Clinical Neuropsychology

A clinical neuropsychologist is a doctoral level psychologist with specialized training in brain-behavior relationships. A neuropsychologist can provide assessment and interventions to people across the age span. They can aid in the diagnosis of brain disorders, assess cognitive skills, create comprehensive treatment plans, and provide specialized interventions for cognitive rehabilitation. Using standardized assessment measures neuropsychologists compare your performance with others with similar backgrounds as well as compared to your own difficulties in daily life. They provide a report describing your strengths and challenges so that your treatment team can improve your quality of life.

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As a clinical neuropsychologist, I have specialty training in the brain-behavior relationship. In assessment, I will learn about you through clinical interview, talking with friends or family, looking at medical and/or school records and finally through cognitive testing. I use a series of tasks to assess a variety of thinking skills. I pull all the information into a report that we discuss at feedback. I aim to provide information that is understandable and answers the questions you have.

— K Wortman, Clinical Psychologist in Oakland, CA

Neuropsychology and neurocounseling are concerned with how a person's cognition and behavior are related to the brain.

— Jess Pliszka, Licensed Professional Counselor in Milwaukee, WI

I believe that we are connected in mind, body, and soul and learning how they all work together in our pain and also our joy is key to how well we can live out our lives.

— DeeDee Fetters, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Rural Hall, NC