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I specialize in women who are anxious, over-achievers who are tired of putting themselves last & want to embrace their authentic self.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Jose, CA

About My Clients

You've been thinking about making a change for a while, but you haven't actually been doing anything about it. It's hard for you to put yourself first or even ask for help. You're usually the the go-to person for your family, friends, or coworkers so prioritizing your own mental health almost feels selfish. Your inner critic's voice is so loud that you know something needs to change. You usually feel like you're never doing enough, but you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

My Background and Approach

I specialize in women who are anxious, over-achievers who are tired of putting themselves last & want stop feeling guilty about prioritizing their own well-being. You’ve been juggling it all for so long you’re afraid it’ll all come tumbling down. But you’re ready to take the step to reconnect with your own needs, set healthier boundaries, and clarify your core values so can start to show up as the person you want to be. I help my clients get unstuck and our of their own way to empower them to make sustainable changes. Therapy with me is non-stuffy and down-to-earth so you can show up as your true self. Stop waiting for a better tomorrow, start to make the change today. I'm in the business of helping you bring your whole self to the table, breaking the cycles that are keeping you stuck, and empowering you to live a more purposeful and values-rich life. I offer online therapy while being compassionately direct with a hint of humor. Schedule a free consultation today!

Why I Became a Therapist

I was born with a serious medical condition, which I continue to cope with. While my family was processing the news of my serious health condition and learning that I would need multiple interventions and surgeries, they met with a social worker. That social worker told them that even if it was hard and scary, to not hold me back. To let my body self-regulate itself with its limitations. To not teach me that I can’t or shouldn’t push myself. To let me learn to trust myself. I've gone through too many interventions and procedures to remember, and my medical condition has impacted my life, however it has also allowed me to grow in many ways. I decided I wanted to be a social worker to support others who are going through challenging times and help them trust themselves even if there is self doubt. I wanted to help people realize their strengths, lean into hope, and prioritize what really matters to them.

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Lyra Health
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At A Glance

  • Experience: 19 years of practice
  • Languages: Español, Italiano
  • Rate: $225/session


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