Child Issues

Today’s children face a variety of unique issues. As children grow, they go through many mood and behavior changes. Although these changes can be difficult – both for the children and for the caregivers – they are usually normal, predictable and no cause for concern. However, when a child is having trouble at home, school or with friends, or is struggling to process a routine or traumatic event (for example the birth of a sibling, death of a loved one, bullying, or abuse), the help a professional may be needed. A mental health professional who specializes in child issues can be a great asset in helping a child (or their caregivers) navigate this distinctive time in their lives. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today!

Meet the specialists

I have worked with children and teens for my entire career as a therapist, and even before. Along with being a therapist, I am a Registered Children's Yoga Instructor and the Lead Trainer for a program that specializes in teaching adults how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. I have training in play therapy, art therapy and animal assisted therapy to be able to provide unique modalities to connect with children.

— Courtney Hart, Clinical Social Worker in Havre de Grace, MD

I do psychological testing for children as early as 12 months to determine developmental delays, autism, behavior problems, ADHD, and LD. (ADHD and LD are not diagnosed this early). I do PCIT, a specialized parent-child behavior therapy to help children ages 2-7 with behavior problems.

— Jessica Myszak, Psychologist in Glenview, IL

Children's play therapy is a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. Using sand tray, art, games and other tools to guide and facilitate healing, I create a safe space for them to explore all aspects of their inner world.

— Nicola Gosen, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Bellingham, WA

Is your child having trouble with peers, feel bullied? Maybe your child feels alone, isolated from others? Is the school calling more about negative behaviors with peers and teachers? Does your child often say "everyone hates me" "I have no friends"? Do you find yourself worried and out of ideas about how to help? You're in the right place, I can help! Counseling can be extremely effective in helping children/teens learn to express themselves in healthier ways.

— Cathy Sharer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Cardiff, CA

I have worked with children and young people for over 15 years across multiple settings including schools, outpatient mental health clinics, adoption organizations and in private practice. I have extensive training in child-centered therapies and am passionate about working with children by speaking their language using play therapy, EMDR for children and Theraplay, a family-based play therapy to strengthen and build the parent-child relationship.

— Robyn Holmes-Cannon, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

I have completed special training in Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT), an evidence-based treatment approach for working with children ages 3-10, and child development. I have experience working with children and their families, helping them navigate social, emotional, or behavioral challenges, or life transitions.

— Katrina Thatcher, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

Children communicate and interact with the world, and express themselves through play. Playing with a child means entering their world and meeting them on their level, which is always the first building blocks of therapy. Through play, we can activate the creative, social, emotional and even, logical/problem solving aspects of your child, promoting skills like healthy problem-solving and frustration tolerance, regulating energy, and effective social skills.

— Al Hoberman, Creative Art Therapist in New York, NY

I have supported parents, caregivers, and future parents and their children in addressing emotional, relational and behavioral needs. I am rostered in Child-Parent Psychotherapy through the UCSF Child Trauma Research Program. I completed my Post Master's Clinical Fellowship at UCSF Children's Hospital in Oakland in the Early Intervention Services Department where I received specialized training on child-parent therapy.

— Shohreh Schmuecker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Danville, CA

In addition to my private practice, I have worked part-time in schools as an on-campus therapist since 2013. I absolutely love working with kids and teens! I have worked with kids who are holding trauma, working with symptoms of anxiety, shyness, autism spectrum, ADHD, depression, grief, and self-harm.

— Josanna MacCracken, Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

I have been working with very young children and families for nine years. I am trained in numerous evidence-based interventions, including Child-Parent Psychotherapy (for kids aged birth to five and their caregivers), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (for ages three and older) and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (to help parents manage challenging behavior in young children ages three to eight).

— Samantha Pugh, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Lafayette, CO

I am experienced in numerous child and teen issues. I believe in listening to children and teens and helping them feel understood. I support youth and families in feeling more connected and able to handle challenges as they arise.

