Women's Issues

The term “women’s issues” is broad and can refer to anything that might affect a women’s mental health. Some issues, such as post-partum depression, are specific to women, while others, such as anxiety, can affect both men and women. However, women may experience the issue differently. There are many types of issues that women can face today, and some of the most prominent concerns include sexual assault, woman-specific health problems, body image problems, self-esteem, sexuality, discrimination, sexism or stereotyping. Therapists specializing in women’s issues will provide a safe and supportive environment to help to empower their clients so they can find balance, improve their quality of life, and experience relief from emotional suffering. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s women’s issues experts today.

Meet the specialists

I specialize in supporting women and girls with a variety of issues including, but limited to: body image/size, self-esteem and worth, identity, spirituality, boundaries and limit setting, the impacts of systemic oppression, exploring privilege, relationships, work/school stress.

— Jessika Fruchter, Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA

Addressing perfectionism and "mom guilt" from a self-compassion and mindfulness lens.

— Jessi Frothingham, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

As a woman who has experienced pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, 2 auto-immune disorders, working full time and running my private practice, I KNOW how much life can take out of you! It is inevitable that women will face many life transitions and stressors. This alone can wreak havoc on our physical and mental health. I provide a comprehensive and integrative approach to help women manage this "roller coaster" with all the many hats we wear!

— Kelly Venuti, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Saint Petersburg, FL

I work with women ages 20-40s in areas such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief, relationship issues, singleness, stress in ministry and spirituality issues. By providing them a safe, empathetic place to process, I hope to come alongside each clients as they process pain and gain awareness about themselves. During this process I hope to help clients gain tools and awareness to approach life's struggles and find deep heal. I don't want to just solve problems but help them really heal.

— Victoria Hicks, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Atlanta, GA

Supporting you through all the experiences of womanhood, from ovulation to menstruation so you can understand your inner rhythms and seize your life. Integrate your masculine & feminine within and discern when to set boundaries vs. when to express love, so you can fully step into your power, your shakti.

— Ketki Chavan, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

Juggling job pressures, family schedules, money issues, career and educational advancement and child and elder-care concerns are only a few of the common stressors confronting women. Additional stressors include divorce, marriage, children, work and money. In our work we will explore your values and goals in your different roles. I will teach you the tools you need to increase your psychological flexibility. Women’s roles are multi-faceted and complex. I can help.

— Paige L. Freeman, Ph.D., PLLC, Psychologist in Houston, TX

Perimenopause, divorce, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, co-parenting, mother/child relationships, sandwich generation, sex.

— Dr. Ali Dubin, Counselor in North Hollywood, CA

My commitment to intersectional feminism guides all my work with patients. Reproductive justice, body autonomy, and decolonization of psychotherapy demand focused and intentional effort. I pursue ongoing experiences and continuing education to support my growth in this area. I also work with patients to heal from trauma, including intergenerational trauma, that results from colonialism, white supremacy, and misogyny.

— Liz Fletcher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Oklahoma City, OK

As far as we've come to gender equality, women's issues still need their own category box. There are so many reasons...

— Madeline Turner, Counselor in Austin, TX

Most of my work as a therapist & counselor has been with women of various ages from teenagers to middle aged women to the elderly. And much of my own personal growth has been centered around the limits & challenges of being a female in our society. I have held support groups for women for years that focus on the deep life adventure of becoming a mother. Women's challenges are at the heart of my studies & experiences, from adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy to menopause & end of life.

— Lara Plutte, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA

I help female-identifying folks with finding your voice, pregnancy loss, pre/postpartum pregnancy, exploring sexuality, motherhood, discrimination, infertility, and gender.

— Adrienne Kandhari, Counselor in Seattle, WA

You focus on the well-being of others, but this is not a mutual relationship, as you do not allow others to get close to you (and you want to). You derive your worth by numbers, grades on an exam, pounds on a scale, money in your bank account, or the number of “likes” you receive on a photo. You have difficulty focusing on what or who matters most to you, because of stressors, social media, or running all of the terrible “what if” scenarios in your head.

— Dr. Nichole Vincent, Clinical Psychologist

I have focused my work with women around the issues that impact them most. Deciding whether or not to start a family, struggling with pregnancy loss and infertility, balancing work and family, managing and coping with internal and external negative biases. My goal is to lift women up in all areas of their lives and help them become what they want to be.

— Rebecca Rondeau, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Merrimack, NH

My approach is built on a foundation of feminist, anti-oppression values. I believe therapy is ineffective if the greater social context a person lives in is not examined critically; most of the time, doing so is empowering for all genders.

— Laurel Roberts-Meese, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

The nature of my work, along with specialized training, has lead me to develop an in depth understanding of how the dynamics of power and control, systemic oppression, & psychological trauma impacts a woman's day to day life. I started my career over a decade ago exclusively helping women heal from domestic violence, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

— Malissa Page, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in SANTA MONICA, CA