Sexual Problems

A sexual problem, sometimes called a sexual dysfunction, is a problem during any phase of the sexual sexual act (such as desire, arousal or orgasm). Although many people experience trouble with sex at some point, it is a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss. There are a number of specific sexual disorders, including sexual desire disorders (low libido), sexual arousal disorders (inability to become aroused – erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, for example), orgasm disorders (delay or non-appearance of orgasms) and sexual pain disorders (painful intercourse, most commonly affecting women). A sexual problem can occur suddenly or develop slowly, over an extended period of time. The reasons for sexual problems can widely vary but may include factors such as fluctuating hormones, aging, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diet, medications, illness or past sexual trauma. If you are dealing with sexual problems, a qualified professional therapist can help you identify the cause and help you develop ways to cope. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s sexual problems experts today.

Meet the specialists

Sometimes the last thing we want to do is talk about sex, especially if there is an issue. Sex therapy is designed to help you and your partner discuss issues that are prohibiting sexual satisfaction and how to resolve those issues. Both physical and emotional issues can prohibit sexual pleasure and sex therapy allows you and your partner to discuss those issues in a safe space.

— Cheri Locke, Licensed Professional Counselor in Katy, TX

We help couples work through sexual challenges. We help couples with desire discrepancies, communication around sex, sexual trauma history, reconnecting after becoming parents or medical illness, and wanting more enjoyment and fun in sex.

— Thrive Couple & Family Counseling Services, Counselor in Greenwood Village, CO

Infidelity/affairs/cheating, pain with intercourse, lack of desire or interest in sex, improving communication about sex, overcoming past sexual abuse or trauma, enhancing current sex life, resuming sex after baby, troubling fantasies, non-monogamy/open relationships, exploring sexual orientation or gender identity, poly relationships, kink, among others

— Corrin Voeller, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in St. Louis Park, MN

Sex therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy — a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health professional. Through sex therapy, we will address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy, either in individual therapy or couples or family therapy. Sex therapy can be effective for individuals of any age, gender or sexual orientation.

— Malika O'Neill, Licensed Professional Counselor in Media, PA

You are OK no matter what, especially in the area of sex. Sex produces great pleasure but also great vulnerability. I became a sex therapist when I realized that all of my couples have some area of sexual functioning that is not producing the utmost happiness. I have trained with the finest AASECT certified trainers . I have been told that I am approachable, non-judgmental, and accepting of all. I welcome all genders orientations and sexual expressions.

— Jennifer Duke, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

The benefit in coming to a specialist is that clients know they are coming to someone who hears about these issues frequently and is not reluctant to talk about erectile dysfunction, masturbation, porn and/or other topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about. I have completed my fellowship at the UCLA Couples and Sex Therapy Training Program with Dr. Walter Brackelmanns MD through AACAST (The American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists).

— Kimberly Clapp, Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

In addition to being an Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in TX, I am also a Certified Sex Therapist through the Texas Sex Therapy Institute. I completed additional education and training in order to be competent to work with various sexual dysfunctions and sexual topics.

— Katherine Mitchell, Counselor in Houston, TX

I am a certified sex therapist working with clients who have sexual trauma affecting their sexual healing in their present life and relationships. I have experience working with couples and individuals with sexual problems, including low and high libidos, erectile dysfunction, post traumatic stress disorder, and sexual trauma and abuse.

— Rebecca Walush, Counselor in Aurora, CO

Differences in sexual desire are both deeply painful and highly typical - it's normal to feel different amounts of desire at different times. From strengths- and pleasure-based perspectives, I will explore responsive vs spontaneous desire, neurobiology, early sexual/relationship experiences, the role of touch, and the ways in which intimacy is created in your relationship. I give exercises that work for you and your life that help you to experience something new, different, and pleasurable!

