Veterans/Military Service

Veterans and active duty military have a unique set of circumstances and experiences that can lead to mental health issues. The sometimes dangerous and traumatic environment in which members of the military serve can lead to PTSD as well as other issues, such as substance abuse or traumatic brain injury.  When returning home, some veterans have trouble adjusting to life outside of the military and may feel disconnected from family and friends. They may isolate themselves and are at risk for developing mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Military life can also have an effect on other members of the family system. A qualified mental health professional who specializes in working with veterans and their families can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s veterans/military experts today.

Meet the specialists

Retired disabled combat veteran with over 20 years experience within the military community.

— Erick Sowell, Clinical Social Worker in Owings Mills, MD

We provide mental health evaluations that you can submit with your body of evidence for your disability claim.

— Sally Sharp, Psychologist in OAK HARBOR, WA

I am a military retiree, who has raised a family while serving in the military and has struggled with the transition from military to civilian life. I can relate to your experiences. I have worked with veterans, military, and their families during my training. I continue to train in trauma and stay up-to-date in veteran/military issues so that I can help you.

— Liliana Ramos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

I am a Veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force in many capacities for over 17 years. I love this community. I believe that Veteran's and their family members go through a unique experience that others outside of the community usually do not understand. I help people with handling the unique stressors and traumas of serving as well as providing support and guidance during transition outside of military service. I have lived experience and training in supporting this community.

— Joshua Manney, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Ventura, CA

I served 8 years in the Navy Seabees and have the experience and background to work with fellow Veterans who struggle with returning back to the civilian life without using drugs or alcohol to cope.

— Jesse James, Addictions Counselor in Vancouver, WA

By specializing in military social work, and having the lived experience of being a military dependent, veteran and military therapeutic services are close to my heart. I have worked in and outside of the Veteran Affairs Healthcare system when working with military veterans.

— Lauren Riddles, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA

Most of my professional experience has been working with military service members and their spouses. I've worked at several Marine Corps bases and am very familiar with Marine culture. In addition, I have five years of experience as a military spouse which allows me to connect and understand the military community’s issues from both a personal and professional level.

— Tiffany O'Toole, Counselor in Jacksonville, NC

Serving in the United States Army Infantry left me with a deep respect for those who have chosen to serve and an understanding of their world. Nothing humbles me more than being trusted to serve our veterans in a therapeutic relationship—facing things such as PTSD is a bravery all its own.

— Kelly Myers, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in Tualatin, OR

I am a military spouse who has been alongside my spouse for the last 16 years both through Active Duty and Reserves. Military members and their families have a special place in my heart with all of the different aspects they have to deal with that many civilians do not understand. I am passionate to help the family come together after going through the different transitions they have.

— Krystal Pennington, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in , TX

As a military spouse and mother I've lived through deployments and injuries. I spent years assisting veterans and their families survive the hardships, hold everything together, rebuild a life post-deployment, and the mulititude of issues that civilians often don't quite understand.

— Karen Harris, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Clackamas, OR

I grew up as a military kid; my grandfather, father, and cousin were all military. I've lived all over the United States, moving every 1-3 years my entire upbringing. I know firsthand the toll it takes on the whole family when someone is in the service and the unique challenges that come with that lifestyle. I'm familiar with the effects that service can have on active duty members and welcome them to my practice.

— Nik Millikan, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor in Long Beach, CA

I have worked with Veterans for several years as a psychologist in the VA system. I am trained in cognitive processing therapy and prolonged exposure, the "gold standard" therapies for PTSD.

— Bianca Jones, Psychologist in Houston, TX

The military lifestyle is a hard one, and not just for the military member. Between deployments, hardship tours, TDYs, and long hours, it’s enough to tear a family apart. As hard as the military life is on the military member, the family must be considered too. Sometimes you just need someone who understands how the military operates and what you are going through. I have been in 2 branches, deployed, hardship tour, and have 15 years experience as well as currently being a retired vet. I get it.

— PT Gross, Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado Springs, CO

I served in the military for eight years. I am familiar with issues that military members, veterans, and their families face.

— Cyrena Wooster, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

I served 4.5 years as an Active Duty Army psychologist and have served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as a psychologist since 2016. While on Active Duty, I completed pre- and postdoctoral training experiences at Eisenhower Army Medical Center. I have specialized training and experience as well as a passion for serving those who serve our country so selflessly.

— Peggy Steinbrunner, Psychologist in Everett, PA

I am a full-time first responder, I specialize in working with first responders, active military, and veterans.

— Carlos Martinez, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

I am a US Marine Veteran. I served in the Gulf War. Transitioning back into societal life led me on my path to becoming a therapist. I believe I provide a unique perspective in this area and would love to discuss with fellow Miltary/Veterans.

— Chris Bindewald, Clinical Social Worker in Metairie, LA