Holistic Therapy

A holistic approach to therapy leads with the big picture. Holistic psychotherapy, an integrative treatment method, emphasizes the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit, attempting to understand and address the ways issues in one aspect of a person can manifest in other areas. Therapists who use a holistic approach typically believe that seeing each client as a whole being with interconnected emotions, physical feelings, thoughts and spiritual experiences is fundamental to providing successful care. Holistic therapists will help clients gain a deeper understanding of their whole self, which can build self-awareness and self-acceptance. Holistic Therapy is used to treat a number of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and mood regulation.  Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s holistic therapy experts today.

Meet the specialists

Naturopathic Doctor Nutritional psychotherapy BCIA board certified Biofeedback therapist

— Richelle Vawter, Licensed Professional Counselor in SEATTLE, WA

I believe that mind and body are connected on every level and that mental health issues often manifest in part due to lifestyle choices and how we are treating our bodies. I am being trained in using different nutritional and integrative approaches to help clients understand ways they can change habits associated with eating, sleeping , exercising etc to improve their mental and physical health.

— Heidi Schnakenberg, Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado Springs, CO

I believe stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health issues do not just effect your mind and emotions, but your whole body. I use a Mind-Body approach in therapy. I want you to feel relief and feel better on the whole.

— Shiloh Werkmeister, Counselor in Troy, MO

Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork

— Alena Kwong, Clinical Trainee in New York, NY

We are made up of many parts, and every part of us belongs. This includes mind, body, spirit, etc. I bring all of these important aspects into our therapy.

— Emily Thomas, Therapist in Portland, OR

I specialize in Expressive Arts Therapy through my education and in practice. Such specialization is holistic in nature as I address the connection between the mind, body, and spirit through creative arts exploration.

— Men Chun Wong, Clinical Trainee in San Mateo, CA

At Lesley University, I specialized in Holistic Theories, which essentially means I pick and choose from many styles of therapy to create an eclectic approach that is tailored to you and you alone. I integrate practices from humanistic, relational, psychodynamic, existential, and creative arts as it makes sense. Are you finding that meditation is helpful? Writing song lyrics to express your emotions? Everything is welcome, if it brings meaning and solace to your experience.

— Laura Knudsen, Counselor in Newton, MA

I practice a holistic approach to therapy informed by my experience and education in rehabilitation and continuing education in mindfulness and holistic assessment of presenting issues.

— Karen Carloni, Counselor in ,

Holistic therapy takes into consideration the whole person — every part of you — the psychological, the emotional, the physical, and the spiritual. Our life experiences have created beliefs and storylines that hold us back from living our lives. We all hold a powerful story within us that is waiting to be told and understood. By using holistic approaches such as art, song, and storytelling, holistic therapy can guide you to explore those beliefs that are holding you back.

— Sonia Fregoso, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

A persons overall health is linked to their body, mind, and soul, as such if one is out of balance the rest will also be out of balance.

— Jenna Hawton-Calingasan, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Fairfield, CA

I like to consider all aspects of your life as I work with you in creating change. I am able to focus on spirituality if you choose to do that in our work together. That means different things to different people, whether you believe in the Universe, Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, or finding deeper meaning in your life. I have done this work for myself and with clients.

— Andrea Beaudoin, Counselor

There's magic that happens when you decide to discover who you truly are. An internal spark ignites and guides your way when you commit yourself to a path of integration. You can make a choice to bring the diverse and often conflicting aspects of your inner self into harmony. However, you must make an active commitment to meet, accept and integrate all parts of yourself. Holistic therapy encourages you to directly experience who you are. You can then live more peacefully with yourself.

— Rhonda Forsyth, Licensed Professional Counselor in WOODLAND PARK, CO

“Depression is like a woman in black. If she turns up, don’t shoo her away. Invite her in, offer her a seat, treat her like a guest, and listen to what she wants to say.” ~ Carl Jung

— Victoria Julita Spiers, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

My approach to therapy is multifaceted because You are multifaceted. My practice is integrated using "evidence based therapeutic modalities" that address Brain-Mind-Body-Emotions. We are in the new era of Western medicine and psychology. Today, instead of holding the old limiting view of the brain and body as only a biological machine, awesome scientists, doctors, and healers know mind-body is a vast energetic network where Spirit, Matter, Energy, and Power intersect -- Linking these energy centers to prevent psychological suffering and physical illness, and heal illnesses and emotional suffering. You are whole and Holistic Being. I view symptoms from a growth oriented perspective because symptoms are the alert signs telling you that something about your life, in your life, or your approach to life is not in balance. I help you on your journey to heal and transform from the “Inside-out” and the “Outside-In.” Its kinda like a Mind-Emotion-Body Detox.

