Sexual Problems

A sexual problem, sometimes called a sexual dysfunction, is a problem during any phase of the sexual sexual act (such as desire, arousal or orgasm). Although many people experience trouble with sex at some point, it is a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss. There are a number of specific sexual disorders, including sexual desire disorders (low libido), sexual arousal disorders (inability to become aroused – erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, for example), orgasm disorders (delay or non-appearance of orgasms) and sexual pain disorders (painful intercourse, most commonly affecting women). A sexual problem can occur suddenly or develop slowly, over an extended period of time. The reasons for sexual problems can widely vary but may include factors such as fluctuating hormones, aging, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diet, medications, illness or past sexual trauma. If you are dealing with sexual problems, a qualified professional therapist can help you identify the cause and help you develop ways to cope. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s sexual problems experts today.

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I have additional training from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Sex Therapy and advanced supervision.

— Alyssa Doberstein, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Raleigh, NC

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Certified Sex Therapist, and a doctoral student in Clinical Sexology. I am truly sex-positive, LGBTQ+ affirming, kink-friendly, and sex-worker allied.

— Jessica Singh, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Vero Beach, FL

It's easy to understand why anyone would have sexual problems. No one teaches us how to be healthy sexual beings. We're taught all kinds of stuff that's wrong and we have to make up a lot of what we do by trial and error. It's a silly way to learn something so vital to our lives. I'm sure that whatever you struggle with is common. It won't surprise me. Come see me to find out what no one would teach you in a safe caring way.

— Eddie Reece, Licensed Professional Counselor in Alpharetta, GA

Struggles with sexual desire, pleasure, or function, stem from many different places. Traumatic life events, health, relational issues, and life transitions can all contribute to a diminished sense of sexuality. Sex therapy works to remove blocks in intimate connection in a supportive and non-judgement environment. Together we work to help you find your own erotic pathway towards pleasure and connection.

— Joseph Winn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Concord, MA

Obstacles to achieving pleasure-filled sex with ourselves or others are endless and often interconnected between solo and partnered experiences. You deserve to a sex life full of pleasure, meaning, and connection. Support for individuals, couples, and ENM relationships wanting to thrive.

— Elise Robinson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in , NJ

Sexuality, desire, libido, and fantasy are all a natural and beautiful expression of being human, yet it can be difficult to navigate your own inner sexual terrain when you're afraid of judgment or shame. I offer a safe space where you can explore and heal any blockages to a vibrantly healthy sex life.

— Grace Willow Britt, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Austin, TX

My background as a sexuality educator as well as being sex therapist means that I can give high quality information from an ethical, pleasure positive and clinically sound place. I teach classes on sexual skills and pleasure and keep up to date on classes, retreats and other info to help my clients create a healthy and robust sex life.

— Jamila Dawson, Sex Therapist in , CA

Sex Therapy is a wonderful and safe way to learn how to enjoy better sex. You’ll become more aware of your beliefs, feelings, values, patterns, expectations, and preferences regarding sex. This means that you’ll also have the opportunity to discover and choose how sex can be more fulfilling and pleasurable for you. Whether you live with performance anxieties, desire discrepancies, or want more emotional intimacy in your sex life, I'd be happy to help you achieve your goals.

— Eric van der Voort, Psychologist in San Diego, CA

Are you experiencing painful sex, low desire for your partner, self-image issues in the bedroom, erectile dysfunction or difficulty with sexual pleasure and orgasm? Sex and intimacy concerns might feel difficult to discuss, but they are more common than you might think. Many people with a trauma history experience challenges with intimacy. Whether you're experiencing difficulties with emotional or physical intimacy, or looking to improve your sexual experience. Sex therapy can help.

— laura merritt, Psychotherapist in SEATTLE, WA

I support clients healing from sexual abuse, sexual assault, purity culture, and compulsory heterosexuality. I help clients work through their history, process any relevant traumas and core beliefs, and work toward sexual liberation and authenticity.

— Kirsten Cannon, Counselor in Memphis, TN

Sexual dissatisfaction occurs when your sexual experiences do not bring you pleasure, fulfillment, or connection. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many of my clients find themselves stuck in patterns of self-judgement and disconnection. I am comfortable and experienced in addressing a wide range of women’s sexual health concerns, including low libido, arousal difficulties, pain with intercourse, lack of desire, sexual avoidance, trauma, and sexual shame or anxiety.

— Jessica Byrd, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

I'm currently working toward certification in Sex Therapy and Sex Educator through the Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). Many of my clients are queer and/or are in open relationships. I also see folks living with HIV and other STIs. Prior to becoming a mental health therapist I was a peer counselor to folks living with HIV/AIDS and have provided HIV and sexual health education in Seattle public schools.

— Kelly Hill, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

Sexual shame, sexual pain, sexual desire are often culprits to disturbances in our sex lives. We work together to acknowledge the source of the mixed messages we received as children while being compassionate with ourselves. Together, using sex therapy strategies we will challenge, educate, and develop healthy pleasure practices.

— Janice Leonard, Licensed Professional Counselor in Plano, TX

I have specialized training in sex therapy and have extensive experience with paraphilia-related disorders, sexual health concerns, desire discrepancy issues, erectile/ ejaculation issues and sexual pain.

— Alana Ogilvie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

Our sexuality is at the core of who we are as humans, and where we came from – it is our life force. It’s also at the core of our own identity. So many of us are searching for who we truly are. We’re so encapsulated in who we should be being for others, that we end up losing ourselves. Our desire for unconditional love from another supersedes our need for physical connection. Emotion trumps sexuality. What goes on within our mind shuts down the abilities of our body.

— Dr Catalina Lawsin, Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

I am an AASECT Certified sex therapist and I help adult (and their partners) deal with issues such as sexual pain, desire discrepancy, erectile dysfunction, trauma related to sex, and dysphoria related to sex.

— Jodi Williams, Sex Therapist in New Haven, CT

I work with individuals and couples who experience erection and/or orgasm difficulties, sexual pain, anxiety towards human connection and touch, desire discrepancies, and sexual identity. What are your goals for your sex life?

— Cassandra Hesse, Counselor in Austin, TX