July: National Feminism Month

The therapists we've featured here are specialists, passionate about supporting women, and helping you on your journey. ​​​​​​​

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At TherapyDen, we embrace women's issues and work to address the negative influences that sexism, bigotry, and inequality have on women.

Community leaders voice out

My interest in treating women’s mental health started with my own crappy personal experience. After my first child was born my symptoms were missed or brushed off when I brought them up, and they went untreated. The difference that great mental health care made (when I finally realized what was going on) for me was life-changing. I've seen friends, colleagues and family members go through the same weird brush-off/minimization/run-around/confusion. I’ve focused my training and therapy practice on meeting women where they are, providing practical tools for real life, and supporting clients as they move from spending all their energy "just surviving" to a space of authenticity and energetic purpose.

Jennifer Schermerhorn, Counselor


I am in the process of forming a local support group for women who have infants and/or young children (0-4/5 years old), women struggling with postpartum concerns, and women who are expecting. Being a mother is a tough job and nothing can fully prepare you for such a lifelong journey. I am a mother of two young girls myself, so I understand both the personal and professional aspects of what it's like to be "in it". Working with mothers (even "adult" mothers, who struggle with relationships with grown children) is a passion of mine. process through making decisions for themselves (i.e. transitioning from thinking like a little girl to thinking like a young adult). I have experience working with middle school aged children, females in particular, who are struggling to find their identity, navigate emotional and physical changes or stresses, and I also have experience working with women who have been in abusive (physically or emotionally) relationships; women struggling to keep together romantic, social, and familial relationships with which they are struggling; and women who need someone to guide them through stress, depression, and anxiety surrounding work, family, or other relationships.

Leah Payne, Mental Health Counselor