— Dr. Shawna Freshwater, Clinical Psychologist in Miami Beach, FL

I work with the body, mind, spirit & energy systems. I track your energy & assist you in managing anxiety, fear and doubt. I help you to drop into your true essence and learn to embrace the dualities within yourself: the "good" and the "bad," the personality and the soul, the masculine and the feminine, in order to bring about a unity of duality, wholeness and grounding in your Higher Self, your True Essence, which is a vital and powerful force within. May the force be with you!

— Benita Silver, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Asheville, NC

I engaged in my own talk therapy for years and years and after a certain point, I felt talked out. I had intellectualized and focused on the facts until I felt I needed more. If you want to talk, I got you. If you are interested in adding in some other layers to therapy, I work to integrate the mind, body and soul into our work and your healing.

— Erika Bowser, Art Therapist

My approach is centered on growth and healing. I treat mental health symptoms as inseparable from the full breadth of your personality and your lived experiences. I offer therapy as a space where you can return to yourself, week to week. A reliable place where you can slow down, really meet your inner world, and learn to relate to what you discover there.

— Elaina Barulic, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

As a holistic practitioner, I take your whole self into account in counseling. Your voice is the most important in the counseling room because it is your treatment. We will work together to develop a unique treatment plan for your specific situation. mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual

— Stacey Aiton, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Lakewood, OH

With holistic wellness at the core, I draw from earth-centered healing modalities: presence-based conversation, meditation, mindfulness, body-positive movement, plant and stone medicine, yoga, breath, self-love and the many other diverse ways of inviting a life of wholehearted living and being.

— horizon greene, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

I offer holistic care support that is molded to fit your personal needs as an individual. WIth 10 years background in holistic healthcare, I have witnessed and experienced the power of helping individuals from the inside out, working with the person as a whole. Therefore, i identify the importance of acknowledging each aspect of a person and working to hold up the areas that need extra care and attention in order to establish stability, longevity and wellness in their life.

— Amy Galaviz, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

I have been especially drawn to holistic therapy since I worked in early childhood development and saw the bodyworkers unwind trauma and tension without words. Since that time I became trained as an infant massage instructor, took five multi-day courses in cranio sacral therapy, and became a Reiki Master. Always interested in holistic health, since 2018 have been immersed in personal study of herbalism and the work of Medical Medium Anthony William.

— Janaki Tremaglio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

I incorporate a variety of tools in my practice, with a focus on mind-body-spirit integration. I incorporate movement, body awareness, meditation, ritual, and other self-healing tools as needed. I am also certified by Marika Alvarado, Apache elder, as a Traditional Healer through the Of The Earth School of Indigenous Medicine.

— Julia Aziz, Therapist in Austin, TX

Emotional well being is only one side of the triangle in holistic wellness. In treatment we will look at your health as a whole: emotional, spiritual and physical. All three sides need to be in balance to experience optimal wellness and peace. Integrating traditional talk therapy, evidenced based interventions and holistic modalities such as meditation, aromatherapy, breath work and more bring healing to your journey.

— Gail Wodkiewicz, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Staten Island, NY

For me, interconnectedness is key. I understand our inner and outer landscapes to be complex. Holistic therapy is about centering wholeness. It is considering a wider view of our experiences and challenging separateness.

— Ashley Gregory, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

The holistic approach focuses on the integration of the mind, body, and spirt as a pathway to emotional well-being. By becoming better attuned to your entire awareness, this can often promote greater understanding and acceptance of the self. Holistic psychotherapy views each person as a whole being to help you gain awareness of the connections between your emotions, thoughts, physical experiences, and spiritual understandings. We will look at what is going on in your life and what has gone on th

— Kathleen Nelson, Therapist in Ann Arbor, MI

Holistic therapy is a type of therapy that address the “whole” person. This kind of therapy integrates spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional forms of well-being. Its goal is to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves on all these levels. It uses evidence-based treatment and a holistic framework and is often tailored to the individual’s unique needs.

— Gail Bibb, Marriage & Family Therapist in Louisville, KY

Holistic care involves looking at the multitude of factors influencing one's day-to-day life, from physical health, to spirituality, to relationships, and emotional wellbeing. An embodied sense of self contributes to an increased sense of balance and wellbeing.

— Sarah Small, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Tigard, OR