Parents: How to Talk to Kids of All Ages about Body Parts

Erin Davis on Sep 26, 2022 in Relationship and Family

When and where to start conversations about sex and bodies is a common conundrum for many parents. One simple way to begin the process of becoming a sex positive parent is to simply begin using anatomically correct terms for ALL body parts as early as you can. Yes, even from birth you can start naming and calling babies' genitals by their anatomically correct names. Using these terms without shame — as matter-of-fact as possible — without whispering, laughing, minimizing, etc. reduces the stigma and shame about these parts of the body for you and your child. Modeling is the quickest and most effective way we communicate and pass things along to our children. When we model shame or embarrassment around certain body parts, our kids (yes, even our infants and toddlers) will pick up on this. How we model will communicate to our kids what is safe and easy to talk to you about and what is not. If it helps, just remember that vaginas, ovaries, penises, testicles, etc. are all parts of our bodies, the same as arms, ears, and brains. We should be using those terms in the same ways. Start practicing on your own and using these words with your kids today! It's never too late to start.

Erin Davis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Website

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