Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is a mind-body technique that combines exposure therapy with holistic techniques to spiritual healing. Energy psychology is deeply rooted in both western (exposure therapy) and eastern (holistic approaches) traditions. In exposure therapy, the client is exposed to a feared situation or object, or talks about a traumatic experience, in a safe environment. During this 'exposure,' a therapist will work to heal disturbances in the body's electrical fields, often via body tapping. Body tapping is a stimulation of pressure points, which helps the brain better regulate emotions during these disturbances. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’ energy psychology specialists today.

Meet the specialists

Energy psychology works with the the meridians, chakras, and biofield to create powerful change. More than 100 studies demonstrate the effectiveness of these texhniques. I have received extensive training and comprehensive energy psychology and in EFT, one of its most widely-known modalities. I love to help clients get in touch with their own energy, and learn how to manage it.

— Sarah Murphy, Counselor in Bryn Mawr, PA

I have been a leader in this form of therapy for a number of years and it has gained acceptance and popularity in the professional community. It is highly effective and adds to the talk therapy experience greatly. It reduces anxiety and brings you to a more neutral place emotionally so that you can see more clearly your patterns that are sabotaging your growth and happiness.

— Henry Grayson, Psychologist in New York, NY