“Swoon” Show Notes: Episode #48 – Love Myself: Valentine's Day for Single People

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Feb 09, 2020 in Swoon

It's easy to feel bummed if you are single on Valentine's Day. This week on Swoon Julie and Gina share different ways to not only survive, but also thrive as a single person on a holiday that is traditionally viewed as a couples-only event.

This episode covers:

  • All of the different emotions that come up around Valentine's Day
  • The importance of setting your intentions for Valentine's Day
  • Ideas for how you can not only get through the day but enjoy it
  • Ways to skip the holiday
  • Tips for celebrating platonic love
  • Ideas about being your own Valentine
  • Tools for using the holiday to find love
  • Support if you are experience grief or heartbreak around the holiday

                                        Memorable Quotes

                                        “There are a lot of stories about being bummed and left out on Valentine's day.”

                                        “Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on Valentine’s day being about romantic love and coupledom and there's all sorts of ways to experience love.”

                                        “You can have a great Valentine's Day as a single person. It's up to your intentions and setting yourself up to enjoy the day.”

                                        “Take the day to meditate about love or focus on love and pay attention to all the ways love is in your life. That is a healthy practice.”

                                        “There's lots of love all around if we start looking for it.”

                                        “You can celebrate lots of different kinds of love in your life.”

                                        “Our options are not only to stay home alone or go out as part of a couple. Those aren't our only options for Valentine’s day.”

                                        “Being in a couple does not necessarily mean you are having a successful or satisfying Valentine's Day.”

                                        “Treat yourself the way you want a lover to treat you.”

                                        “People can feel pressure around Valentine's Day – that added pressure can also lead to disappointment.”

                                        “Grief can be sneaky and can pop up when you least expect it. Have a self care plan.”

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                                            Action Steps

                                            Think ahead about how you want to feel and what you want on Valentine's Day.

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