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Just like any other group, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community faces mental health issues and unique challenges. However, LGBTQ individuals are almost 3 times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety. Additionally, more than half of individuals who identify as transgender experience depression or anxiety. The LGBTQ community is also at a higher risk for suicide. Young people are even more at risk, as they may experience a lack of support at home and fear, hatred or prejudice in school. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are facing mental health challenges, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s LGBTQ experts and get help today.

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We are a special community of diverse and wonderful people. With this comes a special set of experiences such as an ongoing journey of identifying ones truth, healing from past or current pain, and every day experiences of being a part of a heteronormative society. I use my own experience in this identity alongside my education and research to offer support.

— Adrienne Marcellus, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in denver, CO

I have worked for many years with the LGBTQ+ community, helping people with coming out, family issues, relationship issues, HIV/AIDS, aging, self-esteem, sexual issues, sexual compulsivity and addiction. I am sex positive and BDSM/kink friendly.

— Rick Isenberg, Licensed Professional Counselor in Scottsdale, AZ

I have a great deal of experience working with clients who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, focusing on issues related to coming out, exploring sexual orientation, navigating relationships with friends, families, and partners, or concerns unrelated to sexual orientation. I've attended trainings to increase my knowledge in working with this population with a particular focus on suicide risk for LGBTQ+ youth.

— Susan Pollard, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Menlo Park, CA

As a member of this community (as with the other communities I serve) I have lived experience of the microaggressions and struggles faced by the LGBTQIA+ or SAGA community when attempting to access mental health care. I provide a sex positive and affirming space to explore all aspects of sexuality, gender, and relationship, but also understand the ways in which simply belonging to this community impacts other aspects of a person's life.

— Farrah Bonnot, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denton, TX

I work extensively with lesbian and bisexual women, and often with gay men. For many years, I provided supervision for pre-licensed clinicians at Pacific Center in Berkeley and at Queer Life Space in San Francisco. I have a deep understanding of the challenges that can come with seeing the world through an LGBTQQ++ lens.

— Marla Cass, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Based in San Mateo, CA

I have worked for many years with the LGBTQ+ community, helping people with coming out, family issues, relationship issues, HIV/AIDS, aging, self-esteem, sexual issues, sexual compulsivity and addiction. I am sex positive and BDSM/kink friendly. I work with members of the trans and non-binary community and help with gender questioning, gender dysphoria, transition decisions, family issues, relationship issues, and discrimination. I leverage my medical background to help people navigate medic

— Rick Isenberg, Licensed Professional Counselor in Ridgway, CO

I'm a member of the LGBTQ+ community and I have completed trainings to further enhance my knowledge of SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression).

— Lauren Emes, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I'm an ally and member of the LGBTQ+ community and strive to listen carefully to my client(s) as we explore the language that suits their experience.

— David Lieberman, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Boulder, CO

There are plenty of "LGBTQ friendly" therapists, but not that many who really GET IT. As a member of the queer community and a therapist with professional training in LGBTQ mental health, queer issues mean way more to me than just putting a rainbow flag in my office. We'll get into the detail and nuance of your identities, unpack what this means for your family, job, sex, safety, and social life.

— Lauren Pass Erickson, Psychotherapist in Boulder, CO

I identify as a queer person. As an author, I have written on issues related to the LGBTQ community. I have worked in LGBTQ ran organizations and provided community service to communities throughout the United States.

— D.J. Burr, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

The core of my practice is supporting LGBTQ people to have the lives, relationships, and families we deserve. I have spent my entire career supporting LGBTQ people, including 15 years of experience counseling LGBTQ survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

— Kristin Tucker, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

Since 2013, I have practiced psychotherapy supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Mostly, guiding Gay Men through life transitions, healing trauma, and accepting themself. I help Gay Men who want to feel liberated to be authentic but feel an inner battle to live their truth with themself, in relationships, and in society. I help Gay Men who are struggling with their sexual orientation, living in/out of the closet, living with HIV, relationship conflict, and much more. To learn more, Let’s Talk.

— Raymond Castilleja Jr., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I want to help all people feel comfortable in their own skin and feel safe loving whomever they love .

— Christine Lynch MA,LPC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in New Hope, PA

I am open to the discussion of issues that accompany all sexualities and gender identities. Oppression, gender/sexuality specific-trauma, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia can leave scars that deeply affect the way we see ourselves. Using a narrative approach, I will give you the opportunity to tell your story, re-claim the parts that feel shaky, and re-frame the flawed messages you might have received about your identity. Self-acceptance is a long road, but I'll be there for every mile.

— Hailey Hughes, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Austin, TX

As a LatinX, gay, nonbinary individual, I have firsthand experience living in the intersectionality of culture, gender, race and sexual orientation. I understand how every individual has his, her or their own life experience and I fully respect each client's unique perspective. I engage in both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and gender- and sexuality-affirming care and therapy to help my clients explore the totality of their identities.

— Vincent "V" Espinoza, Clinical Social Worker in Albuquerque, NM

My expertise in the area of LGBTQ+ issues comes primarily from being a member of the community myself. I have experience with the process of coming out (from my own perspective) as well as with the phenomenon of bi erasure, in general as well as by the LGBTQ+ community specifically. (During college, I was openly accused by members of the undergraduate "Gay, Lesbian, and Allied Student Association" of being in a relationship with a heterosexual cisgender male solely for the purpose of "passing".)

— Megan Matthews, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Lakewood, OH

I have a strong focus on the LGBTQ* community, and offer a safe space to explore and better understand personal identity and expression, and help support individuals in identifying how they can live authentically and wholeheartedly.

— Amy Emery, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in , MA

As a queer therapist and having worked with many queer individuals over time, I will support you through whatever stage of self-exploration and identity you find yourself in the midst of. Assisting you in learning all you can about the beauty and possibility of who you are and stepping more fully and confidently into your being, with all of your divine complexity is my hope and goal.

— Stephanie Kilper, Creative Art Therapist in Naperville, IL