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Personal growth, or personal development, takes place over the course of your entire life. As human beings, we are constantly learning lessons, changing and growing. Personal growth can refer to anything that improves or increases your awareness and identity, enhances your quality of life or contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. There is no one way to achieve personal growth. However, successful personal growth typically requires motivation and a willingness to make changes. A qualified mental health therapist can help guide you on your journey. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s personal growth experts today.

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As described above, I take a firmly non-pathological view of my clients. This requires an 'ecologic' perspective that takes into account every aspect of a person's life. This is necessary to a complete and accurate assessment process. Human sexuality forms a key part of personality, and this connects directly to relational life, which is where adults continue to develop.

— Robert Odell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

Who decides how your life is going to develop? Taking back ownership over the direction of our growth can be a vital and powerful tool in becoming who we've always wanted to be. Take stock of your life and learn what it takes to become who you truly are.

— Michael Ianello, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

I will create an in-depth personalized plan for you for your mind, body, and spirit to enable you to reach your highest potential and the goals you want for yourself.

— Kirsten Cantley, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in New York, NY

How can you grow into the person you strive to be? How might you live a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and authentic? Life is all about growth, and when we confront these questions earnestly, we can begin to feel grounded, peaceful, purposeful, as well as joyful and proud of our own efforts. The journey to explore yourself is not easy; thankfully, we do not have to journey alone. Here as your wayfinder, let's be adventurers together.

— I-Ching Grace Hung, Psychologist in San Francisco, CA

Who doesn't want to grow? We all do. What does growth mean to you? What are you seeking to get from growth? We will explore these and other ideas as you seek to make the shifts you desire.

— Jag Soni, Clinical Psychologist in ,

Personal growth is a term that covers a lot of ground. For me, it's a deeply held value and a way of living life. I believe that each of us has the capacity throughout our lives to move toward more satisfaction in life, and this often involves growth and change. If you're interested in not only moving through what you're facing, but also in learning and growing from it, I'd like to work with you.

— Nichole Hart, Counselor in Silverthorne, CO

Whether you have a specific area of your life where you would like to grow or feel as though you are stuck in a period of stagnance – I can support you in building forward momentum. Personal growth is all about understanding where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. Together we can explore you and develop an achievable plan to get you where you would like to go.

— Jacob Santhouse, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in ,

Personal growth will be different for each person. It may include an exploration of different careers, different paths of spirituality, or exploring different aspects of personality. For each exploration, people often find there is some type of block which prevents them from moving forward in their growth. I help you examine those blocks and determine the best ways for you to overcome those blocks to move forward on your chosen path for personal growth.

— Diana Sturm, Counselor in Mobile, AL

I enjoy helping clients make sense of where they are and where they would like to be. From there, we work on making those changes happen.

— Stephanie Rivera-Velazquez, Therapist

You have been having (insert turning to friends and loved ones for advice, consulting “Dr. Google,” listening to podcasts and reading self-help books here). Your efforts have helped you make some progress, but the results either don’t have sticking power or you haven’t been able to see the kind of progress you would like. Therapy can help you identify your obstacles and figure out new ways to MOVE them out of your way, once and for all!

— Dr. Nichole Vincent, Clinical Psychologist

Who doesn't want to achieve personal growth? Personal growth creates the best sense of self possible which increases esteem and confidence. Too many times my clients say, "I feel stuck". "I feel I'm not where I should be at my age". "If I would have made different choices, I might not be where I'm at". These statements can cause feelings of shame and guilt which can lead to depression, anxiety, and self defeat.

— Heather Nemeth, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Western Springs, IL

There are times in life when things just don’t feel right. Confusion and chaos seems to become the norm and it can feel like you’ll never make it to the other side. Career shifts can throw us for a loop and have us questioning our purpose and passion. Entering the world of parenthood for the first time may have you feeling completely overwhelmed or even bringing up your own past trauma. Perhaps you or someone you love has received a difficult diagnosis.

— Jody Pittner, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in , OH

Personal growth is a important part of the human experience. However, it can feel overwhelming and there is a lot of bad advice out there. Personal growth needs an individualized and holistic approach in order to be effective and sustainable. Together we will work towards individualized goals with specifically tailored approaches to help you actualize your potential and reach your goals.

— Erika Nelson (Accepting New Clients), Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

Personal Growth is a constant. It is something that each of us is working towards on a daily basis. At times, personal growth presents itself as a small goal; other times, a larger goal. Some of my own personal growth is to work towards ensuring that I have the knowledge, training and understanding to help others achieve their goals.

— MICHAEL ROSE, Licensed Professional Counselor in ,

We all long to be all we can be. In order to make the most of our lives, we need to be able to tap in, 100% honestly, to what we truly believe, and much of the time we need to break free of limiting beliefs. No matter how well we fit ourselves into molds that seem advantageous, if they are incompatible with who we are (an expansive and much-needed unique expression of something very infinite), we will pay dearly. What holds meaning for you and why you are here?

— Jen-Mitsuke Peters, Mental Health Counselor in Denver, CO

Therapy issues can help an individual, couple or family develop a better understanding of their personal strengths and desires; consider solutions to overcome challenges; and consider ways to approach a circumstance professionally and yet powerfully. Counseling can help access stress caused by work , environment, and practice skills to handle and reduce stress. Family Therapy can bring together those who work on relationship issues, set boundaries, and develop understanding if necessary.

— Daria Mann, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Do you feel there is just something missing that you want to explore or express but your fear is getting in the way? I can relate and I can help. There is so much for us to continually discover and explore in skills, new creativity, new ways of being...we must be willing to play in order to grow. Learning through play is not just for children. I study Winnecott's work around growing through continually exploring life with a sense of newness and play.

— Toby Williams, Creative Art Therapist in Brooklyn, NY

Helping people realize the potential within themselves is one of my passions in life. Whether you're looking to move up in your career, improve on a skill, reach a more complete level of acceptance, or want to explore a more abstract route in self-discovery, I am able to help. I have learned that a more hybrid role of coach and therapist is beneficial for facilitating personal growth.

— Robert Hinojosa, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Little Rock, AR

I work with therapists who want to build & create their own private practice business, as well as those who are ready to do the deep dive within. My Jungian based coaching programs offer an in-depth process of integrating the shadow, which facilitates the individuation process to live from a more authentic place of self. I also work with adults who are ready to move forward, shift into those big, life transitions, create their next calling, personally & wholly transform, and reclaim their life.

— Caroline McGrath, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lake Oswego, OR