Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder, typically emerging in childhood, which affects a patient’s ability to effectively socialize, solve problems and communicate. Some people with ASD need a lot of help in their daily lives while others need less. Therapists qualified in the treatment of Autism spectrum disorder can also help to diagnose it, as well as work with the individual on their social skills, help them learn to control emotions and address repetitive behaviors, among other things. If you or your child has received a diagnosis of Autism (or you suspect one may be forthcoming), contact one of our specialists today for support.

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I enjoy working with autistic and neurodiverse folks. My approach is a strength based approach and together we can explore and validate your inner experiences. The goal for me is not to help you conform to “neurotypical expectations”. It is to help explore your authentic self. I also conduct a group with adults who identify as queer and neurodivergent.

— Cynthia Brown, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Autism is not a disorder to be treated. It's a neurotype and way of being in the world. Because our world is centered on the neurotypical experience, autistic clients often come to me for support around how to navigate a neurotypical world. We'll dive into your personal autistic experience by exploring your strengths and interests, talking about the ways in which your daily living is impacted and discussing what supports you'd like to have in place. Ask us about PDA!

— Laura Morlok, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Frederick, MD

I enjoy working with autistic folks and neurodivergent folks. I use a neurodiverse affirming model to help you identify your needs, and lean into the traits that make you who you are.

— Rachelle Friedman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a late diagnosed ND therapist, I can attest to the gaps in the mental health field when it comes to autism in adults. This is especially true with women and queer folks who fall outside of the narrow clinical picture. I love working with the ND community to build skills that work with your neurotype rather than against it. Unmasking, unlearning internalized ableism, reclaiming stims, and building self-compassion are central to my work with autistic/AuDHD clients

— Sandy Rayman, Mental Health Counselor in Longmont, CO

My practice focuses on neurodiversity (adhd, autism).

— Ruth Millican, Psychologist in San diego, CA

You feel like you’re slightly out of sync with most people. You take things too literally. You always make movie references, but no one ever knows what you’re talking about. You shut down when you’re overwhelmed and you’ve been told that means you have depression—but you aren’t sure that’s right. One minute you’re in control of your emotions, and the next you’re lashing out at others. You don’t understand why you’re so overwhelmed. Sound as familiar as your lucky D20? You may be autistic.

— Karl Reichert, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Vancouver, WA

Having a brain that operates differently isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s an operating system to be learned. Let’s learn together. Recently, more of us have begun to discover that our “talented and gifted” nature as a child was actually highly masked neurodivergence. As we discover who we are, we often discover we aren’t who others think we are. This can be complicated - especially if we struggle with a fear of rejection.

— Kimberly Louvin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

#actuallyautistic and #autisticwhileblack, It is absolutely ridiculous how ableist the current diagnostic system is toward autistic individuals. Most of the treatment and therapy options have surrounded forcing the individual to conform to society instead of asking society to make changes. Also, allistic therapists have caught on to the hashtag so, that means there will be some preliminary questions. 1. Have you seen avatar? 2. Mass Effect? 3. Skyrim? 4. Star Trek? 5. Samefoods?

— Derrick Hoard, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , WA

Social and environmental overwhelm, somatic awareness, food issues, sensory processing, neurodiversity education

— Liberty Flidais, Psychotherapist in SANTA CRUZ, CA

Quintessential Health provides comprehensive assessment and testing service for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

— Quintessential Health, Clinical Psychologist in ,

I have an experience working with adolescents with ASD and co-morbidities. I have an additional training in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Behavioral Therapy.

— Aleksandra Bessent, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Temple, TX

I am an Autistic provider and working with neurodiveristy is one of my specialties.

— Victoria Grutz, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

Treating anxiety has been a core part of my training since I began doing therapy in 2014, working under supervisors who specialized in anxiety treatment. I am trained in evidence-based treatments for anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, and panic, including CBT, ERP, and MBCT, as well as alternative forms of psychotherapy for those who don’t respond well to cognitive behavioral models.

— Amanda Walker, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Needs are hard to understand when society has decided what's appropriate and what's not ahead of time. Autistics can feel misunderstood and too much which can shut them down. I can help you learn to recognize your needs and how to advocate for them.

— Ikenna Lughna, Mental Health Counselor

In the UK, I had a clinical placement at a Specialist Asperger's Syndrome Service in which I provided post-diagnostic counseling to individuals diagnosed with Aspergers/ASD/ASC to help them come to understand their diagnosis and to better navigate the impact of their difference upon their lives. I also have significant experience supporting the partners of persons with Aspergers/ASD/ASC.

— Melanie Chitwood Accepting New Client, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in -person in Seattle & Auburn with video sessions for persons in CA, FL, and the rest of Washington State.,

I have been working with Neurodivergent individuals and their parents for over 25 years, in school, in clinic, and in-home. I provide SpeciALTy Coaching for teens and adults, to help them better understand themselves, become a more effective advocate for their individual needs, explore relationships, explore their own parenting, as well as speak publicly and train professionals how to more effectively work with Autistic Individuals.

— Dena Alt, Counselor

Parents of children who are disabled need much more support than they receive. Often when these parents are navigating these systems in order to access resources for their children, they have experiences that are confusing and/or harmful. They need a place to sort through these experience and feelings so that as they move forward in parenting they feel confident about their parenting choices and are able to find moments of joy in their day-to-day.

— Luisa Bakhoum, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Auburn, WA

I specialize in autism-focused, neurodiversity affirming therapy for autistic adults and teens. As a therapist, who is also autistic, I understand our unique challenges. You may experience anxiety and depression, masking & autistic burnout, meltdowns & shutdowns, low self-esteem, family conflict, and difficulties with work or school performance, among many other concerns. I also welcome your authentic self and provide LGBTQIA+, transgender, nonbinary, and BIPOC affirming therapy.

— Riley Morgan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

As an Informed Autism Specialist and parent of an autistic son, I have experience in neurodiversity across the spectrum.

— Ashley Harris, Associate Professional Counselor in ,