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Every couple fights once in a while. It’s a normal, and even healthy, part of most relationships. However, when the frequency and seriousness of your fights start affecting your health and well-being, it may be time to speak with a professional. A therapist specializing in couples counseling is trained to help you and your partner(s) develop tools to better communicate (and fight constructively), help you achieve goals together, or move past a specific event or cause of conflict (such as infidelity, sex, or household duties). In addition to helping those in a relationship have a healthier partnership, couples counseling can also be helpful if you and your partner are considering a breakup or a divorce – having a professional guide you can aide the both of you in making an informed decision. Think it might be time to give couples counseling a try? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s couples counseling experts today.

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Couple's Counseling is extremely difficult from the therapist's perspective. I have to help two people who have two completely different points of view, about the same situation, find some way to come to an agreement while remaining neutral and empathic to both points of view. I also have to teach you how to do something you have been doing your entire life and only seem to not do it correctly when you're with your person. Long story short, there is a lot of humor involved.

— Derrick Hoard, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , WA

Trained as a marriage and family therapist with speciality work in couples throughout my career.

— Elizabeth Hinkle, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Richmond, VA

John Gottman's research found that emotionally intelligent couples are intimately familiar with each other’s worlds. They know each other’s goals in life, worries, and dreams. Without such a love map, you can’t know your partner. From knowledge springs not only love, but the fortitude to weather marital storms. Couples who have detailed love maps of each other’s worlds are far better prepared to cope with stressful events and conflict.

— Tom Bolls, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

Couples therapy LIGHTS ME UP! It can be a game-changer! I positively impact couples w/ a rare blend of empathy, wisdom & knowledge from cutting edge EFT research. Not feeling heard, understood? Toxic conflict? Withdrawing? Longing for help? LEARN to make him/her #1! To Be THERE for each other & feel like you MATTER. BUILD brain knowledge, attachment, a secure bond & love, repair, calming & NVC communication skills.

— Annette Barnett, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Saratoga, CA

I've been working with couples in both consensual non-monogamous relationships and monogamous relationships since 2013. I can almost guarantee you haven't invented a new way to struggle in relationships. Since I started working with couples though, I have learned many new ways to support your relationship(s).

— PK Ponti-Foss, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

I help couples get past their painful patterns and create the lasting love they deserve. I help people create Intimacy-Based Relationships rather than Fear-Based Relationships.

— Layla Ashley, Marriage & Family Therapist in Valley Village, CA

My license is in Marriage & Family Therapy which equips me to work with relationships of all types. My approach to couples work is somewhat eclectic, always experiential and embodied using somatic psychology, attachment theory, the Five Love Languages, and Nonviolent Communication. I believe having a whole sense of self vs becoming enmeshed in a partnership has a healthier balance. Just as much as I work with couples to deepen their communication, emotional intimacy and reconnect intimately, I also work with some couples to consciously uncouple and liberate each other to new life experiences. I am comfortable working with all configurations of relationships including same sex, open marriages, and poly/kink clients.

— Vanessa Tate, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Have you been disagreeing lately over stupid things that don't really matter? I work with couple facing misunderstandings and conflict to experience the love that brought you together using a unique combination of therapeutic inner work and communication skills practices that typically takes six months. Learn how being selfish is the first step to feeling connected. Remove your blocks to vulnerability and experience intimacy that makes your relationship worth having. Stop sacrificing now.

— Triva A. Ponder, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, CA

Couples counseling is one of our specialty areas, as well as help for singles, help with breakups or divorce, and help navigating the dating world. We are relationship experts, and we absolutely love to help people find and restore love and connection. In couples counseling, we use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) as our main operating framework, and it is extremely powerful in repairing lost trust, love, & connection. We often catch our couples making out in the lobby! Call today.

— Heather Hecht, Psychologist in Arlington, VA

I have completed several Gottman trainings and I am listed on the Gottman Institute website. I have extensive experience in pre-marital counseling, couples counseling , surviving infidelity and counseling couples with ADHD. I work with couples on how to really listen, how to have constructive conflict, how to see each other with compassion and understanding, how to increase connection and intimacy. The best relationships do not happen; they are made though conscious action.

— John Buscher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

I have years of developed expertise in couples therapy. I integrate research from the field with clinical knowledge to create individualized plans for each couple. I pull from the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy, and Attachment Theory.

— Hannah Muetzelfeld, Psychologist

Couples counseling can be an effective treatment option for almost all problems that arise throughout the lifetime of a relationship.

— Dr. Anne Jackson, Clinical Psychologist in Gulf Breeze, FL

An intimate relationship is often where we show the most vulnerable and complicated parts of ourselves, easily leading to a rollercoaster of emotions. Thus, it is also an area that is ripe for personal growth. If you are unfulfilled by the common misguided notion of couples "completing" each other, I am here to help you create a relationship that highlights growth, allowing both parties to develop as individuals. By bringing out the best in ourselves, we can also offer the best to the other.

— I-Ching Grace Hung, Psychologist in New York, NY

I have had specialized training working with infidelity/affairs, emotionally focused therapy, relational life therapy and Gottman Method. I continue to receive further training in these methods and other approaches.

— Julia Ayraud, Counselor in Tomball, TX