Autism is a developmental disorder, typically emerging in childhood, which affects a patient’s ability to effectively socialize and communicate. Therapists qualified in the treatment of Autism can also help to diagnose it, as well as work with the individual on their social skills, help them learn to control emotions and address repetitive behaviors, among other things. If you or your child has received a diagnosis of Autism (or you suspect one may be forthcoming), contact one of our specialists today for support.

Meet the specialists


I have extensive experience in assessing and providing therapy to individuals with Autism as a school psychologist on many years.

— Erin Rieger, Counselor in Redondo Beach, CA

10 years of experience working with children, teens, and adults on the spectrum. I work with verbal and non-verbal clients to help them address chronic anxiety that impacts their quality of life. I provide significant neuroscience psychoeducation to the families I work with and I am happy to also collaborate with other practitioners on the team. I am highly experienced and specialized in my approach which was developed over many years in therapeutic and educational settings.

— Kathryn Sills-Payne, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Oakland, CA

I have experience and enjoy working with individuals impacted by autism spectrum disorders. In addition to offering therapeutic services to individuals and family members, I also provide evaluations for autism spectrum disorders.

— Rachel Oppenheimer, Psychologist in Plano, TX

I work with parents of autistic individuals of all ages to help them address problematic behaviors and transition to the next stages of their lives. I consult with teachers and school districts to provide training in identifying and serving students on the autism spectrum.

— Wendela Marsh, Counselor in Salem, OR

Many adults wonder if they have Aspergers or Autism because work isn't going well, relationships are a struggle & stress is difficult to manage. Understanding how your brain & body works is the most important way to move forward. We can work together to determine if you are neurodiverse & to find your niche vocationally as well as building confidence in relationships.

— Kathleen Thompson, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR