Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal therapy is a therapeutic treatment orientation that takes a holistic approach. Instead of focusing only on the mind, transpersonal therapy takes the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative and social needs of the individual into account. In transpersonal therapy, the emphasis is on the health of the spirit. The theory behind transpersonal therapy is that all people consist of parts that are intangible and beyond our known existence (or spiritual). Working to heal these spiritual aspects is necessary in order to achieve whole wellbeing. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s transpersonal therapy experts today.

Meet the specialists

As an experienced plant medicine participant I am grounded in the world beyond our eyes and hope to discuss with you how these mystical life experiences can actually help guide us through our growth process.

— Jaime Davila, Counselor

The individual and the collective constantly shape one another. We can work with this connection in our therapy. I've trained in transpersonal psychology and modalities such as ecopsychology and have an intersectional approach to the collective unconscious and astrology. Spirituality, your relationship to the planet, and the imagination are all part of this work. So is your sensitivity to the collective and collective/ancestral traumas.

— Sally Hildreth, Associate Professional Counselor in Atlanta, GA

If your primary caretakers are not addressing the whole of you, body, mind and soul, you are not going to be well. Unless each person is working on all aspects of the human constitution we will always fall short and may fall by the wayside. Spiritual counseling is not necessarily based on religion, but can be if that is what you need and prefer. It's about helping you heal from the inside out.

— Rev Dr Sandy Range, Counselor in Stoughton, MA

The spiritual plane is infinite and eternal. Our energy field meshes with the spiritual plane when we're aligned within. Our work is to clear our cognitive, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blocks so that we can embody our True Essence which then interacts with ease and comfort with the field. Time being infinite we can release that which has been carried from the past and we can manifest and materialize our vision onto this physical plane.

— Benita Silver, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Asheville, NC

Transpersonal psychology incorporates the spiritual and mystical element into the therapeutic process. This may include dream work, meditative practices, and spiritual exploration. Sometimes you can only get so far with traditional talk therapy, and positive change requires a broader perspective, which honors the unseen realms that affect our experience. All manner of healing begins with the energy behind it, and transpersonal therapy helps tap into those causative layers.

— Eve Arbel, Marriage & Family Therapist in Oceanside, CA

Transpersonal Therapy embraces the totality of the human experience by honoring and working with the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit. Using my highly developed senses of empathy, telepathy and wisdom gathering, therapeutic goals are clarified and achieved in a much shorter period of time than transitional therapies can offer.

— Terri Cooper, Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Barbara, CA

Our stories are lessons through which we experience something our soul is searching to understand. As conscious individuals we recognize ourselves as creators of our own realities. The beliefs we hold about ourselves contribute to our state of consciousness. I assist my clients in liberating themselves from limiting consciousness patterns. Once we clear these old energies and beliefs we can introduce new ones and strengthen the power and agency of the Self.

— Michael Viola, Counselor in Portland, OR

My Master's degree focused on Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. Prior to getting this degree, I have eleven years of experience working as a Spiritual Care Counselor for Hospice.

— Todd Thillman, Counselor in Lafayette, CO

Let's explore that which you perceive beyond your 5 senses. What do you believe is greater than you? How is that a resource for you in your life? What is your relationship to your intuition? I am here to provide support around your exploration of the transpersonal, through conversation and, if you would find it helpful, through what I call "intuitive arts" modalities such as ritual, altar making, divination cards, guided visualization, movement meditation, automatic drawing, and more.

— Ellie Lotan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

Exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and use of mindfulness practices can be an effective way step outside of the ego and gain a wider perspective on one's problems.

— Jeffrey Kishner, Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

I received my Master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy. Transpersonal Counseling allows for exploration of soul purpose, spirituality and existential concerns in addition to processing thoughts and feelings in therapy. As a Transpersonal Counselor, I approach therapy from a whole-person and mindfulness-based perspective that meets you wherever you are at on your path.

