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Let's work together so you feel heard and understood again, get off the hamster wheel, reconnect as a couple, and get back to joy and ease!

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Boston, MA

About My Clients

You love each other. There's no question about that. But why is it SO HARD?! We are often told relationships are "work", but we're rarely prepared for it, or know exactly how to do that work in an effective way so we continue to feel connected, respected, and aligned. There is a path forward and I'm here to walk it with you.Together we will bridge your unexpected divide so you feel connected again. Experienced couples therapist in MA, CT, and FL, online therapy couples marriage counseling.

My Background and Approach

I have worked with couples and families in a variety of contexts over the past decade. Since starting private practice in 2016 (in CT) I've focused on training in the most effective couples' techniques, and modalities based in peer-reviewed research and neuroscience (Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, Somatic therapies, AEDP, and some Gottman work as well). I am an experiential therapist, and tailor my approach to your specific needs, personalities, and "wiring", and I maintain an over-arching framework that has been proven effective. I am a present-minded, "work with what's alive", less "structured" therapist, and will rarely assign tasks or homework (though I often suggest resources). I prefer to attune to exactly where you are in the moment, and work from there - we will always be guided into the deeper work between you. I believe in the power of insight, we must have it, but it must be accompanied by a felt rewiring/new experience between you and your partner in session.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

At my core, I feel "a life well lived" includes a daily attempt to add positivity into the universe, no matter how big or small. I live by this desire, and feel SO grateful to have a career I feel passionately about! I am a couples' therapist because I believe the path to healing our world is through our most important, intimate connections - one person at a time. If every person could heal their deepest wounds and fears I think we'd have a lot less anger, greed, and relentless need for power over others. That may sound dramatic but we're all made of the same "stuff", trying to soothe the storm inside, and need others. I believe in the ultimate goodness of people, and that we are all capable of incredible change when given the space, tools, and support. We get off track, hurt each other (and ourselves), and lose our way, but there's always a way forward. The path forward may be very unclear to you today, but don't lose hope - you're not alone. LGBTQ+ safe, I'd love to work w/you

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  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $265/session


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