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Just like any other group, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community faces mental health issues and unique challenges. However, LGBTQ individuals are almost 3 times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety. Additionally, more than half of individuals who identify as transgender experience depression or anxiety. The LGBTQ community is also at a higher risk for suicide. Young people are even more at risk, as they may experience a lack of support at home and fear, hatred or prejudice in school. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are facing mental health challenges, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s LGBTQ experts and get help today.

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I am queer and was raised in a conservative religious environment. I understand the complex ways our environments influence family dynamics, identity development, and stress responses. I have ran support and processing groups for queer populations and have extensive experience working with queer couples/relationships, including parent-child relationships.

— Kaleb Burningham, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I am passionate about working with issues relevant to the LGBTQ+ community. Identifying as a member of this community may create a unique set of challenges to navigate throughout life. I am here to help you on your journey.

— Michael Davidson, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Tallahassee, FL

I am a LGBTQ therapist. I have experience working with gender dysphoria, "coming out", identity exploration, and relationships challenges surrounding LGBTQ folks.

— Coty Nolin, Sex Therapist in Denver, CO

As part of the LGBTQ community our issues are near and dear to my heart! I love working with "family." Minority stress is real! Many of us have suffered trauma of one kind or another. I believe the "work" that we do to figure out who we are (and how to survive an environment that is often hostile) contributes to our resilience.I interned at Affirmations LGBT Community Center, where I learned a great deal about the issues we face as a community and how to overcome them.

— Paula Kirsch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in , MI

I provide therapy for the LGBTIQ community that want to work on the following:​​​​ -anxiety & stress management ​-ADHD ​-addictions: eating and sex -codependency and enmeshment -communication and boundary setting -coming out to your friends and family -difficulty facing your sexual orientation or feeling oppressed because of it. -self esteem, trust, coping skills -PTSD

— Lori Michels, Sex Therapist in Palm coast, FL

Even though we have made some progress with cultural acceptance of diverse sexual and romantic orientations and gender identifications, discrimination, oppression, and marginalization of LGBTQ+ people continue. I am qualified and familiar with the challenges this communinty faces and I believe that's imperative for successful therapy outcomes.

— Roman Haas, Counselor in , CO

I have 20+ years working with, and for, the Queer community. My training began at Fenway Health and I brought this experience to Boston University where I started their first LGBTQ+ Support Group and was part of the Executive Committee in creating their first Trans and NB Healthcare Affirming Program.

— Rachel Oppenheimer, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Boston, MA

I specialize in working with clients who identify as LGBTQ+. I have specialized training in affirming therapy, coming out, and identity development.

— Kurt Wilhelm Oster, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in JACKSONVILLE, FL

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I understand the unique challenges associated with our community. I have dedicated part of my private group practice to helping those who interact with our community. I have written articles on the unique challenges in traditional modalities, spoken about LGBTQIA+ issues at various organizations, and supervised others to increase cultural competencies.

— Kyle McEvoy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

LGBTQIA+ folx have a wide variety of experiences, especially in primarily red states like Texas that are focused on restricting the rights of these citizens. My therapy centers primarily on affirming members of the community and also talking about the reality of living as LGBTQIA+. We spend time talking about identity, how client identity affects how client's walk through life, and how to cope with the struggles of identity.

— Erin Shapiro, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, TX

Looking for a space to find your best Queer self? Heal Trauma? Process who you are and who you want to be? That's my jam and I want to help prompt thought and provide a safe space to do so! I am a Queer therapist who wants to continue to work with my community.

— Elaina Vig, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in Saint Louis Park, MN

I have extensive training in and personal experience with LGBTQ issues. I have provided cultural competency training to a handful of service organizations and agencies over the years. Currently, I leading a group advocating for LGBTQ resources in rural NE Colorado.

— ShannonElaine John, Counselor in Fort Morgan, CO

LGBTQIA+ issues are one of my core specialties, both in my training as a psychologist and in my practice. I offer a safe space to explore your identity and what it means to you, learn skills to better manage minority stress and microaggressions, manage complex interpersonal relationships, explore the impact of internalized heteronormativity/homonegativity/transnegativity, and build self esteem. Therapy is offered in a positive, affirmative, and strengths-based way.

— Wade McDonald, Clinical Psychologist in Frisco, TX

All across the country,

— Roman Haas, Counselor in , CO

Whether you need help with gender identity and expression, coming to terms with sexuality, or need a nonjudgmental space to explore these, Let's Talk Solutions can provide that space. Sex-positivity, kink-positivity, and sex-worker positivity are all acknowledged and respected here.

— KaRon Spriggs-Bethea, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pittsburgh, PA

Velvet Psychotherapy Collective practitioners are queer affirming therapists who are trained in LGBTQAI+ culture, language, stressors and unique challenges.

— Vevlet Psychotherapy Collective, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have worked for many years with the LGBTQ+ community, helping people with coming out, family issues, relationship issues, HIV/AIDS, aging, self-esteem, sexual issues, sexual compulsivity and addiction. I am sex positive and BDSM/kink friendly. I work with members of the trans and non-binary community and help with gender questioning, gender dysphoria, transition decisions, family issues, relationship issues, and discrimination. I leverage my medical background to help people navigate medic

— Rick Isenberg, Licensed Professional Counselor in Ridgway, CO

I work with you to understand and develop a positive identity around gender or sexuality in a world that doesn't always accept you. I’m well versed in the social challenges, complex identity questions, and marginalization that can accompany queer lived experiences. I can help you work through questions around gender and sexuality, find ways to navigate interpersonal relationships with people who struggle to understand your identity, and build self-worth in the face of oppression.

— Augustin Kendall, Counselor in Minneapolis, MN

My master's thesis focused on bisexuality and social stigma, and my doctoral dissertation was the first study of gay affirmative psychotherapy. I also have substantial experience helping lesbian and trans clients and clients who identify as queer.

— Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, Psychotherapist in Bethesda, MD