Personal Growth

Personal growth, or personal development, takes place over the course of your entire life. As human beings, we are constantly learning lessons, changing and growing. Personal growth can refer to anything that improves or increases your awareness and identity, enhances your quality of life or contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. There is no one way to achieve personal growth. However, successful personal growth typically requires motivation and a willingness to make changes. A qualified mental health therapist can help guide you on your journey. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s personal growth experts today.

Meet the specialists

Some of us spend a ton of time thinking that we're not "doing it right." Not living our lives to their fullest, not pleasing our loved ones, not making our parents proud. Whatever the issue is, we often live our lives burdened by self-judgment and self-doubt. I work with clients to re-discover their true self, and live their core values more fully. This leads to self-love, self-acceptance, and a deeper sense of satisfaction in our lives.

— Barton Shulman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in San Francisco, CA

The goal of therapy is always personal growth, even in the midst of a crisis. I use a straightforward yet compassionate approach to help you spot the places you need to enlighten, strengthen or heal. We look at your life as an integrated whole, and build the frames you need to hold yourself accountable for your choices , give yourself a break, and challenge yourself to evolve.

— Pashmina Rashad, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Poughkeepsie, NY

Music strategies, both instrumental and vocal, are designed to facilitate changes. Music selections and certain active music making activities are modified for client preferences and individualized needs to: Explore personal feelings and therapeutic issues such as self-esteem or personal insight Improved self-image/Increased self-esteem Decreased anxiety/agitation Increased verbalization Enhanced interpersonal relationships

— Megan Dozler, Creative Art Therapist in Napa, CA

It's hard to know what will help us emotionally when we don't know ourselves. Part of learning how to love yourself now is to have a full picture of yesterday's self, today's self, and tomorrow's self. Working with my clients on grounding in identity helps them grow their own goals and ambitions, both emotionally and otherwise.

— Olivia Farr, Counselor in Peoria, AZ

Life constantly presents opportunities to reflect on past actions, the wounds and desires that drive us, and chances to do things differently. Therapy provides a place to examine any area of life, without all the agendas and pressures that accompany them. It can be focused in many different ways, from staging a dialogue between different parts of your personality, to using archetypal images to illuminate areas of inquiry, to integrating a dream or altered state. Therapy has also been a primary part of my own personal growth for many years.

— Michael MacLafferty, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

Together we will identify areas you would like to focus on for your personal journey. No matter what you are facing, it can be helpful to talk to someone who can remain objective and offer insight into what you are thinking and feeling. I can help you discover ways to over-come patterns that hold you back from being fulfilled and experiencing peace.

— Kesha Martin, Counselor in San Antonio, TX

As a humanist therapist, I believe in the inherent capacity for people to grow into their full potential. In order for a client to flourish, therapy needs to provide empathy, genuineness and acceptance. Unconditional positive regard for my clients is at the heart of my work. For the process of growth, I encourage my clients to be open to experience, avoid judging, trust feelings, be creative and look at the glass half-full. Being willing to learn and get out of your comfort zone is important.

— Carmen F Juneidi, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago, IL

There are many expected and unexpected events that demand we grow and change and therapy can be a useful place to explore and gather tools to step into new roles in new ways.

— Eleanor Wohlfeiler, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

I am passionate about values-driven work and helping individuals find a balance between their work, love, social, and spiritual selves. I have experience working with many individuals regarding their own personal growth on the journey of life transitions such as moving from addiction to recovery, changing attachment styles and communication styles with their partners or loved ones, learning to take accountability for actions and identify personal values.

— Angelica Belko, Mental Health Practitioner in Minneapolis, MN

If you knew how to put to use and implement all those tools and tips and tricks you’ve learned from all those webinars, podcasts, workshops and self-help books you’ve already invested in, you wouldn’t be on my website. You are here because you know what’s NOT working and you want help on the “how-to’s” to step into where you want to be. You are here because you need a kick in the pants, some accountability, a bit of hand-holding and support along your journey

— Joanne Royer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

Personal growth in my opinion is the ability to be aware that we have space in ourselves, that is yet to be honed. It is to retrospect, process, adapt, adjust, change, correct, appreciate, and make ourselves better and better with each day. I love working for personal growth because I feel such gratitude when I sense something shifting in each of us, that which makes us realize that this life is worth living, where it and each one of us is to be appreciated for what we are.

