Stress is an important part of life. In fact, it can be critical to our survival. Stress triggers the “fight or flight” response that can let us know we are in danger. However, too much stress for too long can compromise our mental and physical health. Everyday stressors, such as work, finances, family issues or relationships can spiral out of control. If you are feeling overloaded or struggling to keep up with the demands of your life, you might be experiencing stress. Stress can be controlled, but recognizing stress symptoms can be elusive. Things like low energy, headaches, insomnia, low self-esteem, difficulty relaxing, constant worrying, feeling overwhelmed or changes in appetite can all be symptoms of stress (among many others). If you think you might be dealing with chronic stress, working with a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s stress experts today.

Meet the specialists

These are remarkably stressful times and stress affects people in different ways. You might be feeling more anxious or depressed; you might have trouble sleeping; you might find yourself feeling restless or irritable or having relationship difficulties. Any of these experiences (and more) can feel hopeless, overwhelming, or that you're the only one who is suffering - DON'T BELIEVE IT! All of these issues can and do improve with skills and support.

— David Velleman, Clinical Psychologist

I help clients recognize and manage their stressors, prioritize tasks, regulate their negative thought patterns, and learn to take breaks for daily self-care.

— Risa Williams, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Glendale, CA

Have you met anyone who isn’t stressed? How do we handle this fast paced, never sleeping, pressure filled world we live in? Often times we can feel much better with seemingly small changes. I can help sort out what’s helping and change what isn’t.

— Regina Francis, Clinical Social Worker in Layton, UT

Stress is one of the world's leader in physical and emotional health problems. Learning how to effectively manage stress by actively participating in self-care is crucial to thriving in this world.

— Kristy Case, LCSW, OSWC, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Morristown, NJ

The world is full of stress: from traffic, taxes, job related stressors, and relationship problems. There is even more stress when that world has historically been very oppressive to the LGBTQ community. Whether you are out or have decided against it, there is this very real fear that the people around you will not accept you for who you are and that hurts, especially when it is someone you love. And then there is anxiety, depression, and trauma. Call today for help (714) 683-4237.

— Coral Sanchez, Associate Professional Counselor in Newport Beach, CA

Stress is hard on our whole selves, mental and physical. Learning to manage your stress level can improve your health, creativity, and ability to achieve goals. Let's work together to identify the sources of your stress and explore ways to manage them.

— Kelli Collins, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

We all know that stress makes everything harder and can even make us sick. They say self-care is more important than ever, but it isn't easy. Let's figure out how to manage your stress together in manageable ways that you can actually practice on your own. And let's figure out how to stop the stress that you've been experiencing.

— Jennifer Hastings, Creative Art Therapist in New York, NY

Stress happens daily. There is good stress and there is bad stress. We cannot avoid it, yet we can find ways to minimize the impact it has on our mind and body. Believe it or not our mind and our body is connected. What we don't typically realize is that when our body sends particular signals we have pathways that send it either to our emotional center or our information processing area in the brain. If we get emotionally hijacked stress, like anxiety, can become chronic states--which then leads to unhealthy coping strategies. We can work to calm the nervous system, and take a rational approach to life which can eliminate unnecessary stress in our life.

— Jolene Feeney, Mental Health Counselor in VANCOUVER, WA

Raising a family can be overwhelming. It's exhausting doing all the tasks involved, and you don't get the appreciation you deserve. I want to help you find ways to include self-care and add relaxation to your life so the stress doesn't affect you quite as much. I view our ability to cope with stress like a bucket filled with water. The higher up the water level is, the less water it takes to overflow. When we help you to reduce your chronic stress level, you'll be able to handle whatever comes up without overflowing.

— Dr. Kevin Hyde, Psychologist in Palm Harbor, FL

Stress can sometimes feel overwhelming and crushing. I get it and it is real. Let's work together to get on top of that feeling and back in control.

— Sarah Melton, Counselor

With a tendency towards stress myself, I have studied many techniques to manage and minimize stress throughout my professional career as a mental health therapist. I have worked with clients dealing with stress resulting from relationships, health, spirituality, transitions, task-orientation, expectations, perfectionism, same-sex attraction and more. Additionally, I worked in the business field for 6 years, so I closely understand job stress and pressures from startup to corporate settings.

