Adjustment Disorder

Adjustment disorder, also sometimes known as “situational depression,” is a short-term condition that occurs when a person is experiencing more stress or strain than would typically be expected in response to a change or event. It is commonly triggered by a specific stressor, like changing or losing a job, the death or illness of a loved one, undergoing a major life change (such as having a baby), or experiencing trauma in the form of a crime or disaster. The onset of adjustment disorder usually comes within three months of the triggering event and symptoms include feelings of worry, hopelessness, sadness, or anxiety. Sufferers of adjustment disorder may also experience insomnia, headaches, crying and a number of other mental or physical symptoms. The good news is that adjustment disorder is temporary and a qualified mental health practitioner can help you get through it. Contact one of TherapyDen’s adjustment disorder specialists today. 

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Especially with COVID and all of the changes that are happening as a result, adjustment disorders are on the rise.

— Dr. Denise Renye, Sex Therapist

An adjustment disorder is an emotional or behavioral reaction to a stressful event or change in a person's life. We all experience transitions and many of us have experienced unplanned or unwanted ones in the last few years. I can help you move back to your baseline from burnout or work through how to adjust and create your 'new normal."

— Kimberly Louvin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

Sometimes folks are clinically depressed or anxious and other times they are going through a period of heightened stress & anxiety that they need help coping with. Therapy is a great support for people who find themselves reacting/responding differently in everyday situations than they did before. I'd like to help you.

— Jen King, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in , CT

Are you experiencing difficulty adjusting to a new situation or circumstance in your life that's leaving you feeling overwhelmed? Life throws plenty of curve balls - many of which are beyond your control. Sometimes you're the one throwing curve balls to yourself! What?! Whether the chaos is your making or gifted to you by another source, adjusting isn't always easy and having the supportive insight and feedback of an objective source can make all the difference. Let's tackle it together!

— Dr. Dana Avey, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Colorado Springs, CO

I work with children, teens, and adults who deal with adjustments on a daily basis.

— Ashley Schrad, Counselor in Omaha, NE

I assist my client's in adjusting to life changes and challenges associated with those changes.

— Patricia Unger, Licensed Professional Counselor in Murrells Inlet, SC

I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist clients in learning better ways to cope and accept change.

— Taylor Larsen, Counselor in Gilbert, AZ

Transitions, life-changes, stressors, and loss all contribute to your need to adjust to a new normal for your life. Most of my professional work these 30 years has been helping clients to design their new normal and at times accept their current life experiences. Much of this includes understanding the changes, accepting them, and building a newer system of attitudes, beliefs and skills. Finding your inner strengths, past solutions, and current resilient behaviors will ease the adjustment.

— Debra Ainbinder, Licensed Professional Counselor

situations cause depression, anxiety, anger, frustration and i can help you navigate these areas.

— Mitchel Eisenstein, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in East Setauket, NY

An adjustment disorder can be any traumatic experience that causes significant distress, and can occur at any point throughout the course of life. We often think of death, illness, and aging as the existential foundations of personal trauma, but of course, our connection (or lack of connection) to others is absolutely central to our understanding of ourselves, impacting how we move through the world, how we feel inside, and even our ability to locate the source of our distress.

— Jackie Kosak, Art Therapist in Seattle, WA

We treat adjustment disorders young adults may be experiencing.

— U ARE HEARD, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Avon, CT

Right now the world is experiencing an Adjustment Disorder. Everything that was commonplace has been altered, via social distancing, stay-at-home orders, closing of "non-essential" businesses, and making physical schools turn to online. This is disruptive the to psyche of society, and in turn, the mental wellbeing of the individual. So if you need a place to unload the chaos you have been holding, please reach our for a complimentary consultation.

— Marc Heuser, Counselor in Golden, CO

Life is difficult, and sometimes things happen that we never expected. During difficult times, it is not uncommon to experience anxiety, depression, or changes in mood and behavior as a response to the event or change. I have worked with many individuals for many different changes they are struggling to adjust to, including job loss, a change in an important relationship, loss of their home, death of a loved one, just to name a few.

— Heather Tolle, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Francisco, CA

When you need help adjusting to new experience and life circumstances, I will give the tools to help ease the symptoms associated with Adjustment disorders.

— Vanessa Hari, Licensed Professional Counselor