A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and often brings up feelings of depression, grief, fear, sadness or anger. Navigating treatment options can be overwhelming and exhausting. Even in remission, cancer can cause lingering trauma, anxiety and depression. According to the NCBI, cancer survivors are twice as likely to suffer from mental health issues as adults who have never had cancer. Whether you are struggling to accept a recent diagnosis or trying to figure out what your life looks like post-cancer, a mental health expert can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s cancer specialists today.

Meet the specialists


As an Oncology Social Worker/Counselor at a Cancer Center, I worked with adult populations and understand the emotional battles that go with diagnosis and long treatments. I worked with patients and family members of cancer patients and survivors. Using a trauma and mindfulness informed perspectives, I can help navigate the emotional path that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

— Niki Saigeon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado Springs, CO

I have worked with countless people living with disease. I have witnessed intense pain, relived traumatic experiences, and listened to the anger, guilt and conflicting emotions. As your therapist, I am unable to take away the physical pain or control the course of illness, but I can companion with you through this experience. Together we can lighten the intensity of emotions and work towards the emotional healing necessary to endure the course of illness.

— Jennifer Levin, Counselor in Pasadena, CA

I have been blessed with the opportunity to help many of my clients through their journey with cancer diagnosis and treatment. I have worked with a variety of people with various diagnoses, and I have a relationship with a local nonprofit that provides services to women with breast and GYN cancers. I have learned so much from these clients and it is my privilege to work with them every day.

— Sarah Murphy, Counselor in Bryn Mawr, PA

As a cancer support group leader and facilitator at a local hospital for individuals, I can help you find the courage to work through what you're experiencing, with support and guidance and provide you with tools to manage your toughest days.

— Julia Ayraud, Counselor in The Woodlands, TX