— Diya Sen, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

When I realized my own judgment, perfectionism, and negative self view where crippling my ability to find meaning in my life I began to change from within and that has made all the difference. I can practice my progress of daily living and free myself from false ideals of perfection. Change is the ever unfolding of the living experience. The more aware and accepting I become the more freedom I embrace.

— Donald "Keith" Montgomery, Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

If you are looking to grow into a better (as you define it) version of yourself, I will work with you to set goals, identify strategies and provide psychoeducation to reach the potential you are hoping for.

— Jessica Harvey, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

Mostly all of my clients have had some sort of personal growth techniques worked in to treatment. Whether you arrive to counseling with that specific goal or not, making any life changes is hard and requires courage and self-growth. I have led groups in self-esteem building, supported clients in pursuing creative goals, helping others, practicing self-love, and more.

— Mary Bobowiec, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Gainesville, FL

If you're someone who values introspection and ongoing growth, there's a good chance that at some point you'll look at where you've landed and realize it doesn't work for you anymore. This might relate to your career, your relationship to others, or even your relationship to yourself. "Personal growth" is an incredibly broad label, but to me it represents the fact that therapy can help with a huge range of issues in which, at our core, we want to make a change but need support in the doing.

— Duff Stoneson, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Austin, TX

Personal growth often occurs alongside artistic growth. Whether this causes stress, depression, anxiety, or even trauma in your life, I am here to listen, offer compassion, and share tools for managing change.

— Danielle Pinals, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Framingham, MA

As a therapist with a framework that includes existential-humanistic psychotherapy, I believe that you have the ability to heal and grow by becoming more aware, authentic and present while supported by a therapist who has done their own work for decades to do the same.

— Colin Wolf, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

In addition to couples therapy, I specialize in helping individuals who are dealing with a range of issues such as navigating the dating world, career fulfillment, healing from unhealthy relationships or difficult breakups, codependency, family dynamics, stress and anxiety, perfectionism, and more. I am a Vietnamese American therapist who can speak Vietnamese fluently so please let me know if you need therapy to be conducted in Vietnamese.

— Michelle Turner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Dallas, TX

Being comfortable with our life as it is, does not just mean that we are ok with the external elements in our life, such as our job, where we live, our relationships. It also means that we have some degree of comfort and security in our sense of self. The self can be understood as the system that organizes our experience. It consists of the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes we have toward ourself and towards the world.

— Kathy Hicks, Counselor in Whitehouse, TX

Through trauma-informed yoga and positive psychology I can help you identify blocks and negative thinking patterns that have been holding you back. By letting these negative patterns go, you can start living the live you love.

— Stacey Aiton, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Beachwood, OH

My website is because I focus on tools that help us grow. Neurogenesis and neuro-plasciticy enables us to create new pathways for change. We can process emotions in our mind and body, change our narratives, drop old believes that no longer serve us, take on new values and beliefs, and therefore be more kind and compassionate to ourselves and others. Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety block our core emotions. We are able to access these emotions and feel ourselves again.

— Debbie Yoro, Clinical Social Worker in Beaverton, OR

Did your self-esteem and self-confidence walk out the door when your relationship ended? Sometimes we become so enmeshed in our relationships that we lose sight of who we are as individuals. We give and give and give until there is nothing left of ourselves. Then, we are faced with painful questions such as “Who am I?”, “How did I get here?”, and “Will I be OK?”. Counseling can help you regain your independence and self-confidence.

— ALICIA CLAYBON, Counselor in Montgomery, AL

If it has felt difficult for you to find your own voice and feel confident in what you have to offer, I can help. Before coming to see me, my clients have said that they were lacking confidence and found it hard to “show up” in the life they so desperately wanted to feel authentic in. If you resonate with this, call me today for a free 20 minute consultation. We’ll find our way back to you, and I’ll help you lean into your life with that sense of genuine fulfillment you’re looking for.

— Marrissa Rhodes, Counselor in Kansas City, MO