Highly Sensitive Person

Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) is a personality trait characterized by a high level of sensitivity to external stimuli. A person with a particularly high measure of SPS is considered to be a highly sensitive person.  A highly sensitive person experiences the world differently than others. Due to a biological difference that they’re born with, highly sensitive people have a greater depth of cognitive processing and high emotional reactivity. This can have both positive and negative implications. Highly sensitive people tend to be more empathetic, creative and insightful, but are also more easily overwhelmed and stress prone. They may “feel too deeply” or “feel too much.” If you think you may be a highly sensitive person and are having trouble managing on your own, a qualified mental health professional can help to teach you emotional and sensory immunity strategies. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s highly sensitive person experts today.

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Being an HSP myself, I understand what it's like to navigate the world in a more sensitive manner and how overwhelming that can feel at times. I also know that being highly sensitive comes with very valuable gifts that we may not always connect with. I'd like to help you connect with your own sensitivity gifts and learn how to thrive in an overwhelming world.

— Christine Tomasello, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Petaluma, CA

Are you stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Do you feel ungrounded in your relationships? Do you find it hard to manage your life without losing who you are? Learn how to rediscover your sense of purpose and empowerment as a Highly Sensitive Person, by managing stress, relationships and work demands while honoring your authentic self.

— Layla Ashley, Marriage & Family Therapist in Valley Village, CA

I was amazed the first time I read about Highly Sensitive People (or HSP's) as I had never seen anything that explained my way of being in the world like this had. I am continuing to develop my skills in the area of working with HSP's, including HSP-specific and self-compassion-based learning.

— Melanie Cohn-Hopwood, Clinical Social Worker in Cambridge, MA

As a highly sensitive person myself I know that a huge change like becoming a mom can bring new feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm along with the joy & excitement. If you’d like support navigate this transition while honoring yourself as a highly sensitive person - I’m you’re gal!

— Kylee Nelson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Having a sensitive nervous system presents challenges in relationships, work environments, social situations and in coping with your own heightened emotional state. As an HSP myself, I know that we sometimes feel different than the rest of the culture and it’s not always easy to find kindred spirits and support. I've devoted myself to discovering life changing tools to help myself and other HSPs. These tools are simple techniques to balance & soothe our sensitive nervous systems 'on the fly'.

— Elinor (Elly) Nygren Szapiro, Licensed Professional Counselor

I love working with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). As an HSP myself, I have experience working through common challenges associated with this trait and uncovering its strengths.

— Dianne Gallo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York, NY

Are you stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Do you feel ungrounded in your relationships? Do you find it hard to manage your life without losing who you are? Learn how to rediscover your sense of purpose and empowerment as a Highly Sensitive Person, by managing stress, anxiety, relationships and work demand while honoring your authentic self.

— Layla Ashley, Marriage & Family Therapist in Valley Village, CA

The world can be overwhelming if you're empathic, creative or otherwise deeply in touch with your feelings. Sometimes it may feel like the daily demands of life are just too much. It helps to have a therapist with whom you can process all of the big emotions that come with being a passionate and sensitive person. I used a combination of mindfulness, CBT and DBT skills to help you regulate your strong reactions, develop self-soothing skills, and learn to create boundaries that lead to more ease.

— Kayla Freeman, Social Worker in Austin, TX

Being too sensitive, needing more alone time, or becoming overwhelmed are not "bad" traits that need to be fixed. You don't need to be fixed - there is nothing wrong with you. Learning to accept all parts of yourself and then communicating what you need in the moment, can make a big difference in navigating relationships.

— Natalie Bernstein, Clinical Psychologist in Pittsburgh, PA

People who are highly sensitive tend to have a rich inner life and a deep appreciation for the arts and nature. They are often introspective and enjoy spending time alone to recharge. However, their sensitivity can also lead to feelings of anxiety and stress in situations that are overwhelming or overwhelming, such as loud noises or crowded spaces.

— Sanah Kotadia, Licensed Professional Counselor

I commonly work with highly sensitive persons who tend to often be: Gifted, Highly Intelligent, 2e, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Cultural Creatives, & those in the caring professions, plus those who have Sensory processing differences, Learning differences (Dyslexia in it's many forms), Asperger's/ASD-I, Environmental sensitivities, Emotional sensitivities, & those sensitive to the Sacred, Mystical, Intangible and Non-material.

— Kim Salinger, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in San Rafael, CA

Many individuals seeking therapy are HSPs. To the HSP, the world around them is overwhelming. They need more time and space to process. Although gifted with incredible insight and empathy, these individuals struggle to feel strong in a fast-paced world that is designed against them. As an HSP myself, I have studied this trait and can help other HSPs begin to set boundaries, process their often turbulent inner world of emotion, and calm down their nervous system.

— Daniela Childers, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Gainesville, FL

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) myself, I completely understand that you probably feel like an oddball in a world of seemingly "normal" people. It took close to 45 years of living to finally embrace that being Highly Sensitive wasn't a curse, and I didn't need to apologize for being this way. I now embrace my sensitivities. While being Highly Sensitive comes with challenges, your unique sensitivities can also be seen as a superpower. I would love to support you in embracing all parts of you!

— Grace Willow, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Larkspur, CO

I provide individual therapy and couples counseling to introverts and highly sensitive people who struggle with managing deep emotions, feeling easily overwhelmed or overstimulated. The flip side of the HSP trait may be a strong sense of justice or empathy or noticing details that others often miss. There are tools that we can learn to help cope with the overwhelming feelings and sensitivities while honoring the strengths that go along with the HSP trait.

— Rachelle Miller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Spokane Valley, WA

You feel as though you are constantly under a microscope and everyone is judging. You're overly concerned with others' evaluation of you. You have been told not to be "so sensitive". It is almost impossible for you to be free from worry an just be in the moment. I can help you discover your strengths and embrace your true self. It helps to have someone outside your circle available to listen to your unique perspective. I want to help you explore ways to keep perfectionism and over-thinking from stealing your joy. Being an "empath" or a "highly sensitive person" is your superpower!

— Allison Glorioso, Mental Health Counselor in Fort Myers, FL

Living with intense and debilitating feelings may leave you with a sense of overwhelm, hopelessness, and anger. You may have conflicts in your relationships, hold resentments, or try your best to manage with unsuccessful ways of coping. I help highly emotional and high conflict persons manage their intense emotional experiences, understand the causes, and learn alternative ways to cope so they can navigate life and relationships with greater satisfaction.

— Ashley Conner, Clinical Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

I am an HSP and have worked with both HSP clients and therapists.

— Mariah Dancing, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

I consider myself an HSP and an Empath. I am also an Intuitive. I help you manage your sensitivity to others as well as the environment. We will talk about boundaries- physical, emotional and psychic boundaries. We will talk about grounding and centering techniques. We will discover together your best approach to living and expansive life.

— DeeAnna Nagel, Psychotherapist

Feeling the emotions and or physical sensations of the other and often feeling overwhelmed by it all.

— Marcelle Little, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

We will start with understanding how sensitivity presents in you using established research about the four characteristics of Highly Sensitive Peoples (HSPs): Depth of Processing, Overstimulation, Empathy, and Sensing the Subtle. Together, we will then begin to see the value of your sensitivity, how sensitivity could enrich and benefit your life and, finally, we will embrace this trait as a beloved wisdom to be celebrated and protected.

— Kyrie Sedano, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Wherever you are, CA