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My engaging approach, ease, authentic compassion & dignifying curiosity center clients as experts, competent to stand up to problems.

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About My Clients

“The problem is the problem. The person is not the problem.” (Michael White, 1989) I am a relational therapist, group & mindfulness facilitator and educator with a 25+ year career dedicated to companioning individuals & families standing up to challenges in health, healing, loss & life transitions. People may need bolstering facing life’s most difficult problems - cancer, grief, dogging mood states (circular worry, anxiety & panic, depression), "urban loneliness," coming out, foster parenting.

My Background and Approach

Master of Social Work degree; Proud clinical social worker. SW core values: service, social justice, dignity & worth of persons, integrity, competence. Mindfulness & oncology certifications. Illness often upends one's life & disrupts the entire family. No one needs to move through major loss & life transitions lost or alone. We collaborate to make adjustments & adaptations, restore forgotten strengths, find preferred living & directions forward. My respectful style ensures that people are situated as experts about their own lives & holds that, “The problem is the problem. The person is not the problem.” (Michael White, 1989, Narrative Therapy’s co-creator) With co-created perspectives (based on restoring knowledges & wisdoms individuals & families already possess), authentic compassion & dignifying curiosity, as well as dedication to excellent therapeutic care and professional growth, I am here for you & share your desire for clarity, support, adjustment, growth, insights & renewal.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Life is lived in intersecting local (personal/familial), community, institutional & societal cultures & discourses. Identifying the multiple internal & external influences on identity, agency, power & privilege we operate under is essential when standing up to problems, revitalizing existing strengths & recruiting new, needed supports. Individuals & families benefit from sharing their stories specifically about problems and ALSO broadly about strengths who they are, their lives, remembered & forgotten histories, knowledges, identities & wisdoms. Our work facilitates clarity, adjustment, re-storying, empowerment & deepening self-understanding while centralizing your personal knowledges & preferred values-based living. Black lives matter. As a white man, I am working to unlearn anti-Black influences & subvert white supremacist systems. I stand for pro-Black, anti-racist ideals. As a gay man, I know oppression. I listen for oppression (LGBTQ+, religious, gender...) Therapy can be fun too!

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