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We’re here to help create healthier communities by nourishing intimate relationships, healing trauma, & fighting systemic oppression.

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About Our Clients

It's important to work with a therapist who really gets you! Our therapists appreciate that we each have unique stories that shape us and that we all want to know that we belong. We work with diverse clients and specialize in helping you create more meaningful relationships & intimacy, heal trauma, cope with oppression & toxic culture, navigate life transitions, manage anxiety, embrace intersections of identity, feel more empowered as Highly Sensitive People, and feel less broken or alone.

Our Approach to Helping

Our practice is unique in that all of our therapists work from the same social-justice-oriented framework. We don't want to be a one-stop-shop that offers one of each kind of approach to therapy. We believe in the power of relationships and the importance of an anti-oppressive perspective and thus, all of our therapists work relationally and are activists working towards social change. To build comfort, we lead with our own vulnerability and transparency--you will recognize that we are messy, imperfect humans too! We use moment-to-moment tracking to help you better understand how you're feeling and teach you how to integrate mind & body to manage big feelings and stressful moments. We believe in the innate strengths we each possess as humans. We will help you harness your strengths to build more meaningful connections that offer deeper vulnerability & intimacy, opportunities for increased authenticity, and feel more joyful and resilient to life's most challenging moments.

Why We are a Good Fit for You

We live in an incredibly oppressive, discriminatory, heteropatriarchal, capitalist society that sends us messages about all of the ways we don't belong or aren't good enough. We say F*@k that! We believe that there is NOTHING wrong with you. The distress that you may be experiencing is a reflection of how your external environment isn't working for you (society/culture, relationships, work, family, etc.) NOT a personal lacking. We believe that the behaviors and relationship patterns you are struggling with are things you have had to learn to survive challenging circumstances. We want to help you come to understand your distress and patterns better so that you can advocate for yourself and your needs, have more joy and purpose in your life, feel more supported and less alone, build more meaningful relationships, and take actions towards lasting personal & social change. We'd love to connect with you to help you find the right fit. Shoot us a message to get started!

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 14 years of practice
  • Languages: English, Español
  • Rate: $155 - 215/session


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