Personal Growth

Personal growth, or personal development, takes place over the course of your entire life. As human beings, we are constantly learning lessons, changing and growing. Personal growth can refer to anything that improves or increases your awareness and identity, enhances your quality of life or contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. There is no one way to achieve personal growth. However, successful personal growth typically requires motivation and a willingness to make changes. A qualified mental health therapist can help guide you on your journey. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s personal growth experts today.

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Being comfortable with our life as it is, does not just mean that we are ok with the external elements in our life, such as our job, where we live, our relationships. It also means that we have some degree of comfort and security in our sense of self. The self can be understood as the system that organizes our experience. It consists of the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes we have toward ourself and towards the world.

— Kathy Hicks, Counselor in Whitehouse, TX

I have dedicated my life to personal growth. Whether this entails healing from trauma or from spiritual exploration, maturity, relational experiences, life transitions, or pure philosophical and existential questioning-- I have spent years at it on a personal and professional level. Utilizing a transpersonal approach to mental health counseling and art therapy, together we will walk the steps forward with clarity, confidence, and guidance.

— Paula Santos, Art Therapist in Longmont, CO

I have had the privilege of taking different trainings as well as classes that looked at human change. I have been able to process with clients what growth means to them. I believe that coming from this approach allows both the client and the therapist to be on the same page working toward the same goals together. I believe that all change is growth, and I would be honored to walk alongside you as we journey toward growth.

— PeriAnne VanBelois, Counselor in Grand Rapids, MI

In an effort to survive the struggles of early life or cope with present-day stressors, we often become disconnected from ourselves, needs and innate internal resources. We also may lack connection and nurturance during these difficult times, making them even more challenging to navigate. My own journey towards emotional healing and growth has come most easily through safe connections with another. By offering a compassionate and supportive atmosphere suited specifically to your needs, I aim to be that safe place for you to explore your deepest feelings without judgement. During our work together, we can explore these areas of deep suffering or disconnection, their current impact and how they are preventing you from living fully. I truly believe that when we can begin to feel, we can finally begin to heal. It would be my privilege to support you on this difficult, yet enlightening journey of self-discovery and healing.

— April Snow, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

I will help you gain the confidence you need to trust yourself and move forward with your best ideas and plans. I will give you the feedback you need and assist you in creating practical strategies for moving forward. Your experience with me will give you new tools, resources and connections that will allow for your growth.

— Tracy Braden, Counselor in Portland, OR

As a therapist with a framework that includes existential-humanistic psychotherapy, I believe that you have the ability to heal and grow by becoming more aware, authentic and present while supported by a therapist who has done their own work for decades to do the same.

— Colin Wolf, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Each human being has the potential to achieve great things. You are only limited by the barriers that you place on yourself.

— Willard Vaughn, Licensed Professional Counselor in , VA

Did your self-esteem and self-confidence walk out the door when your relationship ended? Sometimes we become so enmeshed in our relationships that we lose sight of who we are as individuals. We give and give and give until there is nothing left of ourselves. Then, we are faced with painful questions such as “Who am I?”, “How did I get here?”, and “Will I be OK?”. Counseling can help you regain your independence and self-confidence.

— ALICIA CLAYBON, Counselor in Montgomery, AL

I truly enjoy working with people who are in a life transition of some kind. Whether that be relocating, life after school, addiction recovery, new job, end/beginning of relationship, new parent, or a period of personal self discovery. From a strengths-based approach, I aid clients in discovering who it is they want to be in the world and how to utilize their strengths in order make it a reality. Through our work together you will develop a thorough understanding of how your strengths support your best self, and how to manage challenges that inevitably get in the way at times.

— Simone Reed, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Austin, TX

Whether you are living with chronic disease or simply want to make improvements to your health, we can work together to create a concrete plan for success. Although we live in a society that demands instant gratification, it is important to remember that real, lasting change does not happen overnight. I want you to reach your goals and celebrate your successes, but more importantly, I want those changes to stick! If you are motivated to make changes, I will support you along the way.

— Jessica Balos, Counselor in Lakewood Ranch, FL

I help clients gain self worth and build self confidence gaining the ability to really like who they are. I work with clients to move past blocks from the past that have held them back and gain control of their lives so they can live a life they choose. We set goals for the future so they can achieve their dreams. My clients receive the ability to heal from the past, gain a positive energy, have the right mindset to achieve the life they desire!

— Deni Abbie, Therapist in Grapevine, TX

Being comfortable with our life as it is, does not just mean that we are ok with the external elements in our life, such as our job, where we live, our relationships. It also means that we have some degree of comfort and security in our sense of self. The self can be understood as the system that organizes our experience. It consists of the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes we have toward ourself and towards the world.

— Kathy Hicks, Counselor in Whitehouse, TX

Being comfortable with our life as it is, does not just mean that we are ok with the external elements in our life, such as our job, where we live, our relationships. It also means that we have some degree of comfort and security in our sense of self. The self can be understood as the system that organizes our experience. It consists of the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes we have toward ourself and towards the world.

