Life transitions

Change is hard, even in the best of circumstances and adjusting to major life transitions, even when they are positive, can be difficult. Whether you are getting married, moving, changing jobs, having a child – or any of the other many transitions we can expect as part of life – coping and navigating the stress of a major change can cause depression and anxiety, among other issues. If you are having trouble with accepting or adjusting to life transition, a qualified mental health professional can help you find healthy ways of coping. Rach out to one of TherapyDen’s life transition experts today. 

Meet the specialists

I help clients working in the arts find direction in their career. I help clients working in other fields to make their transition into the arts, and also clients that are hoping to transition out of working as a creative professional.

— Elle Bernfeld, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Brooklyn, NY

Whether it be starting a new job (or losing one), ending a relationship, or the worldwide changes due to a pandemic, life transitions can be scary and hard to navigate. They are full of uncertainty and can cause distress. I can help you identify and address issues that may arise from life transitions. As someone in the restaurant and nightlife industry for 10+ years, I too have been affected by Covid and hope to give back to this community in this uncertain and scary time.

— Nicole Waters, Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

Feeling like things are shifting and changing all around you can be overwhelming and confusing. Let’s talk about a plan for your wellness

— Tenisa Montgomery, Counselor in Maitland, FL

I specialize in working with people who are facing life transitions, including people who are considering a career change, have recently graduated, want to find a partner, want to become parents, or simply don't know what they would like to do next. I enjoy helping my clients gain clarity on their values and identifying how to go about meeting their goals.

— Laura Kelly, Counselor in Skokie, IL

Life is life, and life happens with change. Let's find ways to understand it

— XiaoRan(Alice) Zhao, Mental Health Counselor in Towson, MD

I can help clients who are stuck or processing various life transitions including: becoming parents, marriage, moving in together, job loss or change, bereavement, empty nest syndrome, retirement or caregiver stress, etc.

— Melanie Gonzalez, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Irvine, CA

Working through struggles often is the pathway to a new and better you. Whatever you are going through, if you handle the situation properly you can use it as leverage to make your life better. I am here to help you see yourself, the role you are playing in your life and the one you could be. It's not a dress rehearsal. If you aren't getting the results you want you need to try a different approach.

— Tracy Braden, Counselor in Portland, OR

Many individuals are currently in the process of a life transition at this time, regardless of if it is a planned transition or if they had any time or ability to prepare for this transition. It is my passion to help my clients navigate these transitions in a way that mitigates undue stress and anxiety.

— Sarah Dubicki, Clinical Social Worker in grand rapids, MI

Life transitions can be very difficult and fraught with an array of emotional and cognitive challenges. I have helped countless clients navigate change and I can help you, too.

— Carol Stearn, Clinical Social Worker in Hyannis, MA

Transitions for young adults: going to college, finding a job, finding a partner, moving in with partner, getting married, having a child, getting divorced, getting promoted, and so on. SO MANY TRANSITIONS. I help my clients discuss the fears, sadness, loneliness, and difficulties that come with transition to then successfully transition to their new normal.

— Marissa Esquibel, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Claremont, CA

I can support you in the process of your divorce, new parenting, loss of a partner, or a job, a community, empty nesting.

— Aude CASTAGNA, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Cruz, CA

In life, there is ebbs and flow, and movement from one phase to another. It is not always easy, and there are growing pains. Some changes are not ones that we choose to make. Some are ones we can't let go of. Some we want to leave behind, yet they hold on to us longer than we want. With my life transitions as an immigrant, and my experience working with diverse ages, I understand the challenge and will be there to scaffold each step so you can feel supported through the moving forward.

— Su Su Maung, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

Sometimes we come to points in our lives where the stories we've been living about who we are and how our lives are supposed to unfold no longer fit. Sometimes this happens because of a loss or major life event. Sometimes it's just part of getting older. Sometimes what was working well for a long time suddenly no longer works, and we can't really pinpoint why. I collaborate with people in developing new frameworks that can support them as they figure out where to go next.

— Kathryn Stinson, Counselor in St. Louis, MO

Research suggests that continuing difficulties – long-term unemployment, living in an abusive or uncaring relationship, long-term isolation, prolonged work stress – are likely to cause mental health concerns. However, recent events (such as losing your job) or a combination of events can ‘trigger’ problems if you’re already at risk because of previous bad experiences or personal factors. I use a technique called Brainspotting to help you quickly uncover and reorient yourself.

