Life transitions

Change is hard, even in the best of circumstances and adjusting to major life transitions, even when they are positive, can be difficult. Whether you are getting married, moving, changing jobs, having a child – or any of the other many transitions we can expect as part of life – coping and navigating the stress of a major change can cause depression and anxiety, among other issues. If you are having trouble with accepting or adjusting to life transition, a qualified mental health professional can help you find healthy ways of coping. Rach out to one of TherapyDen’s life transition experts today. 

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Life transitions constitute many of the issues brought into my office. I support clients who are working through difficult transitions in life, such as relationship instability, grief/loss, rebuilding sense of self-worth, gender exploration, suicidal thoughts, mental health concerns, and exploration of core values in life.

— Jessica Butler, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Denver, CO

Change is a wondrous thing, bringing about new opportunities and possibilities. It is also inherently uncomfortable for us humans, capable of clouding our judgment, stirring up old wounds, and revealing the parts of us that we may have neglected. In your time of transition, my role is to help you establish a clear vision for change, and to guide you in fostering the hidden possibilities that can serve to be the nutrients for a more fulfilling life.

— I-Ching Grace Hung, Psychologist in San Francisco, CA

Life transitions can be expected or unexpected. We all experience life transitions from childhood into adulthood and even into the later years in life. Perhaps you are dealing with the end of a relationship, changing careers, newly wed, blending families, birth of a new family member, found adults leaving home, new empty nesters, etc. I can work with you through the challenges and stress that transitions can bring into your life at any given moment.

— Olamide Margarucci, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Everyone at some point in life will be transiting to something or from something. With that in mind, I look at life transitions from the perspective of an incubator. Looking at processes, strategies, barriers and execution mixed in with theory.

— Collene Taylor, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in Rockford, IL

Life transitions can bring up a variety of feelings, and it can sometimes be challenging to identify what they are or where they are coming from or how to respond. My work allows for practice of techniques and tools that can help for "in the moment" stressors, as well as ongoing deeper work to find healthier responses to the new circumstances.

— Emily Brenner, Art Therapist in Ridgewood, NY

Change is a natural part of life, that doesn't mean that it is easy or that we can always navigate it successfully. I have experience with assisting my client navigate life's changing dynamics and successfully resolve conflict.

— Lyndsie Markovsky, Counselor

Clinical experience and training specializing in Young Adults aged 18-30. Extensive experience with bicultural, first and second generation backgrounds. Additional experience working with midlife concerns ages 35-60, using Evidence Based Practices and Depth work.

— Wendy Howell, Licensed Professional Counselor in Glendale, AZ

Has something impacted your life in a way that has you feeling out of control, maybe in a way you have not experienced before; a profound loss, a betrayal, the realization of a mental health or addiction issue, an identity crisis? When this happens life can feel tenuous and uncertain. We begin to question whether we have what it takes to get through. The self-doubt can take root and the inner critic can seem more powerful than ever. Recovery and healing are available through life transitions.

— Cherie Mills, Psychotherapist in Austin, TX

So much of our confidence and purpose comes from our identity- and if you're making a big shift, you can find that confidence dwindling. In therapy, we'll help you find your steadiness as you navigate this new chapter.

— Abigail Thompson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in New York, NY

Ever single person goes through normative and non-normative transitions in life (things you expect and don't expect). In my graduate work I completed my thesis on the transition from high school to college, and how family of origin impacts students. Our support systems in times of transition play a critical role in how we respond to the stress of change. This is true regardless of whether we view a change as positive or negative.

— Meg Six, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Grand Rapids, MI

I have experience assisting clients through planned and unplanned transitions such as those suffering from the pain of a separation, divorce, grief, changes in employment, relocating to a new area, and retirement.

— Maryann Dexter, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have experience in counseling individuals and groups who have navigated life transitions.

— Elizabeth Latsos, Social Worker in New York, NY

With a focus on Millenial and Gen Z clients, Ms. Hong recognizes the difficulties encountered by this generation due to social issues that greatly impact their lives. She is open to allowing the client to focus on what matters to them most as well as to assist to the unprecedented challenges that are being experienced.

— Michelle Hong, Mental Health Counselor in Garden City, NY

Some common life transitions that I have personally helped clients through include premarital, leaving/changing jobs, leaving relationships, and moving in with a partner.

— Loren Schouest, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Birmingham, AL

I treat life transitions, phase life changes, and adjustments that contribute to anxiety and depression.

— Barbara Morett, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San diego, CA

Life is just a series of transitions, we manage these pretty well typically, but some transitions are tough to handle and require a guide to help us adjust our thinking, emotions and behaviors for successful adaptation. I can provide you with the reflective and decision making process to maneuver through these transitions successfully.

— Foad Afshar, Psychotherapist in Manchester, NH

We enjoy supporting people as they navigate difficult life transitions and helping them find solutions to manage stress.

— Hold Space Counseling, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Columbus, OH

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I received Systems Training which allows me to see how Life transitions can effect each member of a family and how to effectively treat each individual member and the family. Be it preparing for a new marriage or living as newly weds, bringing home a baby or and adopted child, seeing the child(ren) seek independence and not feeling as needed, graduations/leaving home, empty nesting, retiring, losing a member of the family through death, divorce

— Alicia Bradshaw, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Chattanooga, TN