Sexual Identity

The term sexual identity typically refers to how one thinks of oneself in terms of to whom one is romantically or sexually attracted. Gender identity, sexual orientation and romantic orientation play interconnected roles in a person’s sexual identity. While your sexual identity might match your sexual orientation, this is not always the case. There are endless possibilities for sexual identity, all of which natural expressions of human sexuality. However, questioning or evaluating your sexual identity can be confusing and overwhelming process. If you are working through questions about your sexual identity, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s sexual identity experts today.

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A client's sexuality is a key component in many relational and individual issues. Whether you identify as lesbian, gay, straight, bi, trans, queer, asexual or any variation thereof, your sexuality is a major factor in determining your preferences and sexual behaviors. Sexuality is about your sexual identity, about the gender roles you carry with you, and the "scripts" you learned from family, religion, society and significant others. All of these factors have contributed to your understanding of sexual expression. Sometimes, these interconnecting parts do not fit well together and can cause distress in your life. I believe one of my primary roles is to help you find out how to rework pieces of your sexual identity, your social conditioning and your sexual preferences so that you can feel integrated and content in your experience of your sexuality.

— Alana Ogilvie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

Before we are even born, our families tell us who we are. As we develop into adolescents, for some, our sexual identity does not match up to the expectations of those who care for us. This is often confusing for us and for them. I work with clients experiencing these challenges by creating a safe environment to process feelings and building a healthy community to nurture their true selves.

— Janice Leonard, Licensed Professional Counselor in Plano, TX

With the enormous amount of labels that have surfaced over the last few years, finding the right label for yourself can be important. Sexual identity can start from not wanting to have sex at all to being extremely sexual and being okay with either identity and how to love and accept yourself with that.

— Chase Tucker, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lakewood, CO

Sexuality and gender are fluid. We may have been raised to believe we are something that we know deep inside we are not. I work with clients find and embrace their true identity

— Rachael Lastoff, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Newport, KY

For anyone who is experiencing a transition in their gender and/or sexual identity. Our culture still operates under a binary view of female or male gender and a limited understanding of sexual identities. The reality is that both gender and sexuality are fluid for most people. We can work together to help understand your identities and how they interrelate. I also work with sexual concerns.

— Natalie Stemati, Psychologist in Denver, CO

I take a Sex-Positive approach, and can help you explore issues related to sexuality and gender. I have experience helping clients with the coming out process, and learning to accept and embrace their sexuality. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, and have with extensive training in sex therapy, including working with concerns around sexual identity. I am also Kink-aware and Poly/Ethical-non-monogamy friendly. By living an authentic life, you open up the door for greater joy and intimacy in your life.

— Meghan Cleveland, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

Despite being a member of the LGBTQ community, I sought specific training to become a competent therapist for same. I have worked as a clinician in two LGBTQ centers and served as an advisor to a high school LGBTQ club. I am a member of Gaylesta, the Psychotherapist Association for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

— Cole Rennix, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in American Canyon, CA

Nothing is so nefarious as the bully that we find installed inside ourselves. I have experience working with people in the coming out process and working to resolve the internalized homophobia that we're not often aware of. I also have lived experience in this area.

— Gregory Gooden, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in POMONA, CA

Issues around sexual identity bring up many different thoughts, emotions and reactions. We all have a story around our sexuality. That story influences our way of being in this world. Therapy that is respectful, curious, and open to hearing all that is part of your story of sexuality is a gift to your journey. I believe that there is JOY to be found in this story. There is WONDER and LIFE to be experienced in this journey. This story is yours. YOURS. I can help you in the journey of writing it.

— Emily Stone, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX