Relationship / Marriage Issues

Every relationship comes with its fair share of issues. Navigating the complexities of life together is hard enough, but when you start to feel regularly distressed or hopeless, about your relationship, it may be time to seek professional help. No matter what your issues seem to stem from (disagreements about money, sex, stress, chronic illness, mental illness, infidelity, trust, emotional distance, parenting etc.), if you and your partner are arguing more frequently and experiencing feelings of resentment or contempt, it is likely that there are some underlying problems to address. Because many problems in relationships are a result of communication issues, a qualified mental health therapist can teach you to find new ways of talking to each other to help you find your way back to common ground. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s relationship and marriage issues experts today.

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Specialties Include: Premarital counseling, discontent, struggles with effective fighting or communication, past trauma triggering conflict, racial & gender issues impacting communication & conflict, infidelity/affairs, empty nesters, blending family, miscarriage & infertility, parenting Certifications: MA in Marriage and Family Therapy Gottman Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Leader Prepare/Enrich Premarital counselor

— Linnea Logas, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Minneapolis, MN

Marriage is the most intimate of relationships and potentially the most hurtful. Infidelity, Porn addiction, sexual incompatibility? These issues can ruin a marriage. I can help bring healing. But many other issues can also interfere with the happiness, especially poor communication and anger management. I try to help both parties feel fully heard and understood, looking for what is good in the marriage and rekindling the old sparks that help start the relationship.

— Monte Miller, Psychologist in Austin, TX

Relationship areas I work with: individual relationship issues can include: dating, communication, trust, finances, step-family, in-laws/friends facing divorce, co-parenting, anxiety, self-esteem, dating, break-ups, and single parenting are issues we are helping in these areas with our client goals in mind. I work with individuals who are in marriage counseling serving the individual for growth and processing.

— Julie Johnson, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in , OH

I work with a variety of issues that arise in relationships. I have experience working with traditional and non traditional relationships. I help couples to increase effective communication, decrease volatile disagreements and create deeper intimacy and trust.

— Leonna Chodos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

I am trained in Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT). IBCT helps couples improve their understanding of the relationship, increase acceptance and intimacy, promote more loving positive behaviors, and increase relationship satisfaction. I am also a Prepare/Enrich facilitator. Prepare/Enrich is the top premarital assessment.

— Krystal Smith, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Even in individual work, I tend to view most challenges through a relationship- or attachment-based lens. Our personalities and our lives are shaped by our families, friends, and romantic partnerships, and uncovering the hidden dynamics of those relationships can be so powerful. Any surface-level problem in a relationship is linked to a deeper meaning and finding glimpses of that deeper meaning is the real work of therapy.

— Natosha Knight, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I effectively help couples create deeply harmonious, safe & secure relationships. You'll cultivate trust, transparency, authenticity, gratitude, vulnerability & accountability & learn what damages relationships. We’ll use NVC-non-violent communication - sharing feelings/needs, making requests & learn reflective/empathic listening, several “love practices”, repair skills, 4 guiding questions & many other tools.

— Annette Barnett, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Cruz, CA

Attachment informs the foundation to our relationships in life from our intimate relationships, friendships, familial relationships and ourselves as parents. I love supporting people through developing more secure attachment with themselves and having positive ripples into all of their relationships. From supporting new mothers as our attachment patterns start to show in surprisingly new way, to young women who are wanting to find more joy in their lives, attachment can provide helpful insight.

— Jessica Dyer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oakland, CA

Throughout the years I have trained with many relationship specialists so that I could learn and bring the tools that resonated with me to couples who are on the journey to better loving and healthy relationships. I subscribe to these 4 things: Empathy, Compassion, Fair fighting (you don't have to stop arguing, you just have to do it productively) and Communication. All of these things help couples get beyond the idea that winning the battle is what matters most.

— Marcia Reich, Licensed Professional Counselor

Are you feeling disconnected with your partner and friends? Do you feel like you're on auto-pilot when you spend time with family and are unsure what your needs or feelings are? I've helped people just like you find more connection within themselves so that they can show up more authentically in their lives and be more present in their relationships. Using mindfulness based therapy we can help you tap into what your needs are and be able to communicate that more clearly to others.

— Kristin Tand, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Common Issues Explored in Couples Therapy We drifted apart after the birth of our children. My partner and I frequently argue about money. We are struggling with sexual difficulties and lack of desire. My partner had an affair, and I find it difficult to trust again. We can’t stop arguing over the most insignificant details. I fear that my partner might be addicted to drugs / alcohol. My partner is getting close to someone else. Should I worry? I constantly feel blamed and criticized.

— Tom Bolls, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

If you come to me seeking assistance for your relaitonship or marriage, I will draw on the principles of several evidence based practices with an emphasis on the Gottman method. Each client will complete assessments and individual sessions in the beginning of treatment following our initial couples session. We will identify strengths to build on and areas that need improvement.

— Katherine Pfeiffer, Counselor in Tampa, FL

My license is in Marriage & Family Therapy which means I am specifically trained and skilled to work on relationships of all configurations. I have strong interests in working with adult clients of childhood alcoholic and/or abusive (emotional, physical, mental, sexual) homes as well as divorce. I have advanced training in Attachment Theory from a Somatic perspective which I find especially effective when working with clients on this topic. I have both personal and professional experience with marriage, open relationships, divorce, conscious uncoupling and the poly lifestyle.

— Vanessa Tate, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Relationships are hard and like a car sometimes they need a tune up. You need someone to guide you to healing and health in the relationship. Conflicts and concerns that surface in a partnership are more complex than what they seem on the surface. Sometimes, it is very hard to fix these problems simply by improving communications, developing intimacy and establishing common goals for the relationship. My style is to dig more into what causes the problem for the couple as those conflicts emerge onto the relationship through communications, actions or reactions, disconnected feelings, betrayals and/or affairs. As a couples’ therapist, I view interactions and dynamics in a relationship that become troubled in context. I seek to understand how the problems presented are informed by the relationship, as well as each person’s history and belief system that is brought into the relationship.

— Filippo M. Forni, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

I help clients explore issues around trust, intimacy, and communication, and I help them navigate the struggles that arise during long-term relationships and cohabitation. Differences in sexual desire; imbalances in division of labor; lack of transparency about spending; spending time apart -- we can explore the problems that get in the way of a deeply satisfying and intimate partnership.

— Jeffrey Kishner, Mental Health Counselor in , NY

I said a lot about this in the opening paragraphs of my profile. Working with the issues that emerge in relationships and marriages is a passion of mine. I really like helping couples create the relationship they desire and I also think I'm pretty good at it. So, I am hopeful you will take the next step and either give me call or drop me an email to schedule an appointment. I hope to hear from you soon.

— Andy Dishman, Licensed Professional Counselor in MARIETTA, GA

It's hard when our relationship is not working the way we'd like for it to be. Unfortunately, it's so easy to pulled further and further into the discord when we try our usual ways of "talking about it." I help couples develop a different approach to working through conflict. If each of you are interested in being heard and understood, I can help!

— Nichole Hart, Counselor in Silverthorne, CO

As a Level III trained Gottman Methods couples counselor I am able to help couples regain trust, intimacy and fun in their relationship/marriage.

— Amita Ghosh, Counselor in Newport, KY

The quality of our relationships greatly impacts our lives. Relationships have the ability to be excruciatingly traumatic or incredibly healing. I am trained in multiple modalities of relationship/couples issues including: Gottman Method, Discernment Counseling, and Relational-life counseling.

— Rachel Gabrielle, Counselor in Seattle, WA