LGBTQ Issues

Just like any other group, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community faces mental health issues and unique challenges. However, LGBTQ individuals are almost 3 times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety. Additionally, more than half of individuals who identify as transgender experience depression or anxiety. The LGBTQ community is also at a higher risk for suicide. Young people are even more at risk, as they may experience a lack of support at home and fear, hatred or prejudice in school. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are facing mental health challenges, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s LGBTQ experts and get help today.

Meet the specialists

I have a specialty in working with queer and trans people. I have a special appreciation for working with intersex people. I help people who wish they could be their full queer, transgender, religious, liberal, polyamorous, and/or kink selves but hold themselves back because they are scared they will be unloved, unemployed, and rejected by their loved ones and communities. Why? I encourage them to share their deepest wishes so that they can learn to be happy being themselves. I know from my own path to wellness and years of working with LGBTQIQA clients that it is possible to survive the fear of others’ judgment, hurt, and disappointment to live your true self.

— Abigail Weissman, Psychologist in San Diego, CA

It has been my goal to provide a welcoming, non-judgmental holding space for clients who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community. I think an important aspect of that is the acknowledgment that I will never "know everything or be fully trained" so I always approach each client as in individual and with respectful curiosity.

— Leah Logan, Clinical Social Worker in Boise, ID

Everyone should experience love and acceptance. I am well-versed and supportive on LGBT issues, and currently am involved in volunteering with multiple LGBT organizations. You are welcome to come and experience care in a safe and affirming place.

— Lisa Epstein, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Garland, TX

Family planning within a LGBTQ framework, conception, adoption, relationships.

— Jeni Yarbrough, Counselor in Los Angeles, CA

As a social justice driven, queer-identified, non-binary identified, AFAB human, I have an understanding of the mental, emotional, and spiritual toll that oppression takes. I believe cultural humility and taking systems into account is imperative in the therapeutic process and is something I intend to uphold in our time together.

— Jules Allison, Counselor in Portland, OR

I have advanced training in dealing with LGBTQ community. I attend specialized training each year regarding the community and WPATH standards for Transgender persons. I also hold free of charge montly Transgender Support Groups and am currently working to create a resource guide for the Transgender Community. I am also listed in the publication Trans In the South, published by the Campaign for Southern Equality.

— Crystal Smith, Counselor in Taylorsville, NC

I have provided LGBTQ+ informed and affirmative therapy since I began as an intern in 2015. I worked with a private practice for 3 years where I had supervision available from a therapist who specialized in working with transgender youth.

— Jessica Humiston-Aman, Counselor in Clarkston, MI

I believe that many of the LGBTQ issues are issues in which society has made into LGBTQ issues. I have worked with many in the community to help them work with coming out to families, moving forward in the transition process, and dealing with their own internal struggles.

— Tara Clifford, Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Smith, AR

I provide expert support to Queer or other families with alternative structures (or families who are alligned with traditional structures), and can also help with individuals who are in the process of finding their identify. Being Queer is more than just fine, it's a source of joy. I am also very experienced with working with interracial Queer families. In fact, that is my own family's experience. I am sensitive to cultural influences and class/race power dynamics that can affect family and relationship functioning. We will find out how to make your family feel safest for everyone.

— Hugh Simmons, Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

I'm passionate about working with children and adults across the gender and sexual identity spectrum. I provide a safe space for people identify however they are comfortable, to explore their identity, and any associated struggles related to LGBTQ+ identity. I aim to support every person to feel confident as their identified self and safe to share that self with the world.

— Ande Cappellano, Social Worker in Portland, OR

I am an LGBTQ+ advocate and human rights activist. I have attended trainings on LGBTQ+ inclusion, health, and dignity in mental health. I have also completed research on the LGBTQ+ community, religious abuse, and identity issues. I have supported LGBTQ+ clients through explorations on gender and sexual identity, coming out, shame and grief, relationship issues, sexual/physical/religious abuse, and suicidal ideation.

— Kaile Videtich, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in San Jose, CA

I am committed to the ongoing healing and empowerment of the LGBTQ communities, each with their own attributes and traumas. As a gay cis white male, I'm committed to using my privilege to help others heal and grow. As a sex therapist, I train to offer therapy tailored to the LGBTQ community through an anti-oppression, empowerment lens. I'm particularly interested in helping clients to embrace one's identity, address bi-erasure, and dismantle racism in LGBTQ spaces.

— Matthew LeBauer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Denver, CO

I spent a year as the Mental Health Counselor in a by us, for us integrative health clinic for LGBTQIA2S community. Along with my regular clients and LGBTQ expressive arts group for anxiety and depression, I held weekly surgery letter appointments conducting full BHA following the WPATH standards of care. I received specialized training from my interdisciplinary colleagues at the clinic, and integrated my own experience as a queer community member.

— Jessica Joy, Mental Health Counselor in New Paltz, NY

My passion is in working with members of the LGBTQIA community and our work together can encompass many things including coming out, family of origin issues, relationship challenges, and coming to an understanding/acceptance of your own sexual orientation. I've been an out member of this community for close to three decades and bring my own experience to our sessions along with my continuing education and research with various professional associations. I am also kink and poly aware/competent.

— Chris Paton, Therapist in Seattle, WA

I have a strong focus on the LGBTQ* community, and offer a safe space to explore and better understand personal identity and expression, and help support individuals in identifying how they can live authentically and wholeheartedly.

— Amy Emery (*current Monday morning availability only), Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Southington, CT

As an individual who identifies within the LGBTQ+ community, I found it important throughout my Masters education to learn different ways to support our community within the mental health field. I have an Advanced Certificate in LGBT Health, Education, and Social Sciences from NYU. I have extensive work with youth and adults who need support understanding their own identities, learning how to build-up their support systems, and navigating the world as their authentic self.

— Ashante Taylorcox, Associate Professional Counselor in Marlton, NJ

I have extensive knowledge, background, training, and education related to LGBTQIA+ issues, and therapy with LGBTQIA+ individuals. I am a Certified Transgender Care Therapist through the International Transgender Certification Association.

— Ashley Myhre, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Minneapolis, MN

As a relational and gestalt therapist, I am present in the room. I find that people of color, millennials, adolescents, and LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals respond well to my approach because I can hold complexity and honor intersectional experiences. I am trained, educated, and experienced in working with people who are skeptical of therapy. Family, sex, spirituality, race, age, and many other aspects might feel important to you. Confidentially, we can explore any areas you wish.

— Kathryn Sills-Payne, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Oakland, CA

Gender and sexuality are historically located, infinitely complex, personally specific, socially crafted, and deeply embodied; distinct yet interlaced. As a queer cis woman, I’m personally and professionally dedicated to folks along the spectrum of sexual and gender diversity. I have extensive experience with clients who are LGBQ+, trans, non-binary, and intersex. Aspects of gender and sexuality may be peripheral or central, but fundamental recognition of their reality can be vital and healing.

— Jessamyn Wesley, Licensed Professional Counselor in portland, OR

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community with specialized education and training I know how to support individuals who are thinking about coming out, have recently come out, those who have been out for most of their lives, and those who don't want to come out. I take an individualized approach to understanding how someone feels or doesn't feel a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

— Lani Chin, Clinical Psychologist in Monterey, CA