— Kathy Hicks, Counselor in Whitehouse, TX

My services help others to experience deep, life changing growth.

— Mike Doogan, Counselor in Portland, OR

Many of us have things we would like to see improve in our lives, like moving beyond survival or recovery to finding our personal best. Each of us have a different starting point and seeing growth in our lives is a very individual process. We may use a wide range of techniques to help you live and age well focusing on achieving a state of fulfillment.

— Amelia Mackle, Counselor in Clackamas, OR

When I realized my own judgment, perfectionism, and negative self view where crippling my ability to find meaning in my life I began to change from within and that has made all the difference. I can practice my progress of daily living and free myself from false ideals of perfection. Change is the ever unfolding of the living experience. The more aware and accepting I become the more freedom I embrace.

— donald "keith" montgomery, Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

My practice focuses on high-achieving adults and teens who want more out of life. Many people feel stuck, even though their lives appear to be going pretty well. They might feel overwhelmed with self-critical thoughts, struggle to find fulfilling relationships, or simply feel like something's missing. That's where I come in. I help my clients to worry less, enjoy life more, build better relationships, and gain the insight and tools they need to move past stuck points.

— Kendra Kirsonis, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Seattle, WA

I am devoted to the idea of helping women, especially mothers, to achieve personal growth and fulfillment. From my perspective, it is not necessary for us to give up our interests, dreams, and personal development when we become moms. In fact, I believe that the opposite is true. We need moms who are willing to grow mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Moms who want to grow into their best selves, so that they can in turn give their best to their children and partners and provide a wonderful example of motherhood and womanhood for the next generation. This involves accepting our imperfect nature, being real and vulnerable, and being willing to learn from our mistakes. It means broadening our perspectives and our horizons. It means reaching for our potential and inspiring those around us-- including our kids-- to do the same.

— Raquel Muller, Psychologist in Tigard, OR

Therapy is a place to build safety and trust with another human being so you can begin to unpack, examine, and rebuild your internal world in an intentional way. Using creative interventions, we will work together to reduce stress, transform pain, and access inner wisdom. By having control over your creative process, you'll also begin to feel more capable of effecting change in your life.

— Christy Booth, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

Life constantly presents opportunities to reflect on past actions, the wounds and desires that drive us, and chances to do things differently. Therapy provides a place to examine any area of life, without all the agendas and pressures that accompany them. It can be focused in many different ways, from staging a dialogue between different parts of your personality, to using archetypal images to illuminate areas of inquiry, to integrating a dream or altered state. Therapy has also been a primary part of my own personal growth for many years.

— Michael MacLafferty, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

My treatment orientation, Person-Centered Therapy, along with Contemplative and Existential therapies, lends itself to the pursuit and attainment of personal goals, due to its focus on you, how you feel and who you are as a person. I do not judge, and am non-directive. The introspection involved helps to clarify your values and goals. My training in CBT can aid in the realization of these goals and ideals in real time. My advancing years lend me perspective and what I occasionally like to think of, in my hubris, as wisdom.

— Susan Rooney, Counselor in Portland, OR

To the part of you that knows that life is out there waiting for you, that you deserve joy and joy deserves you, that life is abundant and is ready for YOU! I am here to say YES! Let's do this together, let's grab the past by it's horns, front and center, let's hear it roar, until it moans no more. Let's tame it together and let it retire. The present will enter with all it's glory and it's messed up moments. The difference is that those moments will just be "messed up" and not a reflection of how worthy you are.

— Natalia El-Sheikh, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Castro Valley, CA

Helping people realize the potential within themselves is one of my passions in life. Whether you're looking to move up in your career, improve on a skill, reach a more complete level of acceptance, or want to explore a more abstract route in self-discovery, I am able to help. I have learned that a more hybrid role of coach and therapist is beneficial for facilitating personal growth.

— Robert Hinojosa, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Little Rock, AR

Therapy is a journey towards personal growth - emotionally, spiritually and even towards physical health. I am honor to experience this journey with each of my clients.

— Elizabeth Pankey-Warren, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boca Raton, FL

One of the first questions I ask people is, "why do you think you are like you are?" Change and growth start with gaining insight into who we are as people. When we understand ourselves well and how the world we live in affects us, it gives us room to be empowered. We grow and learn when we get outside our comfort zones. It's how we learn everything. When we do this we can start living authentic and genuine loves and be truly content.

— Gordon Brewer, Counselor in Kingsport, TN

Depression Post Partum Depression Anxiety ADD/ADHD Pre-Marital Counseling PTSD Bipolar Communication concerns Life coaching

— Alicea Martin Pressley, Therapist in Cincinnati, OH

When it comes to personal growth, one area that we don't talk enough about is finances; particularly our relationship with money--be it a negative relationship or a positive one. A negative relationship with money impacts many areas of one's life: the way we spend our money or hold on to it tightly, whether we negotiate for a salary increase or take what is offered. As you build a healthy relationship with yourself & others, don't forget to build a healthy relationship with your money.