— Helen Wyatt, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Chicago, IL

I see both individuals and couples for sexual problems. This includes sexual dysfunction, such as pain, erectile problems, difficulty with orgasm, low desire, and hypersexuality. My Ph.D. was on pain during intercourse, and my post-doc focused on hypersexuality. I also see individuals who have sexual interests that they have trouble integrating into their lives, including those that are illegal. I specialize in working with disturbing sexual thoughts and managing shame around those thoughts.

— Kate Sutton, Psychologist in Campbell, CA

There is so much shame & stigma around sex and pleasure that addressing it can feel difficult if not downright embarrassing. I am a globally renowned expert on managing complicated sexual feelings and physical problems. Nothing is taboo or off limits in my practice. I am amply skilled at working with diverse communities especially LGBTQ & alt sex / kink / poly communities.

— Cyndi Darnell, Sex Therapist in NYC, NY

SEX THERAPY SEX is the hottest topic around. Our lives are inundated daily with sexuality because without it we no longer survive as humans. Sexuality a major part of being human. With so much shame surrounding sex, misinformation, drama and trauma concerning sex, it is a wonder we are not worse off than we are. Sometimes someone needs is a little education, mature, balanced information and they’re good to go. Other times some need counsel, a little advice, and safe conversation to get healthy. At other times people need therapy, deeper, skilled treatment for sexual issues. All levels are found at the Aspen Center, in Dr. Raymond Jones. SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT, SEXUAL IDENTITY, SEXUAL COMPANIONSHIP, SEXUAL FANTASY, DESIRES AND HEALTHY SEXUALITY are all given equal space at the Aspen Center. Dr. Jones knows how to grow a healthy, sexual being who feels comfortable in their skin, who overcomes the shame and grows into the most healthy, spiritual, intimate sex ever.

— Raymond Harvey, Sex Therapist in Covina, CA

Clients who report sexual problems, report varying libidos, lack of sexual desire, lack of pleasure during sex, infidelity, pornography watching/addiction, difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, lack if intimate connection, triggers during sex related to previous trauma.

— Marissa Talarico, Counselor in Vancovuer, WA

I work with issues that range from sexual trauma to sexual satisfaction. I primarily work with cisgender men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I also help couples open up communication about sexual needs.

— Michael Salas, Counselor in Dallas, TX

I am currently in training with the University of Michigan to obtain my certification in sex therapy. This is an area that I wanted to get the best training and education to be able to offer competent and well-researched therapy techniques to my clients. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a sex therapist without training in it. Please ask questions of myself or any therapist about what training they have to offer this type of specialty care.

— Maria Carrington, Therapist in Lakewood, WA

I attended the Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment and have been trained extensively in sexual dysfunction, sex therapy techniques, various gender identities and sexual orientations and BDSM. I am a sex positive therapist and strive to create a space of acceptance for exploration of issues and concerns in a nonjudgmental, non pathologizing environment. I am passionate about helping people and couples discover their erotic sexual side so that they can have the physical and emotional intimacy that they crave, desire and deserve.

— kandee willis, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Naperville, IL

I have been working with couples and individuals both for a variety of sexual concerns for several years and am now working towards becoming a Certified Sex Therapist. I see folks for a variety of sexual concerns including: sexual dysfunction, pain, differing libidos, lack of pleasure, sexual abuse, LBGTQ+, low desire, non-traditional relationships, kinks, out of control sexual behaviors, and more. I desire to foster a space where you can experience vulnerability around these concerns.

— Julie DiNuoscio, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cincinnati, OH

Men who have tried scary gadgets to treat their sexual dysfunctions to no avail can heal themselves with the tools learned in our proprietary programs. Woman are judged in all of aspects of their lives on the expression of their sexuality. We will work together to help woman harness their own powerful sexuality. People suffering from disabilities, injuries and PTSD find enormous relief and comfort through touch therapy sessions.

— Rachael Rainey, Sex Therapist in Sparks, NV

You are not satisfied with what’s happening (or not happening) in your bedroom. You would like more sexual intimacy in your relationship with your partner but every time you ask for it, it blows up in your face. You are struggling with performance anxiety or sexual pain and you’ve been avoiding having sex all together. Is low libido or a sexual dysfunction keeping you from enjoying your sex life? Then, let’s get to work!