— Shawn Hales, Psychologist in Towson, MD

No matter how positive a life transition may be, it can still feel overwhelming and create a sense of chaos. Often during these transitions we lose a sense of who we are, or feel lost. I enjoy helping people find ways to be grounded, create a sense of purpose, and see success in tiny steps while navigating changes. I view transitions as many different things, including but not limited to: changes in job or career, changes in relationships, aging, moving, loss, and existential questions/crises.

— Jackie Currie, Counselor in Bend, OR

Whether you experienced the loss of a loved one, starting over at a new job or in a new school, a recent divorce, or new medical condition, life transitions can be challenging. Often, new transitions trigger unresolved grief from our past which can affect our current ability to cope. My speciality in EMDR can be helpful at resolving past memories which are hindering our ability to adjust today.

— Sarah Andrew-Madison, in BRONX, NY

I have experience working with college students, young adults, and adults when they are going through a small, or large life transition such as relationship change, job change, school change, or loss.

— Kellie Calderon, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Homer Glen, IL

No matter the life transition, the key is the get in touch with your inner capacity for strength, peace and direction. I assist clients in tapping into that inner capacity and walk along them as they figure out their next right step.

— Rebekah Tchouta, Clinical Social Worker in Roawell, GA

Young adult, flooded with overwhelming career and lifestyle options and obligations? New parent, with no time to support your own needs and desires? You've entered midlife, and you're not where you thought you'd be: Wrong career, partner? Kids? No kids? Older adult with unfulfilled life desires? It's time to build the authentic life you've always desired!

— Lisa SLOAN STROM, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

I provide an accepting ear to help you navigate life transitions, and ask intentional questions to help you align your life with your values and priorities as you move forward.

— Dr. April Watts, Counselor in Boise, ID

Life transitions can be exciting, scary, sad, and unpredictable. Sometimes they bring out new challenges, bad habits we've done in the past, strong emotions, and leave you feeling the need for additional support to navigate. Therapy is a safe place to get support, talk through the particular challenges, learn better ways to cope with your emotions, as well as understand how your beliefs and behaviors play a role in how well you find your way through times of change.

— Jessica Nargiso, Psychologist in Cambridge, MA

Working through struggles often is the pathway to a new and better you. Whatever you are going through, if you handle the situation properly you can use it as leverage to make your life better. I am here to help you see yourself, the role you are playing in your life and the one you could be. It's not a dress rehearsal. If you aren't getting the results you want you need to try a different approach.

— Tracy Braden, Counselor in Portland, OR

From adolescence to young adulthood to adulthood, there so many transitions and changes that occur before we even have time to process. I offer support to help you navigate these life transitions as you begin to understand your true feelings as well as offer perspective as you experience these difficulties.

— Katy Oliphint, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Austin, TX

My specialty is working with young people who are entering into adulthood and are facing the struggles and stresses of developing independence. My work centers around exploring values, identifying academic/occupational goals, and navigating the exciting but tumultuous years of the teens and early 20s.

— John Irias, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Westlake Village, CA

Many individuals I have worked with are struggling through a life transition of some sort. I find that it is helpful to sit with others during tough times, rather than taking that burden on yourself. Many clients I see are going through transitions of aging, death, job relocation, relationship transitions and many others.

— Miranda Bayard-Clark, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lake Oswego, OR

Life transitions are the most common reason people come to see me. It is totally natural to feel confusion, contradiction, and self-doubt during any kind of transition - including a positive one. I help my clients manage these challenges and find greater ease and clarity so they can navigate transitions in a grounded way.

— Devona Snook, Counselor in San Francisco, CA

I am passionate about supporting all parents in navigating the transition to parenthood with an emphasis on identity development, changing relationships, and connecting authentically. Becoming a parent, no matter what path you take, is a life-changing transformation. I believe that we all deserve support in order to thrive during this time in our lives.

— Allison Prine, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

We believe life transitions are ripe opportunities for growth and healing with proper guidance and support, despite how stressful and overwhelming they can be in the moment.

— Sharon Itkoff Nacache, Creative Art Therapist in New York, NY