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Hello and congratulations for having the courage to seek out help! I know it can be a big step and I'm here to help you make it.

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About My Clients

I have worked with a lot of people going through life transitions, understanding trauma, and exploring what makes healthy and happy relationships. I believe that therapy is a tool to assist in times of need, and in therapy I want to support the individual to come to their own conclusions. My end goal is for my clients to feel that they have their own tools to solve their problems. The relationship we have with each other is the primary driver of the healing experience.

My Background and Approach

My background as a social worker includes over 10 years of case management experience, where I've worked with low-income people in public assistance programs. I have also worked with many people experiencing intimate partner violence and recovering from childhood physical and sexual abuse, as well as people who have experienced religious trauma. My approach is non-judgmental, assisting clients with understanding their unmet needs and the healthiest ways they can achieve them. I believe that positive, healthy relationships are the way to heal from negative past experiences and the therapeutic relationship is my greatest tool to help do that. My preferred techniques include EMDR, CBT, IFS, mindfulness, and solution-focused therapies. Note for prospective clients - I do not work with minors (under 18). If you are seeking therapy for another person (18+), I require that individual contact me on their own before I will set an intake. This ensures the client is invested in the therapy.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that all people in essence want the same things - to be cared for and care for others, to be safe, and to have accomplishments and recognition from others. I don't believe that needing therapy means something is "wrong" with a person, and I think that what constitutes a problem or success can look different for each person. I have an office I rent one day a week to see clients in person in Phoenix, Arizona, and I offer telehealth sessions for anyone who requests, in either state. Clients who meet me in person are required to wear a mask during our session.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English, Fran├žais
  • Rate: $80 - 250/session


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