Personal Growth

Personal growth, or personal development, takes place over the course of your entire life. As human beings, we are constantly learning lessons, changing and growing. Personal growth can refer to anything that improves or increases your awareness and identity, enhances your quality of life or contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. There is no one way to achieve personal growth. However, successful personal growth typically requires motivation and a willingness to make changes. A qualified mental health therapist can help guide you on your journey. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s personal growth experts today.

Meet the specialists

If you're feeling stuck where you are, unsure of how to move forward, in a transitional period, or lost in general, I can help you figure out what you value most and how to create short and long-term manageable goals to help you feel more fulfilled. Together, we can find ways to live a rich, meaningful life. You don't have to go through this alone. Your personal journey will have many guides that will each help move you forward in some way. I will be honored to be a part of your journey.

— Alice Rizzi, Clinical Psychologist in Brooklyn, NY

Whether you have a specific area of your life in which you would like to grow, or you simply feel as though you are stuck in a period of stagnance – I can support you in building forward momentum. Personal growth is all about understanding where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. Together we can explore you and come up with an achievable plan to get you where you would like to go.

— Jacob Santhouse, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Nampa, ID

Personal Growth is a constant. It is something that each of us is working towards on a daily basis. At times, personal growth presents itself as a small goal; other times, a larger goal. Some of my own personal growth is to work towards ensuring that I have the knowledge, training and understanding to help others achieve their goals.

— MICHAEL ROSE, Licensed Professional Counselor in ,

Who doesn't want to achieve personal growth? Personal growth creates the best sense of self possible which increases esteem and confidence. Too many times my clients say, "I feel stuck". "I feel I'm not where I should be at my age". "If I would have made different choices, I might not be where I'm at". These statements can cause feelings of shame and guilt which can lead to depression, anxiety, and self defeat.

— Heather Nemeth, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Hinsdale, IL

You have been having (insert turning to friends and loved ones for advice, consulting “Dr. Google,” listening to podcasts and reading self-help books here). Your efforts have helped you make some progress, but the results either don’t have sticking power or you haven’t been able to see the kind of progress you would like. Therapy can help you identify your obstacles and figure out new ways to MOVE them out of your way, once and for all!

— Dr. Nichole Vincent, Clinical Psychologist

For the person who is unhappy where they are in life and need help growing as a person. Person growth is just that personal. So learning how not to compare yourself to your friend who seems to have to better life is where I aim to help you. Helping you to find out what will help you be in the lifestyle you wait is my goal.

— Ronica Clark, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Do you feel there is just something missing that you want to explore or express but your fear is getting in the way? I can relate and I can help. There is so much for us to continually discover and explore in skills, new creativity, new ways of being...we must be willing to play in order to grow. Learning through play is not just for children. I study Winnecott's work around growing through continually exploring life with a sense of newness and play.

— Toby Williams, Creative Art Therapist in Brooklyn, NY

Personal growth is a constant. It is something each of us is working towards on a daily basis. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to start working on yourself and be able to connect with your authentic self. We work on this collaboratively and creatively to set you up with the tools to continue your life journey beyond these therapies.

— Nicole Moberg, Therapist in Saint Peter, MN

Do you feel stagnant or like you're missing something? Perhaps you've been meaning to come to therapy for a long time, but just kept putting if off. Maybe you've tried a lot of self-help books, yoga, and meditation, but still feel like there's more out there for you. Together, our work can help you to define your goals, identify your values, and build the life that you deserve.

— Colleen Hennessy, Licensed Professional Counselor in , CA

Whether you have a specific area of your life where you would like to grow or feel as though you are stuck in a period of stagnance – I can support you in building forward momentum. Personal growth is all about understanding where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. Together we can explore you and develop an achievable plan to get you where you would like to go.

— Jacob Santhouse, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Nampa, ID

I believe that getting to know ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do. Understanding our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and why we do the things that we do provides a sense of knowing ourselves that can elicit feelings of contentment, confidence, and fulfillment.

— Lindsay Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

You are a masterpiece, created to do great things. Sometimes we forget, feel lost, become overwhelmed with anxious thoughts, become sad, get angry, and feel worthless; simply put we get stuck. We will identify what has you stuck and develop strategies to move forward. If something in your life is not working, we will work together to find solutions and to do something different that does work. Together we will work to use your strengths and God-given talents to become your best you.

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

Clients usually do not present with the need to find Purpose in Life; however, this often is incorporated into therapy. Maybe it's their lack of confidence that is a barrier to their 'reaching for the stars'; or their childhood was not nurturing enough to give them the tools necessary to realize their unique Purpose, or their toxic relationship with a Narcissist has drained them of hope. It is indeed an honor to be a part of the healing process.

— Cheryl Holmes, Licensed Professional Counselor in Daphne, AL

We are ever-changing. Things that may have once served us may no longer align with where we want to go and who we want to be. My work with individuals centers around supporting them as they embrace self-development and strengthen self-esteem, combat anxiety surrounding change, navigate life transitions, confront stress, dismantle generational impact, and establish healthy boundaries.

— Crystal Clark, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

I believe that one of the most valuable purposes of life is for us to grow. With our eyes wide open, we can grow by learning to know ourselves thoroughly, facing the truth of our own natures without fear nor shame. Through this deep awareness, we can create a strong foundation of humble self-confidence, which guides us in our intentions and actions. Grounded in knowing who we truly are, we also become capable of nourishing others, and can offer our best to the world.

— I-Ching Grace Hung, Psychologist in San Francisco, CA

Personal growth is a term that covers a lot of ground. For me, it's a deeply held value and a way of living life. I believe that each of us has the capacity throughout our lives to move toward more satisfaction in life, and this often involves growth and change. If you're interested in not only moving through what you're facing, but also in learning and growing from it, I'd like to work with you.

— Nichole Hart, Counselor in Silverthorne, CO

Some of us spend a ton of time thinking that we're not "doing it right." Not living our lives to their fullest, not pleasing our loved ones, not making our parents proud. Whatever the issue is, we often live our lives burdened by self-judgment and self-doubt. I work with clients to re-discover their true self, and live their core values more fully. This leads to self-love, self-acceptance, and a deeper sense of satisfaction in our lives.

— Barton Shulman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in San Francisco, CA