Internal Family Systems

The Internal Family Systems Model (IFS), first developed by Richard C. Schwartz, is an integrative approach to individual psychotherapy that combines systems thinking with the view that mind is made up of separate subpersonalities, each with its own viewpoint and qualities. The focus of IFS therapy is to get to know each of these subpersonalities and understand how they work as a whole in order to better achieve healing. IFS can be used to treat individuals, couples, and families and it has been shown to be effective for treating a variety issues, including depression, anxiety, and panic. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s Internal Family Systems specialists today.

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IFS is an approach that work to identify all the different parts of ourselves. IFS focuses on healing wounded parts and restoring mental balance by changing the dynamics between the various parts. The ultimate goal of IFS is to regain control of our true inner voice and find clarity that was once distorted by the wounded parts of ourselves.

— Morgan Ticum, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Overland Park, KS

Parts Work! I talk about parts of ourselves that "fill up the living room" and crowd out other parts.

— Saren Craig, Licensed Professional Counselor in , OR

IFS Therapy uses self-compassion to encourage buried parts of our personality to ascend, freeing memories, emotions, and previously locked-away beliefs. Not only that, it enables clients to unburden trauma, access self-energy, and form deeply satisfying relationships with themselves and others.

— Robert Walsh, Mental Health Counselor in Philadelphia, PA

Nearly 10 years of clinical experience using the Internal Family Systems approach.

— Ross Kellogg, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is my primary treatment modality. I help clients recognize internal conflicts that are keeping them paralyzed and holding them back from healing. IFS helps me identify root cause issues that can persist for years and through this identification, clients can learn to self-soothe and move forward.

— Self-Care Simplified, Clinical Psychologist in Atlanta, GA

I am an internal family systems informed therapist and have been using the IFS modality to assist clients with many issues including anxiety, depression, and impacts of trauma.

— Lacey Buckingham, Licensed Professional Counselor

Working together in this very powerful model of psychotherapy, which brings a depth of self-awareness and self-compassion I have not seen in other models, you will be guided to recognize, accept, and unburden all parts of yourself and become the leader of your own internal system. I have completed a six-month-long, highly experiential Level 1 course from the IFS Institute, and continue to deepen my understanding and embodiment of the model through ongoing training and consultation.

— Daniel Fulton, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oak Park, IL

Internal Family Systems or IFS is a unique form of therapy that focuses on your internal “world” and how you interact with the different facets of yourself. It can be a helpful model to better understand patterns that you find yourself in and how to change your inner landscape. I have completed Level 1 training through the IFS institute as well as continue with ongoing supervision, practice and continuing education. IFS is a wonderful therapy treatment to heal from the inside out.

— Kristin Tand, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

We are all made up of different parts that contain valuable qualities and we all have an inner Self that knows how to heal. Together, we can get to know these different parts, hear their stories, and release their burdens all while establishing more trust in the Self, allowing you to feel more integrated and whole. I have completed my Level 1 IFS Training through the IFS Institute.

— Lindsay Anderson, Professional Counselor Associate in , OR

I am a Level 1 graduate of the Internal Family Systems training.

— Jessica L Packman, Clinical Social Worker in Marietta, GA

All of us have experiences where a part of us wants one thing while another part of us wants another. One part of us wants to devour the snacks while another says we need to watch our weight. Internal Family Systems (IFS) gives language to these common experiences and teaches us how to recognize and reconcile quarreling parts within us. It allows us to transform parts of us that enact harmful patterns into the best version of them(our)selves.

— Phillip Coulson, Therapist in Seattle, WA

I am a trauma-informed therapist. IFS is a powerful tool to explore the reasons why we have certain moods, feelings, thoughts, or behavior that we can't explain. We might feel confused about why we have inner conflicts or difficulty making decisions. IFS can address these concerns with a high efficacy rate.

— Tara Moyle, Licensed Professional Counselor in Glen Ridge, NJ

IFS offers a unique and empowering perspective on personal growth and healing - it posits that our psyche is made up of various parts, each with its own characteristics and intentions, and a core Self that is the essence of who we are. I believe your core Self is a compassionate, confident, curious, and creative presence, capable of healing its own system when it's in a leadership role.

— Alex Carone, Clinical Social Worker in Denver, CO

I utilize IFS to help my clients gain a greater understanding of themselves and the different parts that exist within each of us. Together we will strive to employer your self and achieve the self-acceptance and understanding.

— Scout Kopech, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Blue Ash, OH

Through the lenses of ego state/parts work and Internal Family Systems (IFS) I help clients connect to emotions and body sensations that have been cut off by internal dissociative processes. This allows for deeper processing and a much clearer understanding of your internal self.

— Rae Cuffe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Miami, FL

Internal Family Systems has been a major part of my own healing journey and it is my favorite way to work with clients. Working with parts is a creative and effective way to find the root of what is causing suffering in one's internal system. In IFS, the concept of 'Self' is what really brings the power. Self is described as a powerful and undamageable entity within that has the capacity to heal our deepest wounds. Helping clients access Self is my motivation and honor.

— Chana Halberg, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in Boulder, CO

Have you ever said, "Part of me feels like this, but part of me also feels like this?" These "parts" make up a system within us that protects, guides, and motivates us. Getting to know and becoming more accepting of these "parts" can help us live more fully present and as our most authentic selves.

— Dana Williams, Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern in Palm Harbor, FL