— Eleni Economides, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Rochester, NY

I will help you to learn to assert your wants and needs not only in the bedroom but in your life. In therapy with me, can help you to embrace, embody and celebrate your body as a source of profound eroticism. Working with me, you can learn to experience your sexuality in a way that it merges with every aspect of your life. Awakening you tof eroticism that imbues your life with pleasure and confidence. So that your natural state of being is feeling alive and turned on all areas of your life.

— Meala Datura, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Mill Creek, WA

As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, I help individuals and partners improve their sexual health. Issues include, but are not limited to: desire discrepancy, difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection, difficulty achieving orgasm, low desire/arousal, painful sex, sexless marriage, delayed/premature ejaculation, sexual performance anxiety, history of sexual abuse/trauma, excessive pornography use, unwanted sexual behaviors, sexual shame/guilt associated with religious beliefs.

— Yvette Maassey, Licensed Professional Counselor in San Antonio, TX

I am a Clinical Sexuality Coach and sex therapist. I specialize in the following: sexual performance anxiety, ejaculatory concerns, desire concerns, porn issues, out of control sexual behaviors, sexuality and gender identity.

— Anthony Dimitrion, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Ridgewood, NJ

I partner frequently with local professionals who specialize in the medical and physical side of sexual wellness: OBGYNs, pelvic floor PTs, and primary care providers are amazing places to start your journey of healing. My job is to support your journey and attend to the challenges that arise in your sexual life - with training in the physiological and emotional factors in sexuality, I am equipped to walk with you as you reach your goals.

— Katrina Knizek, Counselor in Spokane, WA

Desire discrepancy, lack of sufficient arousal, pain during sex, out of control sexual behavior, difficulties achieving and maintaining erections, and others.

— Holly Mackin, Marriage & Family Therapist in MT HOLLY, NC

Sex is the most vulnerable topic for many people. As a Sexologist I am highly curious about how we express ourselves, what we choose to keep private, and what we keep secret. Maybe you have spoken to a medical doctor and been told everything's fine, but you know it's not fine. Let's include the body/mind, heart, and soul. I create a safe(r) environment in which you can relax and become curious.

— Kelly Rees, Clinical Sexologist in Portland, OR

You just don't have the energy or desire you used to have. You struggle to feel confident, sexy or adequate. The thought of a sexual experience brings you anxiety and fear. What if you were living a life full of pleasure and desire? Your relationship and sexuality did not bring you stress or fear but closeness and relaxation. With the help of therapy you will begin to udnerstand your sexuality and gain confidence. You will learn to understand you mind and body and lead with control.

— Anna Raport, Marriage & Family Therapist in Germantown, PA

I work with couples and individuals who may be feeling out of sync sexually or struggling to create a mutually satisfying emotional and sexual connections to find your voice, really hear your partners needs, heal, explore and ignite a shared and empowered vision for sex! I also specialize in helping people from conservative faith and LGBTQIA+ communities with low interest or confidence in sex explore your own needs, desires, and beliefs around intimacy. You are worthy of pleasure & connection!

— Julie Estrella, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Redlands, CA

I am a trained sex therapist, along with being a Certified Sex Offense Treatment Provider. I was trained at the Joseph J. Peters Institute in Philadelphia and conduct forensic psychosexual evaluations for pre and post release individuals with sexual offense charges or convictions. I work with individuals and couples to address a broad array of sexual issues, from paraphilic interests to erectile dysfunction.

— Jan Tate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Mebane, NC

I want to help people find pleasure, joy, and confidence in their sexuality and relationships no matter what barriers they face. I do this by providing therapy grounded in feminist ideals and collaboration, a focus on strengths, trauma-informed care, and science-backed interventions. I provide a space for you to feel seen where you are.

— Casey Tanner, Therapist in Chicago, IL