Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder that is typically characterized by a lack of impulse control, an inability to focus and pay attention, and hyperactivity. ADHD most commonly emerges in children and teens and can continue into adulthood. In fact, ADHD is the most common mental health disorder diagnosed in young people and sufferers often have trouble paying attention in school. ADHD must be diagnosed by a qualified clinician. In addition to medical interventions, seeing a mental health practitioner who specializes in the treatment of ADHD can help patients and their families better cope with many of the symptoms. Contact one of TherapyDen’s ADHD experts today.

Meet the specialists

Greg has a particular, personal affinity for working with individuals who have neurodevelopmental issues such as reading challenges, ADHD, and are on the ASD spectrum. He strives to help clients understand the causes and nature of their challenges and successfully navigate the associated difficulties, improving relations in all areas of daily life.

— Greg Hill, Psychotherapist in Toronto,

Many of my referrals come from pediatricians looking for a more in-depth evaluation for attention concerns than a simple checklist. I see numerous clients who are concerned that they cannot concentrate or focus, and while ADHD may be one explanation, sometimes a mood disorder or learning disability may be the true root of the problem. I collaborate with pediatricians and schools to ensure children receive the most appropriate treatment to address the big picture.

— Jennifer Larson, Clinical Psychologist in Raleigh, NC

With a CBT approach, I work closely with my clients in goal setting, prioritization, motivation, organizational skills, planning and scheduling, problem solving, stress management, impulse control, confidence and self-esteem building, relationships and communication skills, and memory improvement.

— Margaret Li Aghaeepour, Psychologist in Palo Alto, CA

I conduct psychological evaluations to diagnose ADHD as well as other learning disorders. I then help with navigating the educational or work environment as well as teach strategies.

— Dr. Nancie Spector, Clinical Psychologist in NEW CANAAN, CT

I have training and expertise in ADHD counseling and coaching services including understanding issues of organization, sustained attention, task initiation, planning, prioritization, and other executive function challenges.

— Khloe Clawson, Counselor in Seattle, WA

I have in depth experience/knowledge through competencies/resources to help those trying to manage ADHD/ADD through sharing coping tools/skills and offering a thorough understanding, strengths-based, client-centered, safe, non-judging space with patience and helpful guidance/support to work through struggles, emotions/feelings, etc.

— Ashley Brewer, Licensed Professional Counselor in Pueblo, CO

While working at a psychiatric group practice in Downtown Manhattan, I had the pleasure of working with many adults diagnosed with ADHD. Many of these people were newly diagnosed, so much of the work we did focused on developing direct, concrete skills related to executive function difficulties combined with the emotional consequences of having untreated ADHD. Additionally, I have worked with many pre-teens and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety or depression.

— Sabrina Tropper, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York City, NY

I have worked with children and adults with this disorder most of my life. My husband and children have coped with various forms of this disorder and the conditions that are often comorbid with it, including anxiety, depression, ocd, bipolar, sensory integration etc. I am continually updating my knowledge on what is effective in helping a client to minimize the negative aspects and utilize the assets that go along with this diagnosis. Each person's unique experience and needs are addressed.

— Tina Ottman-Boykin, Counselor in Plymouth, WI

As a clinician who also has ADD/HD I understand the good and the bad. Many adolescents and adults suffer from the problems associated with ADD/HD because they have never been diagnosed. It can affect marriage, life, personal associations, work and many other areas. It can also serve as a wonderful adjunct to developing new ideas and products. It can be directed, once you understand it's effects.

— Howard Chusid, in Hallandale, FL

I use advanced computer software that accurately measures attention through a computer game. Images are flashed on the screen and a clicker is used to measure your responses. Results can’t be faked and the test is able to accurately identify if you have ADHD or not. To learn more about computerized ADHD testing or to schedule a formal evaluation, call my office at (904) 615-8643. I will be happy to discuss the testing process with you. My testing fee is very reasonable.

— George Joseph, Therapist in Neptune Beach, FL

Many people do not understand the full impact ADHD can have on someone's life. Most of those in my practice have an ADHD diagnosis and or are seeking an evaluation to determine whether they meet criteria. Many children, teens, and adults come for counseling or neurofeedback. We get those with ADHD and know how to help.

— Steffanie Stecker, Counselor in Englewood, CO

Learn to support optimal development for your child who struggles with attention issues.

— Maria Arias, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Community Resiliency Model (CRM) which has strategies for helping you to reduce your own stress as well as stressed out or upset children

— Erin Vandermore, Licensed Professional Counselor in asheville, NC

My expertise in ADHD comes from being a psychologist, who also has a child diagnosed with combined type ADHD. Through years of reading and research, I have come to understand as both a parent and a psychologist, how to take an active approach to addressing common issues associated with this diagnosis. I also specialize in the assessment of ADHD and am a professional member of the ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association.)

— Tina Schneider, Psychologist in Westerville, OH

I have worked and taken several trainings for ADHD. Though joked about it as look a squirrel ADHD can add complex problems to your life. I am able to help you gain skills to limits the negative side effects of ADHD and help you life the life you want to life. I work with adolescents and adult on gaining these skills in an academic, social, and work situations.

— Heather Emerich, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Westminster, CO

Many people do not understand the full impact ADHD can have on someone's life. Most of those in my practice have an ADHD diagnosis and or are seeking an evaluation to determine whether they meet criteria. Many children, teens, and adults come for counseling or neurofeedback. We get those with ADHD and know how to help.

— Steffanie Stecker, Counselor in Englewood, CO

Academic and social tasks become more demanding. Conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) and oppositional behavior may interfere with learning. I have experience with setting IEP goals working with teachers and implementing behavior plans in a school setting.

— NaTasha Bailey, Marriage & Family Therapist in Chula Vista, CA

I became deeply interested in serving adults with ADHD in 2002, working in college mental health. Despite excellent graduate training, I didn't know much and taught myself through readings, trainings and CHADD conferences (Children & Adults with ADD). Treating ADHD requires a little different stance from many other mental health issues - I use my Cog-Beh toolbox, coaching and humor. Adults with ADD / ADHD are my people, and college students with ADHD have a special place in my heart.

— Dr. Laura Forsyth, Psychologist in Camarillo, CA

I am not only a practitioner dealing with the affects of ADD/HD but I also have ADD/HD. It means I understand the ramifications both good and bad and understand how it can be used to become successful in life.

— Howard Chusid, in Hallandale, FL

I have inside knowledge of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (and when the hyperactive piece is absent, too).

— Debbie Duquette, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Huntsville, AL

ADHD is more than just problems paying attention. Neuropsychological evaluations can help provide information on problem solving skills, learning and memory difficulties, and co-occurring emotional problems like anxiety or depression and how those areas are affecting you or your child in day-to-day life.

— Alexandria Perle, Clinical Psychologist in Wheaton, IL