— Nicole Boston Relationship & Financial Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor in Florissant, MO

If you are looking to increase your insight and become more real, more present in your life, we might be a good fit for each other. I'm passionate about growth work! I have focused much of my individual counseling work on introspection and meaning-making, supporting clients who are not just seeking symptom relief but seeking to thrive. I use Internal Family Systems as my main modality for counseling because it's effective for getting access to and being able to live from a place of centeredness.

— Kelly Arthur, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in Portland, OR

I believe that we are all seeking to learn and grow as humans. A passion I have is helping people learn how they can find growth through negative experiences. I feel that we often get stuck when we face these trials and tribulations, becoming unable to move through and grow from them. I help people find ways to slow life down so they can enjoy each moment, recognizing their own growth and self-fulfillment.

— Kyle Stepler, Counselor in Greenwood, IN

Many, if not all, of life circumstances are compatible with an engaged approach to personal growth. Many people are compelled to pursue personal growth in the midst of hardship, but the absence of crisis is also suitable. Increasing well being, peace of mind, and contentment is not a problem to be fixed but a life long endeavor that is central to the human experience. There are many ways to be engaged and intentional with personal growth. Psychotherapy is one powerful way of focusing on personal growth that can fit the unique needs of the individual.

— Wes Harris, Counselor in Portland, OR

I work with clients to increase awareness through processing life experiences that gives and allows space to finding connection between the mental, emotional, and physical self to reveal your own personal growth potential, and put it into practice.

— Krystal Marcinkiewicz, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Beaverton, OR

If you knew how to put to use and implement all those tools and tips and tricks you’ve learned from all those webinars, podcasts, workshops and self-help books you’ve already invested in, you wouldn’t be on my website. You are here because you know what’s NOT working and you want help on the “how-to’s” to step into where you want to be. You are here because you need a kick in the pants, some accountability, a bit of hand-holding and support along your journey

— Joanne Royer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

If you are part of the human race, it means that you have struggled with self-esteem, self-compassion, and self-doubt at some point in your life. Many of us have had questions, such as “Am I enough,” “Am I good enough,” “do people even like me,” or “why do things seem so much more difficult for me?” Resilient counseling uses a variety of techniques with the basic principle that the client has the strength and expertise to solve their own problems.

— Heights Family Counseling, Counselor in Houston, TX

Shame resilience and self compassion work have informed my practice and offer a template to personal growth work in a large scope of our lives.

— Carin Christy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Olympia, WA

Music strategies, both instrumental and vocal, are designed to facilitate changes. Music selections and certain active music making activities are modified for client preferences and individualized needs to: Explore personal feelings and therapeutic issues such as self-esteem or personal insight Improved self-image/Increased self-esteem Decreased anxiety/agitation Increased verbalization Enhanced interpersonal relationships

— Megan Dozler, Creative Art Therapist in Napa, CA

Together we will identify areas you would like to focus on for your personal journey. No matter what you are facing, it can be helpful to talk to someone who can remain objective and offer insight into what you are thinking and feeling. I can help you discover ways to over-come patterns that hold you back from being fulfilled and experiencing peace.

— Kesha Martin, Counselor in San Antonio, TX

Personal growth is always a part of therapy but is not always at the forefront of therapy goals. I incorporate concepts from positive psychology and life coaching with clients in order to assist clients in identifying what they want out of life rather than focusing on what they don't want. This is the part of therapy where you get to explore what inspires you and makes you come alive. I use somatic awareness around the experience of joy to help clients identify and make decisions from that place.

— Megan Miller, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in North Bend, OR

I help my clients identify ways in which they want to grow, then we work together to get you there. The way we do that is to begin to understand what's holding you back from growing in the ways you desire, then we identify strengths within yourself and in your life that [can] aid you in reaching your goals, and then we come up with a plan to help you attain and maintain those goals.

— Sarah Iaccarino, Counselor in West Hollywood, CA

Feeling stuck can be one of the most paralyzing states. We cannot change what we are not aware of. With curiousity as our leader lets become aware of what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Once awareness is gained we cannot help but change. By leaning in we can begin to move!

— Aimee Grimm, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Montrose, CA

Personal growth is like watching a flower open, with each stage the flower blossoms into its fullest beauty. As humans we also bloom and blossom in stages to become our own authentic self, shedding off the old layers and discovering self love. During this growth we may experience a multitude of emotions and feelings, at times not even being aware of our own growth until many years later. Personal growth is our own gift to our own self while on earth.

— Shay Phillips, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Houston, TX

Our personal development never ends and it impacts many parts of our lives. Personal development shapes how we feel about ourselves and helps to define our purpose in life. Developing positive life skills will enhance our existence and emotional wellness. If this is the direction that you want to move into, then therapy is the place for you even if Hope Psychotherapy is not a fit for you. Call us today for a free phone consultation.

— Diana Hope, Counselor in Mcdonough, GA