— Rachel Hiraldo, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Newport, KY

Stress is an experience that everyone can relate to in some shape or form. Within my therapeutic work, I have found that it is important to understand the physical, emotional, and mental health implications of stress.

— Dr. Caitlyn Bennett, Mental Health Counselor in Orlando, FL

Stress seems to be the 'normal' way of life, but it doesn't have to affect you in a negative manner. Having a safe place to process life and it's happenings will lead to improved functioning in all areas of your life.

— Natasha Walker, Therapist in Wichita, KS

Are you living with anxiety & stress, struggling just to make it through the day? Are you facing difficult life challenges or living with a loved ones addiction? Finding Peace Counseling Wellness & Yoga provides hope & healing when needed most. Specializing in Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you choose, gentle movement , mindfulness & breath work can be used to assist with managing symptoms of stress.

— Karyn Bramanti-McGuire, Clinical Social Worker in New Port Richey, FL

Stress can creep in from nearly any area of life, while some stress is good, like when we set and achieve meaningful goals, high stress can be toxic both physically and mentally. There are many effective ways to manage and reduce stress.

— Dr. Jessika Redman, DBH, Therapist in Tampa, FL

Problems related to stress are increasing and it can feel like you are getting hit from all directions - school, work, relationships, family of origin, politics, religion, transitions, and on and on. Therapy can help you to build-up up resilience to the stresses of life through learning coping skills and ways to shift your perspective.

— Jody Kircher, Clinical Psychologist in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Chronic stress can profoundly affect all areas of life, including relationships, physical health, and ability to function effectively in day-to-day life. I have undergone specific training and have experience helping teens and adults identify the sources of stress in their lives and find effective ways to both reduce and lessen the effects of chronic stress.

— Corinne Allen, Associate Clinical Social Worker

I work with many clients that lead busy lives and help them to learn skills that will reduce stress and increase productivity.

— Nicole Taulbee, Counselor in Granger, IN

I work with clients to decrease stress symptoms via online therapy paired with nutrition and fitness as supplemental tools for Holistic Mental Health Therapy.

— Brandi Jackson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Weather it is the stress of planning your next step in life or the stress of being present in your daily interactions I am here to support you in reaching your goals. I will work with you to identify your automatic thoughts and increase awareness around how you can move past those thoughts to decrease the level of stress you carry daily. I have experience working in high stress level positions and organizations and come to therapy with a more rounded understanding.

— Tiffany Pardo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Vacaville, CA

Everyone experiences stress, but no one experiences that stress in the same way. As stress can come from one or multiple sources, it is not as easy to work on reducing stress as simply prescribing meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, or other stress reducing techniques. Instead, it requires a holistic method to examine the impacts of stress across 8 dimensions of one's wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, social, financial, and spiritual wellness.

— Jeremy Jones, Licensed Professional Counselor

Sometimes life is just overwhelming. You have too much on your plate and you're too busy and tired to figure out what to take off of it. So you just keep going. Eventually, you reach a tipping point and you know something has to change. This is where therapy can help. We can sit together and sift through that plate of responsibilities, desires, goals, fears, and all the emotions that go with them. I can help you find the things that really matter to you and figure out how to let go of the things that don't. And let's be real. Some stress is because of good things (new job, new relationship, buying a house, having a baby). It's not about completely eliminating stress from your life. It's about finding ways to cope with the good stress and minimize the impact of the negative stress. You might need some practical tools or just space to think and get feedback. I can help you with both.

— Heather Seguin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Upland, CA

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Yet, it feels unmanageable. The more you try to understand it and make it go away, the larger your ball of stress gets. Psychotherapy can help you break free of it’s grip on your life so that you can navigate challenges well, live more playfully, and feel fulfilled! You will enter counseling to overcome and conquer your inner critic, self-doubt, perfectionism, performance stress, and overwhelm that gets in the in the way of achieving your ambitions.

— Nicole Byrne, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA