Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder that is typically characterized by a lack of impulse control, an inability to focus and pay attention, and hyperactivity. ADHD most commonly emerges in children and teens and can continue into adulthood. In fact, ADHD is the most common mental health disorder diagnosed in young people and sufferers often have trouble paying attention in school. ADHD must be diagnosed by a qualified clinician. In addition to medical interventions, seeing a mental health practitioner who specializes in the treatment of ADHD can help patients and their families better cope with many of the symptoms. Contact one of TherapyDen’s ADHD experts today.

Meet the specialists

I work with individuals who have a hard time with concentration, listening, following directions, regulating impulses, memorizing information, switching between tasks, planning, and organizing. I provide a treatment approach grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy to improve concentration, concentration, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

— Munn Saechao, Counselor in Mountain View, CA

We provide full comprehensive evaluations of ADHD for children and adolescents. Our evaluations include an individual support plan and school companion document.

— Summit Psychological Assessment & Consultation, Educational Psychologist in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

Struggling to get things done? Does your boss tell you you're not focusing? Is it difficult to get to the goals you want? What if you could get to where you wanted because you could focus enough to there? I specialize in a variety of techniques including CBT and mindfullness interventions to retrain your brain to be able to focus better without prescription medications. This is in you and we can get there together.

— Michael Shawe, Counselor

The current statistic says that one third of children with ADHD retain the disorder into adulthood. FALSE. 100% of children with ADHD become adults with ADHD... some simply adapted better than others.

— Jennifer Miller, Counselor in Pensacola, FL

I have inside knowledge of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (and when the hyperactive piece is absent, too).

— Debbie Duquette, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Huntsville, AL

Your child becomes angry so quickly. They go from 0 to 100. They have constant meltdowns and these meltdowns occur almost daily. Your child loses it when they don’t get their way. When you ask them to do something that they don’t want to do. When plans change… You try and help them calm down in the moment, but they get worse. Your child yells, cries, and blames you for everything. They do not respect you. You have tried everything and don’t know what to do anymore...

— Janine Caamano, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Basking Ridge, NJ

Children with attention deficit or hyperactivity often have a hard time following rules and directions, even though they really want to be able to do the right thing. But there is hope with Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) - a family treatment backed by 100's of studies and 30 years of research. With PCIT, together we can work to transform your child's behaviors and bring peace and warmth back to your family interactions again!

— Dawn Hamilton, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Redlands, CA

As a fellowship-trained neuropsychologist, I understand the cognitive challenges individuals with ADHD face, including difficulties with memory, attention, and executive functioning. My therapy practice integrates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) -- an empirically-validated treatment for adult ADHD -- with the science of brain-behavior relationships to help patients better understand their diagnosis and compensate for thinking difficulties in everyday life.

— Robyn Migliorini, Psychologist in Bend, OR

People often wonder if they "have ADHD." I work to help you develop tools to address disorganization, procrastination, anxiety and paralysis, distractibility and poor concentration, and other issues. We can also explore deeper beliefs about one's core self that manifest in maladaptive behaviors.

— Marie Mercado, Clinical Psychologist in Brooklyn, NY

I enjoy working with people who are diagnosed with ADHD and their partners. I have a special interest in working with women who have misdiagnosed in the past, only to learn that ADHD is underlying the challenges they have faced. Training in ADHD and effective coping strategies mingles with my own experiences of having a spouse, business partner, and other loved ones who have ADHD to provide a comprehensive approach and understanding of life with ADHD.

— Aimee Whaley, Counselor in Indian Trail, NC

As a clinician who also has ADD/HD I understand the good and the bad. Many adolescents and adults suffer from the problems associated with ADD/HD because they have never been diagnosed. It can affect marriage, life, personal associations, work and many other areas. It can also serve as a wonderful adjunct to developing new ideas and products. It can be directed, once you understand it's effects.

— Howard Chusid, in Hallandale, FL

Many of my clients struggle to stay focused, resist distraction and remain calm in the classroom or elsewhere. They may also struggle with the "business" of school -- skills like staying organized, getting started on or finishing tasks, and managing their time. While these can be signs of ADHD, they may also stem from other underlying issues such as anxiety, learning problems or health habits (e.g. sleep and nutrition). Evaluations help parse these differences and point towards best next steps.

