sarah sherertz

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I specialize in change. Unwanted behaviors, moods, feelings, symptoms, trauma, stuckness. It all can change. New experiences are possible.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San francisco, CA

About My Clients

We work with all aspects, The body with all its wisdom and symptoms, psyche and and it’s deeper longings and truths, and mind, our amazing brains that have been shaped by past experience and can be reshaped toward where we are and what we need in life now. Alleviating symptoms is the first step, but learning how to uncover, receive, use and grow from our authentic needs is the longer goal. My clients start from a wide variety of backgrounds with all kinds of symptoms.

My Background and Approach

While I have extenensive experience and training in trauma and grief, I am informed by a variety of evidenced based practices that promote change and new experiences. When we can have a new experience of ourselves, whether as an individual or a couple, we effect change in an integrative way- the kind of thing that sticks. Expect interactive engagement, creating and strengthening a connection with your body (where all those symptoms come from), and trying new ideas and ways of being that are immediately applicable outside our time together.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Having come to my work through the existential traditions, I hold the belief that we were all thrown into this world and are now doing our best to make sense of our experience here-no small task! Each person has got to discover their own way of living out who they really are and what they need to do to live their meaningful life. It is this process of discovery that many of us are looking for assistance with- how do I make sense of my experience so far and how do I make use of the symptoms, problems, and challenges I am facing? To paraphrase Victor Frankl, if we can discover our “why” in life, we can surmount almost any “how” that presents itself.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 12 years of practice
  • Rate: $225 - 300/session


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