— Sarah Klein, Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Collins, CO

I received my degree in integral counseling psychology, focusing on a wider perspective of humans than just our psychology. After graduation, I have explored and studied various methods and maps of understand human nature and integration of psychology with spirituality.

— Ruchika Mehta, Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

I studied at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with some of the leading figures in the field. Everyone is capable of and has a deep yearning for experiences of greater wholeness. I work with people who want to integrate these experiences into their daily lives and keep that wisdom close to their heart. I love helping people connect to the deep core of themselves.

— Peter Addy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Vancouver, WA

As a conscious medicine aligned practitioner, I view expanded states of consciousness as allies to reintegrate body, mind, and lived experience as a trauma intervention, a tool for expansion of consciousness and human potential, and a sacred guide for universal connection and divine love. I believe in energy medicine and the therapeutic power of processing through experiences that are inexplicable and profound.

— Letecia Garcia, Psychotherapist in Philadelphia, PA

There are many influences on my work from the realm of spirituality. These influences include the work and writing of Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, Joseph Campbell, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Thich Nhat Hanh, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Russell, and Martha Graham among others.

— Tamara Dyer, Counselor in Seattle, WA

I employ alternative ways of knowing and healing to help clients deepen their self-understanding. I have studied yoga, and enhanced mindfulness techniques, as well as nutrition, astrology, body-typing, shamanism, psychosynthesis, theosophy, hypnotherapy, the Fourth Way, and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques. All of these help inform my understanding of my clients' challenges and evolutionary journey..

— Ariane Eroy, Ph. D., Psychologist in San Francisco, CA

Transpersonal therapy is a humanistic approach to holistic healing that emphasizes the limitless potential of the individual and the interconnection between the personal, social, physical, and transformational (spiritual) aspects of our being. It engages a variety of techniques, including mindfulness, body awareness, dreamwork, positivity, breathwork, guided visualization, gratitude, journaling, goal setting, and more to provide tools for living a life of value and fulfillment.

— Andrew Wilton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in West Seneca, NY

Exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness and use of mindfulness practices can be an effective way step outside of the ego and gain a wider perspective on one's problems.

— Jeffrey Kishner, Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

The type of counseling I offer is spiritual counseling. Spiritual counseling is based on spirituality, and I define spirituality as the state of being connected to one's own spirit. We have our physical bodies and physical reality but also nonphysical bodies and nonphysical reality, which is beyond our personal identities. Transpersonal therapy is a kind of holistic therapy but focuses more on the transpersonal spiritual side of our physical-spiritual spectrum.

— Hideko Ota, Counselor in Berkeley, CA

I have trained as a transpersonal life coach and apply the same principles in my psychotherapeutic work. Specifically, I offer a combination of mindfulness therapy (see this section), collaborative therapy, and attachment therapy.

— Rachel Astarte, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Nyack, NY

I have an extended history with christianity and often work with clients that are recovering from religious abuse. I consider mind, body and soul to be integral to healing and help clients connect with the spiritual aspect of themself. I had a psychosynthesis focus in my grad school program and am continuing that with focused spiritual trainings that align with my other therapy modalities, especially IFS.

— Michelle Raine, Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

Transpersonal psychology is type of psychological theory that embraces a wide variety of ideas that have to do with the mind and behavior. Transpersonal psychology looks at the whole human experience. "Transpersonal psychologists integrate timeless wisdom with modern Western psychology and translate spiritual principles into scientifically grounded, contemporary language. It addresses the human psychospiritual development—from our deepest wounds and our need to understand and transcend them.

— Olivia Weber, Creative Art Therapist in , NY

Exploring the positives. Connecting with nature. Listening to dreams. Transpersonal therapy is an exploration of you and your environment and how you affect each other. Profound healing happens when we dive into our subconscious, allowing it to show us where we are blocked. Bring into awareness what was once unknown.

— Margaret Bell, Counselor in Denver, CO