— Rebecca MurrayMetzger, Psychologist in San Francisco, CA

Through trainings and experience I have worked a lot with kids and adults impacted by ADHD. I also work a lot with parents on how to best support their child at home, or to advocate for them in the school system when they are dealing with ADHD.

— Greta Kramer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in St. Cloud, MN

Often ADHD can prevent a person from achieving their potential in a variety of situations. Therapy can be very helpful for the individual with ADHD to develop a more planned and reflective approach to thinking and behaving, including social interactions. It can also help individuals adopt a more reflective, systematic and goal-oriented approach to everyday tasks, activities and problem solving, including academic or work functioning.

— Ronda Hain, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Spokane, WA

Provide treatment to help increase focus and attention. Teach mindfulness and relaxation strategies.

— Jeff Bright, Clinical Social Worker in Clinton, UT

Dr. Jon Chandler is considered an expert in managing ADHD symptoms with, or without medication management.

— Jon Chandler, Psychiatrist in New Orleans, LA

I have worked and taken several trainings for ADHD. Though joked about it as look a squirrel ADHD can add complex problems to your life. I am able to help you gain skills to limits the negative side effects of ADHD and help you life the life you want to life. I work with adolescents and adult on gaining these skills in an academic, social, and work situations.

— Heather Emerich, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Westminster, CO

My expertise in ADHD comes from being a psychologist, who also has a child diagnosed with combined type ADHD. Through years of reading and research, I have come to understand as both a parent and a psychologist, how to take an active approach to addressing common issues associated with this diagnosis. I also specialize in the assessment of ADHD and am a professional member of the ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association.)

— Tina Schneider, Psychologist in Westerville, OH

Academic and social tasks become more demanding. Conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) and oppositional behavior may interfere with learning. I have experience with setting IEP goals working with teachers and implementing behavior plans in a school setting.

— NaTasha Bailey, Marriage & Family Therapist in Chula Vista, CA

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD formerly known as ADD, is a neurobiological condition that consists of symptoms of inattention and/or hyperactivity that are significant enough to interfere with an individual’s functioning. While symptoms of this condition are evident in childhood, many adults have not received proper assessment and treatment.

— Shari Grande, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Jose, CA

With a CBT approach, I work closely with my clients in goal setting, prioritization, motivation, organizational skills, planning and scheduling, problem solving, stress management, impulse control, confidence and self-esteem building, relationships and communication skills, and memory improvement.

— Margaret Li Aghaeepour, Psychologist in Palo Alto, CA

Uses evidence based practices and assessments with children and adolescents.

— Alicia Green- Scott, Licensed Professional Counselor in Houston, TX

I consider ADHD an executive functioning disorder and very complicated and rich. As an adult who carries and ADHD diagnosis, please know that there is so much more to explore and understand about yourself so we can help you take care of yourself, function more effectively in the world and communicate compassionately with yourself and others.

— Rebecca Lavine, in Cambridge, MA

I am not only a practitioner dealing with the affects of ADD/HD but I also have ADD/HD. It means I understand the ramifications both good and bad and understand how it can be used to become successful in life.

— Howard Chusid, in Hallandale, FL

For college students, I offer supportive re-assessment and interventions to assist with relationships and study skills.

— Fran Duane, Clinical Social Worker in Bryan, TX, TX

I have a personal involvement with ADHD. And while ADHD may be over diagnosed, I can attest that the combination of ADHD and exposure to the internet is the equivalent of providing crack to a cocaine addict. Aside from medication, there are many other techniques which can be employed to provide better self-regulation, in you, or your child/teen.

— Sandy Marsh, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

I have ADHD and have studied this disordered at length. It has been one of my specialities since entering the field.

— Mike Elliot, Counselor in Pittsburgh, PA

I offer personalized medication management for adults experiencing concerns with focus and attention.

— Greg Roussett, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Oakland, CA

I have training and expertise in ADHD counseling and coaching services including understanding issues of organization, sustained attention, task initiation, planning, prioritization, and other executive function challenges. If you would like counseling or coaching support, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation.

— Khloe Clawson, Counselor in Seattle, WA