Veterans/Military Service

Veterans and active duty military have a unique set of circumstances and experiences that can lead to mental health issues. The sometimes dangerous and traumatic environment in which members of the military serve can lead to PTSD as well as other issues, such as substance abuse or traumatic brain injury.  When returning home, some veterans have trouble adjusting to life outside of the military and may feel disconnected from family and friends. They may isolate themselves and are at risk for developing mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Military life can also have an effect on other members of the family system. A qualified mental health professional who specializes in working with veterans and their families can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s veterans/military experts today.

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I have significant experience in working with active duty military and as a veteran myself with deployment experience I uniquely understand both military culture, as well as the many different issues, questions, and problems that arise from your service.

— Nathan Fanton, Social Worker in Boston, MA

I am a military partner and a Certified Military Clinical Counselor offering FREE sessions to veterans, reservists, and active duty US military with proof of military status.

— Robyn Sonnier, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lafayette, LA

I've served 24 years in the military in various roles, mostly as a Chaplain. I also am the child of a veteran. Military service, or being affected by somebody serving in the military, is a unique experience. I have been deployed and worked with many individuals who have combat trauma. I am well versed in treating military personal and well equipped to deal with unique aspects of service such as trauma, moral injury and separation from family.

— Sean Burson, Therapist

As a veteran, I understand the challenges of being in the service as well as the dependents' struggles. I will work with you to resolve and conquer challenges as you serve, and as a veteran. We will work together to prepare and to integrate into civilian life with a smooth transition, in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

— Galit Ribakoff, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in Dallas, TX

As a military veteran, I am familiar with the military life experience. Maybe you are struggling from symptoms of trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, or grief. All these experiences bring difficult emotions. Perhaps you are struggling as you transition from the military to civilian life. When a person transitions from the military to civilian life, so does the family. This can be a time of confusion after living a structured life. Whatever the reason, we can work together.

— Liliana Ramos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Milpitas, CA

I have over 10 years of experience as an active-duty counselor in the Navy and a clinician at the VA supporting Service Members and their families.

— Georgia Harrison, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a military retiree, I am familiar with the military life experience. You can feel safe and supported in the therapeutic space. You can take the first step towards hope and healing whether you are experiencing symptoms of trauma from PTSD, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, or grief. You might also be struggling as you transition from military to civilian life. This can be a time of confusion for you and your family. You don't have to make this journey by yourself. Please contact me.

— Liliana Ramos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Milpitas, CA

As an Air Force Veteran, I have worked with Active Duty service members, Veterans, and their families.

— Krystal Smith, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a military spouse, I have first hand knowledge, and training, in assisting individuals through their military life, and after.

— Angie Luttrell, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in , GA

I am a veteran of the Vietnam War. I was a loadmaster on a cargo plane that flew over Laos and Cambodia, where US aircraft were hunted by MIGs and targeted by surface-to-air missiles. While this qualifies me as a combat vet, I also served in law enforcement for 9 years, where I had a much more intimate experience with those trying to kill me and with death. My law enforcement experience spanned the 1980s, which saw the highest number of officers killed in any decade of American history.

— Erika Laurentz, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Olympia, WA

I earned a Military Social Work Certificate from UT- Austin during my graduate studies. I worked at the Central Texas VA, where I provided social work case management/counseling services to Veterans. While I have personally not served in the military, I am from a military family.

— Melodie Cabitac, Clinical Social Worker in Houston, TX

As the daughter of a 25 year veteran and an active duty spouse for the last 15 years, Amanda is uniquely qualified in the area of veterans and military service. Being able to understand the complexities of military life influences her ability to counsel service members and their families with compassion and empathy.

— Amanda Blair, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Valdosta, GA

If you’ve served in the military, the odds are high you have some degree of mental and emotional distress caused by difficult experiences. Being a combat soldier in the Army and a military spouse has given me a personal frame of reference for experiences like these.

— Rosalind Herrington-Moxon, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Olympia, WA

I hold a Military Social Work graduate certificate from UT - Austin and used to work for the VA of Central Texas. At the VA, I did social work case management and counseling with Veterans experiencing chronic homelessness. I have not personally served in the military, but am from a military family.

— Melodie Cabitac, Clinical Social Worker in Houston, TX

I have extensive experience in working with Veterans and active military members. Most of my clinical training was accomplished with VHA and DOD. My heart is fully with those who have sacrificed to serve our country and I have a deep understanding of the issues our heroes often bring home with them. I have intensively treated Veterans and service members with PTSD, addiction issues, serious mental illness, life and role transitions, grief, civilian reintegration, and mood disorders.

— Cari Oliver, Clinical Psychologist in Arlington, VA

I spent 18 months at Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center working with military servicemembers, veterans, and their families. I've learned the unique aspects of military culture and how the culture impacts veterans - even those who don't have PTSD. I'm able to work with high-achievers to be able to maintain their skills set while development mindfulness and coping mechanisms for civilian life.

— Stacy Andrews, Mental Health Counselor in Colorado Springs, CO

People have said that you might have PTSD, but what does that even mean? You've lived through some difficult events, but plenty of other people have been through worse. You worry that PTSD means that you are crazy, and you don't want people to treat you differently. You're concerned that being labeled with PTSD will have negative consequences, and that has stopped you from asking for help. If you and/or your partner may be experiencing PTSD- it is possible to heal from the past.

— Shelly Crosby, Psychologist in Long Beach, CA

As the wife of a Former Marine, I have a unique understanding of military life. I have worked in the psychiatric hospital that was the overflow to Ft. Bliss during 2009-10. Every man over 50 in my family was in the military except one. I have a greater understanding, than most, of what is required, given and gained in the military and the life that occurs afterward. Veterans and their families have a special place in my heart.

— Sydney Lucas, Licensed Professional Counselor in , PA

I have over 20 years of military service with two Iraq deployment

— Luis Espinal, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in White plain, NY