— Julie Hsu, Psychologist in Austin, TX

Children have alot of stimulation to manage in a day! They can struggle with self-control of their feelings and behavior, their ability to manage the social complexities of peer and family relationships, and their own self-confidence. They and their parents can benefit from therapy for development and coaching in stress management skills, for learning to talk about feelings instead of acting them out, and for confidence in learning and independence.

— Cathleen Rea, Clinical Psychologist in Charlottesville, VA

I have always had a deep love for children. For this reason, I have devoted much of my academic and personal study to child development. I have developed and taught parenting courses, managed a child day-care, and done therapy with many children and parents. I have a warm approach as a therapist and design developmentally appropriate therapeutic interventions to help children and adolescents heal.

— Christina Holyoak, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Pleasant Grove, UT

I enjoy providing parent consultation for child issues from infancy through elementary school, and I also have developed a specialty working with kids who have struggling with anxiety. From sleep issues to school-related fears to separation anxiety, I can help your child to feel more confident and comfortable.

— Dayna Sharp, Clinical Social Worker in Philadelphia, PA

I work specifically with children experiencing behavior difficulties, which could include ADHD, Autism, outbursts, anger, sadness, divorce, anxiety, perfectionism, school behavior concerns or academic concerns, and many other issues.

— Brandy Ray, Counselor in Lake St. Louis, MO

It is alarming that 52% of adolescents report being cyberbullied. The cyber acts reach beyond the victim’s playground, classrooms, or halls at school and follows them home on their devices, leaving no escape. These acts include spreading rumors, sending threats or hurtful comments, or sharing compromising videos or pictures of the victim. The #InternetProofTeens program provides psycho-education, esteem and resilience building, and safety tips to fight back from being bullied online.

— Dr. Tenille Richardson-Quamina, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I utilize Play Therapy & Expressive Art Therapy to work with children as young as 4 y/o to work on a variety of issues from ADHD/ADD, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, bullying, school issues, behavioral issues and sibling conflicts. We work on ways to cope and develop healthy strategies to empower the child to begin the healing process. Kids are more equip to deal with their struggles after Play Therapy because it relates to them where they are.

— Julie Goch, Counselor in Canton, OH

Children often are not developmentally able to put into words what is troubling them. Instead, their struggle often presents by tantrums, acting out, crying, whining, sleep issues, somatic complains, clingyness, anger outbursts, to name a few. Childhood is not supposed to be this constant struggle! In my career, I use developmentally appropriate ways of helping children regulate and parent-child feel connected again, including Play and Sandtray Therapy while incorporating latest brain science.

— Isabel Decian, Counselor in Auburn, WA

I work with children, adolescents, families, and parents providing support for many different challenges. Helping children with: Big Feelings, Highly Sensitive Children/Shy, Anxiety, Rigid Behavior, , Transitions, Self-regulation, Aggression, ADHD, Self-esteem, Divorce, and Loss. Supporting teens with: Anxiety, Highly Sensitive Teen/Shy, Academic Pressure, Peer Pressure, Self-esteem, Grief/loss, Divorce, and Bullying,Identity,Exclusion,Friendships, Family Dynamics, Body Image, and Loneliness.

— Jerrica Danhoff, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San francisco, CA

Child and adolescent psychotherapy can assist your child to develop coping skills to manage anxiety, stress, depression, or other behavioral challenges. Through the use of evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, your child can learn to change distressing thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that may be holding them back.Family counseling can also support parents to strengthen parenting skills to help manage behavioral challenges such as impulsive or oppositional behaviors.

— Melissa Kramer, Clinical Social Worker in Middletown, NJ

I work with parents of children who may have a learning, attention, or behavior disorder, struggle to complete classwork and homework, are fearful of certain situations, have sleep problems, have difficulty regulating emotions and self-control, experience separation anxiety at home and school, become easily frustrated or overwhelmed, or are stubborn and defiant with adults. I offer psychoeducational/psychological evaluations, child therapy, and parent support sessions.

— Dr. Kristin Edwards, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Tampa, FL