Psychological Testing and Evaluation

Psychological testing and evaluation, sometimes called psychological assessment, involves a series of tests that help a qualified therapist determine the cause of mental health symptoms. The goal of this type of testing is to identify the correct diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment. The underlying cause of the problems someone is facing isn't always clear and tests can help provide clarity for a wide variety of issues. For example, if a child is struggling in school, they may undergo tests for learning disabilities. Evaluations can also help identify things like personality traits, anger management issues, anxiety, depression, interpersonal skills, memory, ADHD and more. If you are interested in psychological tests and evaluation, contact one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

Meet the specialists

I conduct fitness for duty evaluations for both current employees and prospective employees. These evaluations are typically conducted to assess the suitability and reliability of individuals in high stakes occupations (e.g., medicine, aviation, law enforcement). My experience in conducting fitness for duty evaluations dates back to the beginning of my military service and continues to date.

— Dr. Joye Henrie, Psychologist in Albuquerque, NM

Every new client begins with psychological evaluation. This first session is important to open up the possibility of determining the main area for psychotherapy and in allowing each client to give details (in their own words) on topics that are integral for treatment. With an assessment as the starting point, small/short-term (and sometimes larger/long-term) goals are established. A small goal, along with detailed information, opens the door to effective mental health treatment.

— Robert Oaks, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Columbus, OH

I provide assessment and evaluation services for a wide variety of concerns in children and adolescents including autism, anxiety, depression, cognitive ability, and learning difficulties. I use a collaborative assessment model to help parents better communicate with and understand their children, and to help children and adolescents better understand themselves.

— Annie Holleman, Psychologist in Austin, TX

Autism Specific Evaluations Learning / Academic Evaluations Neuropsychological Evaluations Psychological Evaluations

— Rachel Oppenheimer, Psychologist in Plano, TX

We conduct comprehensive psychological testing and evaluation services in Washington State

— Relational Psych Group, Psychologist in Seattle, WA

A neuropsychological evaluation is the study of how the brain functions. The brain is divided into areas associated with different functions and skills such as attention, executive function, motor skills, visual perception, sensorimotor skills, visual motor skills, visual and verbal memory. These brain functions can be impaired or limited at birth or after a brain injury.

— Dr. Melisa Flores Ruiz, Clinical Psychologist in Orlando, FL

I conduct sexual and general risk evaluations for those in trouble with the law around their sexual behavior. I am CASOMB certified and I am an internationally certified trainer/instructor for the STABLE-2007, a tool examining risk for re-offense.

— Kate Sutton, Psychologist in Campbell, CA

I’ve completed three post-doctoral fellowships-one in forensics, one in neuropsychology, and one in medical psychology. I can test from preterm birth to age 74. I provide testing for accommodations, disability, immigration, and personal injury, in addition to general psychological, personality, and cognitive/intellectual evaluations.

— Margaret Donohue, Psychologist in Glendale, CA

Dr. Emily personally completes all evaluations, which are evidence-based, collaborative, and strengths-based. Evaluations include a comprehensive written report with thorough, specific, and detailed recommendations for treatment and services, tailored to individual needs. Feedback includes a thorough discussion of results where you are encouraged to ask questions and share your feelings about direction moving forward.

— Emily Crawford-Thompson, Psychologist in COLUMBIA, MO

At Summit we specialize in comprehensive Neuroeducational Evaluations that are developed through meaningful and targeted assessment and consultation. All psychologists at Summit are dual licensed clinical psychologists and school psychologists who specialize in evaluating and supporting school aged children. Our philosophy is to rule out differential diagnoses, identify an individual’s strengths and areas of need and consult with parents to help them best advocate for their child.

— Summit Psychological Assessment & Consultation, Educational Psychologist in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

I provide psychological assessments for children and adolescents. Psychological assessment is the use of empirically validated psychological tests to assess the patient's cognitive, academic, and personality functioning. Testing can help you, your family, teachers, and other health care providers to understand complex behaviors and emotions, clarify diagnostic questions, and develop helpful treatment recommendations.

— Miranda Gabriel, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist in Los Gatos, CA