“Swoon” Show Notes: Episode #34 – What’s Love Got to Do With It? - What We Want You to Know About Love

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Nov 03, 2019 in Swoon

WHO DOESN’T LOVE LOVE?!? In this episode, Julie and Gina break down the truths they wish more people knew about love and break some of the myths about love so you don’t have to break it down the hard way.

This episode covers:

  • How people misunderstand love in relationships
  • How to get clear about love in partnerships
  • How to ask for the kind of love you want
  • Examples of ways you can show love creatively
  • The stages of relationship development and love
  • What the five love languages mean in relationships

              Memorable Quotes

              “We come with default ideas about love and default experiences and then our partner does as well and trying to fit that together without language is wildly confusing.”

              “There are a lot of social norms and societal messages and fantasies about love and a lot of them are myths messing people up in my office all the time.”

              “People give and receive love in different ways and if I don’t know how my partner does that I may not be reaching them.”

              “If you’re not really used to stable relationships they can feel really off.”

              “Love is infinite. Time, physical energy and behaviors can be measured, but love cannot. You can keep loving forever and ever and not run out.”

              “There are many kinds of love. I can love my mom, my partner, my baby and my child all at the same time. Loving one of them doesn’t mean I love another less and I don’t have the same kind of love for any two of them. It’s possible to have lots of love. The behaviors don’t have to be the same but it is possible- even good for you- to have lots of love in lots of different ways in your life.”

              “If you don’t have a romantic relationship there’s still plenty of love around.”

              “Having a mindset that sees love as limited keeps me in a space where it can be threatened.”

                  Resouces from the Podcast

                  The Five Love Languages

                  Wired for Love

                  Action Steps

                  Take the 5 Love Languages Quiz and share your responses with a partner.

                  Think of three times you felt really loved in the past and notice the themes or commonalities between them.

                  Hire a therapist to help you process

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