle of birth and how a baby can bring such joy...but right now you don't feel very happy. You are exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed...and thats ok! You are doing the best you can, you just have to believe it. You need to gain the confidence to know that you are a SUPERMOM. I can help you gain back the swag that you had before the baby. Just because you had a baby doesn't mean that you have to give up the part that back you...well you. You can be a mom and a BOSS. I can help you get there.

— Jessica Jefferson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Plantation, FL

Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood can bring us face-to-face with intense emotions, utter exhaustion, and overwhelming demands and expectations. Isolation, frustration, frightening thoughts and self-doubt don’t have to be your new normal. With the right support, you can become the parent you want to be, reconnect with yourself and your community. I have completed specialized training in perinatal mental health, including a year-long clinical training group through Perinatal Support of Washington.

— Shannon Budelman, Counselor in Seattle, WA

The transition to parenthood can be an exciting time with many new changes. But, it can also bring feelings of overwhelm, vulnerability and sadness. My aim is to support you during this time using evidence-based approaches that help process your unique experiences or challenges. Together, we will co-create strategies to help manage your symptoms and get your emotional wellbeing back on track.

— Stevie Atkins, Therapist in Toronto,

I am an infant mental health specialist and work directly with new parents/caregivers and their babies, providing developmental guidance and relationship-based support to strengthen dyadic attachment between infants and caregivers. I work with expectant parents, grieving parents, and people who are struggling to become parents. I have extensive experience working with mothers experiencing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and helping them to find enjoyment in their babies.

— Samantha Pugh, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Lafayette, CO

One in five moms experience anxiety, depression, OCD, or other mental health problem around their pregnancy, and every mom experiences an adjustment period. Today, there are more demands on moms than ever, yet less fewer friends, sisters, and grandparents close by to help. Moms also find their relationships change with a new baby. Therapy's a place for moms to be real about their struggles, without judgment. I equip moms where needed & empower them to trust they have what it takes to be a mom.

— Dana Frederick, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Marietta, GA

I LOVE working with pregnant and new mamas to set healthy expectations, identify postive coping strategies, and celebrate their accomplishments while creating a safe space to work out the rest. Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders is an umbrella term which includes Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder during pregnancy or up to 1 year postpartum. Statistically, 1 in 5 women are diagnosed and less than half are treated.

— Tina Gutman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in West Bloomfield, MI

What happens when the Baby Blues won't go away? Did you know that 1 in 7 women experience symptoms of Postpartum Depression? You are NOT alone in this. How often postpartum depression symptoms occur, how long they last, and how intense they feel can be different for each woman. I specialize in helping women overcome the trials and tribulations of PPD through compassion, mindfulness practice, and self-empowering techniques.

— Darya Potyagova, Clinical Social Worker in Woodland Hills, CA

I have a special interest in reproductive and maternal mental health concerns. Individuals may be reluctant to seek help related to perinatal depression and perinatal anxiety due to a sense of shame or they may not recognize the seriousness of their symptoms.  My approach to counseling seeks to provide psychoeducation while implementing strategies to decrease distress and increase functioning.

— Andrea Harris, Licensed Professional Counselor in Commerce Township, MI

My passion is working with mothers at any stage in parenthood from preconception and beyond. I am certified in Perinatal Loss and completed training in Maternal Mental Health as I work towards my certification as a Perinatal Mental Health Provider. Current training, education, past experience in pregnancy support and adoptions, birth trauma and nearly 20 years of personal parenting experience help inform my practice as a maternal mental health provider.

— Amy Galaviz, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

I am passionate about helping mothers navigate the experience of parenting as spiritual journey. How to use mindfulness to cultivate emotions such as curiosity, peace, gratitude and acceptance about what is. Mothering has been one of my most expansive experiences, offering numerous opportunities for growth... usually by way of triggers. Children are quite skilled in helping us identify areas in need of self reflection and attention.

— Danielle Knapp, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Austin, TX

Becoming a mother brings many challenges both physically and emotionally for women. I am a certified perinatal specialist from Postpartum Support International, and have trained extensively at the Postpartum Stress Center. I am also affiliated with Boston OBGYN for women in the Boston & Metro West area. Don't wait to get help, if you are wondering if you have postpartum mood issues, please reach out.

— Jessica Foley, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Waltham, MA