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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy and 14 years of experience using music to help clients achieve their goals. Music can be used in many ways to enhance the work done in traditional talk therapy, both inside the therapy session and in one's daily life.

— Micheale Collie, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Durham, NC

While I love to talk and listen to you talk, there are times in which language doesn't suffice. In these moments, music can offer unique outlets for expression and communication. I have worked with people of every musical ability, from those that have never touched an instrument, to seasoned performers. If you find music to be soothing, or your identity is reflected in the music you listen to, I will find ways to incorporate it in sessions to provide mental relief.

— Erik Gundel, Creative Art Therapist in New York, NY

In music therapy, music is used as a tool and in relationship with a therapist to help with self expression where words fail.

— Toby Williams, Creative Art Therapist in Brooklyn, NY

Creative practices can often be a safer and more direct way of expressing, experiencing and understanding the most challenging emotions. I integrate my experience as a performer in Jazz, improvised and World music as well twenty years of zen practice into a unique and effective approach to therapy. Using both verbal psychotherapy and creative art mediums in a safe and supportive environment I work to guide the therapeutic process towards achieving a client's unique goals.

— Aaron Shragge, Creative Art Therapist in New York, NY

I have a master's degree in music therapy and am board-certified, meaning I use music based interventions to help you access your psyche, process changes, and explore meaning for yourself.

— Rye Webber, Creative Art Therapist in Boston, MA

I have 7 years experience as a music therapist in the New York area. I am licensed and board certified.

— Rafe Stepto, Psychotherapist in Brooklyn, NY

I am a Board Certified Music Therapist, as music therapy is my primary certification.

— Nastasia Zibrat, Creative Art Therapist in Centennial, CO

I am Board Certified in this area and believe strongly in the power of music as not just a culturally and socially grounding tool, but one that is biologically coded into us to motivate our responses and connections to each other. I prioritize the amplification of each person’s unique musical vocabulary (even if you don’t think you have one!) and drawing insights from the ways people can (and do!) make music together everyday, whether consciously or unconsciously, in community.

— Natasha Thomas, Creative Art Therapist

As a Board-Certified Music Therapist, I integrate the power of words and music to help you heal and unlock your potential. Music is an ancient form of medicine that is now being recognized by the Western scientific communities as potent and effective. Music can be used as a springboard for discussion or a participatory experience for coping and self-expression through song, sound, and movement. No experience creating or playing music is necessary.

— Dax Glasson-Darling, Associate Clinical Social Worker in El Cerrito, CA

I have been a board-certified music therapist since 2011, and love to engage clients in creative therapy skills to improve overall coping capabilities and emotional understanding. This might include music-based mindfulness experiences, songwriting for emotional expression and healthy communication, active-music making for body-brain reset, and other related tools. Music therapy has shown proven benefits to a wide-range of mental health needs, and is adjustable to you and your interests!

— Kathryn Wood, Licensed Professional Counselor in Brentwood, TN

Music and dance are good coping and self care tools.

— Sonya D Willis, Licensed Professional Counselor in CHICAGO, IL

Music is a powerful medium to help people relax and get in-tune with other parts of their brain that can heal, reduce stress, and give a new perspective to living. My work is in both music and sound, and how various forms of music and sound frequencies affect people's daily lives.

— Serge Timacheff, CHt, Counselor in Des Moines, WA

I am a board certified music therapist. I have an an undergraduate equivalency in music therapy as well as a Master of Music Therapy degree.

— Ariel Green, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate