Women's Issues

The term “women’s issues” is broad and can refer to anything that might affect a women’s mental health. Some issues, such as post-partum depression, are specific to women, while others, such as anxiety, can affect both men and women. However, women may experience the issue differently. There are many types of issues that women can face today, and some of the most prominent concerns include sexual assault, woman-specific health problems, body image problems, self-esteem, sexuality, discrimination, sexism or stereotyping. Therapists specializing in women’s issues will provide a safe and supportive environment to help to empower their clients so they can find balance, improve their quality of life, and experience relief from emotional suffering. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s women’s issues experts today.

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Have you noticed that one day you stopped, looked around, and wondered how you got to be half way through your life and you are not even living YOUR life or the life you envisioned? You spend so much time managing other people’s schedules and prioritizing everyone over yourself. In addition to parenting your children, you’re also parenting your parents. Now life feels stagnant. You’re asking if this is really how things are now?

— Lee Rogers (Catherine E. Lee), Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

One of my greatest passions as a therapist is helping women heal as much as they can from the patriarchy. I am knowledgeable about feminist issues such as emotional labor, the male gaze, and sexology and focus on these throughout my work with women.

— Grace Martin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oak Park, IL

Our practice represents a collaboration of female clinicians and coaches who are united by diversity that offer an array of well and holistic services. Each treatment program is personalized and designed to empower women to be their best selves and find joy in living. Throughout your journey we provide ongoing support and guidance to help you set realistic goals and make lasting changes.

— Monica Manuel, Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta, GA

I work with women ages 20-40s in areas such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, relationship issues, singleness, stress in ministry and spirituality issues. By providing them a safe, empathetic place to process, I hope to come alongside each clients as they process pain and gain awareness about themselves. During this process I hope to help clients gain tools and awareness to approach life's struggles and find deep heal. I don't want to just solve problems but help them really heal.

— Victoria Hicks, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Atlanta, GA

There are the crazy, migraine-inducing societal expectations of mothers in American society, and then there are the dreams you have for your own life. Where you want to put your energy. What goals you have. How you want to present to the world. If you need help untangling them from the barrage of Instagram accounts, parenting books, and family advice that clutter your brain, I can work with you to bring forward what truly matters to you and how you can prioritize it. 

— Nora Bice, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Burbank, CA

We as women have a unique experience of this world. There are many explicit and implicit messages we receive from society. From the way we present ourselves, to expectations surrounding careers and motherhood, we receive many conflicting messages that can have negative affects on the way we perceive ourselves. I can help you untangle your beliefs about yourself from the expectations others may have of you.

— Katharyn Engers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Spokane, WA

I provide person-centered, compassionate, and solution-focused approaches to assist women working through personal, familial, or relational difficulties.

— Amy Burley, Licensed Professional Counselor in Plano, TX

I specialize in women's issues. This includes trauma of all kinds, which women and marginalized folks experience disproportionately. It also includes issues related to women's health, such as pregnancy, perinatal/postpartum mental health challenges, miscarriage and pregnancy loss, and abortion. Additionally, women face intense pressure to be perfect in all ways and have to work harder to be taken as seriously as men. We've come along way, but sexism is still very much alive.

— Linda Baggett, Psychologist in Manhattan Beach, CA

Our focus on women allows us to treat issues that affect YOU. We offer a variety of therapeutic techniques and styles to tailor our approach to one that best fits you. Our therapists have training in trauma therapy, cognitive therapies, and somatic approaches with additional trainings in disordered eating, OCD and dissociation.

— Cactus Flower Healing, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Mesa, AZ

I specialize in supporting women who want to address reproductive concerns such as infertility, fertility preservation, parenthood indecision, living childfree, reproductive trauma, and family building. Reproductive Counseling provides you with a space to build clarity about your reproductive future and navigate the complex, often overwhelming, emotions that have accompanied your reproductive experiences. I especially enjoy working on anxiety or indecision that impacts reproductive experiences.

— Jessica Byrd, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

In February 2022, I will be completing training in perinatal mental health and provide therapy to women, who are struggling with their mental health due to pregnancy or birth of a child.

— Melissa Wetherington, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cherry Hill, NJ

As women we often put ourselves last after everyone else's needs are met. This can lead to feelings of fatigue, burn out, frustration, resentment , lack of fulfillment and underachievement. Relationship dissatisfaction can lead to feelings of despair and depression. Confusion about sexual orientation can be isolating and scary. These are only a few of the issues women face. I can help you explore your own personal truth so you can connect to your authentic self and feel empowered.

— Joan Tibaldi, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Saint Augustine, FL

I provide an unconditionally supportive space for people to process all their reproductive choices, as well as feelings about the loss of body autonomy after recent court decisions. My commitment to intersectional feminism guides all my work with patients. Reproductive justice, body autonomy, and decolonization of psychotherapy demand focused and intentional effort. I pursue ongoing experiences and continuing education to support my growth in this area.

— Liz Fletcher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oklahoma City, OK

I have focused my work with women around the issues that impact them most. Deciding whether or not to start a family, struggling with pregnancy loss and infertility, balancing work and family, managing and coping with internal and external negative biases. My goal is to lift women up in all areas of their lives and help them become what they want to be.

— Rebecca Rondeau, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Merrimack, NH

here are many stress inducing factors in the life of a woman and daily routines can become complicated. Everyday women are faced with challenges that cause stress and emotional pain. At Joie de Vivre Counseling and Therapy we believe that life does not have to be so complicated. Our team of experienced staff use counseling and holistic informed services to help women thrive and reach their fullest potential . We offer a safe nonjudgmental space where women can heal and find emotional renewal.

— Taneisha Moss, Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta, GA